Hi everyone.

Merry Belated Christmas for those who celebrate the day, and for those who don’t I hope you have a safe, happy and joyous holiday.

I live on the south-east coast of Australia so Christmas is usually hot! It’s swimming pool weather and shorts and t-shirts are the order of the day. We have an Aussie BBQ for lunch and dinner with salads and too many desserts (I suspect the dessert thing is universal to both hemispheres).

The book I’m sharing with you today (Enforcer’s Craving) is the first in a six-book series. Book two is coming out soon (I’m in my second round of edits). Enforcer’s Craving is set in a sci-fi/fantasy word and my heroes ride dragons for a living. They are best friends who form a triangular relationship in order to have (and protect) a woman of their own. They aren’t lovers when we meet them, but by the time the story ends all three of them are busy making up for lost time. I hope you enjoy the excerpt.


I have three copies of Enforcer’s Craving to give away – so leave a comment about Dragons and I’ll put you into the draw.

With best wishes and brightest blessings for 2015 from Australia!




authorbioBooks have always been my refuge, a bit (okay, a lot) like an adult cubbyhouse. When real life gets too much—or too little—I can delve into my library and be utterly transported to places familiar and exotic. I can also meet the kind of people I’d never come across in my normal life, which is not always a bad thing.

These days not only do I get to visit other writers’ worlds, but I get to create my own—worlds chock full of sexy warrior men; strong, capable women; and oh yes, let’s not forget the dragons. My cubbyhouse is very cool, the door is always open for visitors, and new friends are most welcome.

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Enforcer’s Craving is book one in the Dragon Alliance series.


Dragon Alliance, Book One

Chelsea is kidnapped from her Melbourne home and taken to an alien planet to be sold at auction. Luckily, she a gets a last-minute reprieve and is rescued by Tarkan and Ari, two sexy male dragon riders. Tarkan and Ari have long resigned themselves to the fact that they will never have a woman of their own. But when Tarkan lays eyes on Chelsea he concocts a plan to ensure she not only commits to them, but will fight for their right to be together.

Chelsea has many challenges in her new world but her biggest and most immediate concern is finding her best friend. Alone and without support, she turns to the only two people who have offered to help.

If Chelsea accepts the bargain, the Enforcers will do whatever it takes to rescue her best friend. Chelsea is attracted to them, but can she risk herself and her heart with two men she barely knows?



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excerpt          Chelsea shivered as Tarkan’s eyes roved over her like a touch but it was the look on Ari’s face that squeezed all the air from her lungs. His expression was hard, impassive and she would have faltered then if she hadn’t been able to see his eyes. The amethyst color had darkened to almost black and the storm of need and desire seemed totally at odds with his controlled body language.

               Here she stood on an alien planet, ready to share her body with two men who were little more than strangers and she wasn’t feeling anywhere near as scared as she should be. What she felt was aroused, needy and so ready to beg she should have been embarrassed.

               Then Tarkan moved behind her, his big body throwing off heat like a fire, his large hands skimming her shoulders and down her back. “You feel so soft. So delicate.”

               Chelsea resisted the impulse to snort in derision. She was of average height but she was curvy and she had never in her entire life been described as delicate. But she supposed to the over-sized Enforcers she must seem small and frail.

               Tarkan lowered his head, trailing his warm, firm lips along the side of her neck and Chelsea’s bones melted right out of her body. He kept his mouth on her, licking and sucking as he unlaced the back of her gown. Reaching around her to undo her sleeves, he pressed his body against her back so she could feel every hard centimeter of him, including the rock-hard erection that pressed against her ass.

               Once all of her buttons were undone, Tarkan stepped back and pulled the gown up and over her head. Standing there in nothing but a corset and chemise, she wasn’t sure where to look, or where she should put her hands. She was fighting the urge to cover herself—because really, what was the point?—when Ari lifted his eyes from her body and trapped her gaze with his.

               He took one step towards her and she started to pant, her ribs pressing helplessly against her underwear. Then he took another step and another, never once releasing her eyes.

               Tarkan pressed up tight against her back, his arms firmly around her waist and she grabbed him for something stable to hold on to. She allowed his heat and strength to anchor her because when Ari got close enough to touch she knew she was going to beg.

               “Undo her chemise.” Ari had his eyes on her, but the command was for Tarkan.

               Chelsea felt the pull of the ribbon around her neck and then Tarkan tugged at the fabric until her breasts were mostly bared.

               Closing that last bit of distance Ari lifted his hand and trailed calloused fingertips over the fine, pale skin of her chest, working his way down in slow, sideways sweeps from her collarbone to the mounds that were barely contained by the satin cups of the corset.

               “So soft.” He bent his head and licked along the line where his hand had just traced, sucking lightly as Tarkan shifted his hands to cup her. Ari lifted his head, Tarkan squeezed and Chelsea moaned, not even caring that she wasn’t holding herself upright anymore.

               “Take her mouth, Ari,” Tarkan said. “Keep her busy while I strip.”

               Ari put his hand on the side of her face and she leaned into him, needing the connection of his touch. Then he slid his hand into the coiled hair at the back of her head, pulling her forward at the exact moment Tarkan stepped away.

               Ari didn’t bother easing her into the kiss. He fitted his mouth over hers and pushed at her with his tongue, demanding and gaining entry before Chelsea’s brain caught up. She sagged into him, allowing him to plunder as he would, surrendering to the demands of his lips and tongue. Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her tight against him, forcing her head back as he devoured her mouth, sweeping and stroking her with his tongue, thrusting into her in a foreshadowing of what was to come. She didn’t care that he just took, she didn’t care that he was demanding, she didn’t care about anything but the heat of his body and the way he made her feel.

               When Tarkan pressed against her this time she felt hot, smooth, naked skin. Pulling away from Ari she turned, not hesitating as she ran her hands over the broad expanse of Tarkan’s chest and abs. Then it was his turn to kiss her, his fuller lips softer than Ari’s but no less masculine. Tarkan didn’t demand, he seduced. He teased and cajoled, he nipped her lips and licked into her mouth, never giving her quite enough.

               Chelsea wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer, grinding her body against his in an effort to push him. She didn’t want to feel like the only one out of control but Takan wouldn’t didn’t oblige her. Instead he kissed his way down to her neck, took a firm grasp on her hips and levered her away until there was too much air between them.

               Chelsea moaned. “No, no don’t.” And the now familiar heat of a naked body at her back returned to warm her. Her protest died when Ari slid his hands around her, one to cup her breast, the other gliding down to slip between her pussy lips.

               She’d never been this turned on, this hot and achy, and she could only imagine how wet and slick she’d feel under Ari’s strong fingers. His legs bracketed hers and she rubbed her ass against his erection as he used two fingertips to circle her clit.

               Tarkan stepped back, leaving her wholly in Ari’s arms, his cognac eyes hot and hungry. “Make her come, Ari. I want to watch her shatter.”

               Ari bit her shoulder before lifting his head. “Put your fingers inside her, then you can watch.”

               Chelsea was parting her legs before Tarkan took a step and when he slid one long finger into her she arched against Ari’s hold, flexing her hips, trying to grind herself down on Tarkan without losing the intense swirl of Ari’s fingers.

Her whole body was on fire, every nerve and muscle wound so tight she couldn’t breathe or think or do anything but feel. Ari circled her clit faster and faster as Tarkan inserted a second finger, stretching her tight as he fucked her with his hand. Ari grabbed her breast with his free hand, squeezing and rolling until she was mindless, until she was nothing but gyrating hips and a burning need to come.

               Ari pinched her nipple and bit her on the back of the neck, holding her with his teeth as she came in shivering, wracking waves of mindless pleasure. Colors exploded behind her eyelids, her body shattered into a million pieces as it scattered into the sky and for a long, shining moment there was nothing but pure ecstasy.




24 responses

  1. Kelli says:

    Hello Mary and Delwyn!
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to win.

    I think the coolest thing about dragons is that they are so versatile. There are so many different ways they are portrayed. Small and cute to large and scary.

    Happy New Year!!

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  2. Toni Whitmire says:

    I like that there are so many different representations of them.

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  3. Chalice Bailey says:

    So this book is Sci-fi MMF? Sign me up! Dragons, love ’em. Check. Didn’t read any bdsm in the blurb, so we’re two for two. And it’s MMF? So far the only thing I’m wishing we’re different is the length. Of the book, people, length of the book. Sheesh! Can’t wait to read it. 🙂


  4. maria hall says:

    i read the book and likes it a lot looking to read the next one.dragons are just cool i remember dreaming dragons and knights as a child


  5. tracy baker says:

    Your Dragon bidders. Are hot! I adore the relationships between the dragons and their riders. I have always been fascinated by dragons and you really bring them to life!


    • delwynj says:

      Thanks Tracy. I love the dragons (probably too much). When I was planning the world to set my story in, introducing the dragons catapulted me into a whole new direction.


  6. lisacarlton says:

    I think for me dragons are such a mystical creature so that is the draw to them for me…thanks for the chance.


  7. suzlyne says:

    I have always thought dragons were the most interesting creatures. Even when I was little I wanted my own dragon. Yeah, still wanting one!


  8. dalodu77 says:

    Dragons are just plain cool. Every dragon is different and they are fierce and can be very protective. I would love one of my own however I have to be happy borrowing them in my fantasies because if they were in my reality I would have absolutely nowhere to put them.


  9. daria briand says:

    awesome ty for the give away.. I love dragon I see enough erotic that has dragon.. and two ..is just hotllll rawr 🙂


  10. Deborah says:

    I loved the excerpt! Ari and Tarkan are dragon riders but…why? For transportation, as a show of their power and prestige as Enforcers, do they have a symbiotic (for lack of a better word) relationship with them or are they part dragon themselves? I have always been fascinated by dragons and the myths surrounding them. I would try to imagine what real creature inspired those myths because, for me, all myths have elements of truth. How exciting it would be to find evidence that dragons were real.

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    • delwynj says:

      In the part of the world where they live, technology doesn’t work. So some dragons function as transport but the dragons in my story are battle dragons – they and their riders protect the town and the people under their care.


  11. delwynj says:

    Thanks everyone for commenting on my guest spot. I had a great time (forgive the time delay – I’m in the southern hemisphere and on holidays) Wishing you all a very happy and safe New Year. DJ.