Author Interview: Barbara Elsborg


Publisher: Totally Bound – Buying Link
Date of release: June 2015
Length:  376 pages


Two men are separated by more than the dam between their houses. Can Mollie be the path that unites them?
Flint Klavan appears to have it all. The sought-after British actor is affluent, loved and vocal in his professional life but privately he’s a mess. A devastating breakup leaves him full of self-loathing. He hopes to find the way to turn things around when disaster strikes. He’s left speechless with fear he’ll never get the chance to recover what he’s lost.
Mollie James has the perfect job teaching children, and used to have the perfect boyfriend. Attentive, kind and thoughtful. Only now he’s not. She has to sacrifice everything if she’s any chance to survive, and run as fast and as far as she can.
Lysander Weldon is a wealthy, talented artist who’s hidden himself away following personal tragedies. He shares his house and his body but never his heart. When opportunity to forgive confronts him, he has to choose between giving up his fortress or bracing to watch happiness leave him behind.


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interviewtimeHi Barbara, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Born to royalty, my mother gave birth to me on a windswept shore – darn it, lying. I was born to ordinary parents, in an ordinary house, in an ordinary town. Which I think might be why I like to write about extraordinary things. I live in Kent in the south of England. I’ve only just moved here after spending most of my life in the north. Grandchildren were calling – though we are soon to have one in Texas too.
I’ve always written – fan fiction when I was a teen, my first full length novel in my twenties and when I finally discovered what I like to write – I was off! I now have over 40 books published. I write MF, MMF, MM and in almost every genre – contemporary, sci fi, paranormal, suspense.
Prior to writing full time, I had a variety of jobs. Started off as a government inspector – spying on people trying to cheat on their taxes. A short period as a media planner in an advertising agency. I fled that at dead of night. Several years selling cyanide – mainly to Sweden for the largest chemical company in the UK. Had two kids. Then went to work as Government Inspector, spying on teachers. I was so popular, you can’t believe. Thank goodness I married well. (Married for money anyway)
The fact that people actually want to read what I’ve written fills me with awe and gratitude. I’m grateful to every reader who buys a copy of one of my books. Every one of you has made my dream come true.

What inspired you to start writing?

I wasn’t very happy at school. I was bullied because I was tall and I had no close friends. It’s not easy being the tallest girl in school – even taller than the boys until I was seventeen. I had a long walk to get to school and I used to make up conversations with movie stars to keep me company.
A short step then to writing down those conversations and making them into a story. I jumped from that to fan fiction and I still have the notebooks with the stories I wrote based on TV series – with me as the heroine of course!! Always tall, slender and blonde. I was very consistent.
I was – oops – I mean the heroine was usually abused by her parents or an orphan. Not that my parents abused me but I wasn’t happy at home. I liked the worlds I created much better than the real one I lived in and pretty soon I was writing every night in bed under the covers with a flashlight. My parents were strict about lights out. So the short answer is – writing was my way of escaping (and still is). From bullies, from disappointments in my life, from the ironing!!

Which genre do you prefer and why: MMF or MFM?

MMF – to read and to write. The opportunities for different positions, conflict and very rewarding sex make a ménage fun to write, though I’d be sunk without Google. (Surely not, says husband. I’ve stripped and I’m waiting) Hmm, not sure he’d want another guy there too.
I like the added dimension that bisexual guys can give to a story. How can they make sure the woman doesn’t feel left out or second best when they are into each other – maybe literally. LOL  It feels to me as though in an MMF the guys have to work that bit harder to reassure the woman. In an MFM – she knows that both guys are really into her. The dilemma then, is more – does she like one guy more than the other? But for me, MFM feels like a wasted opportunity to let the guys get together. I find two guys who are into each other, very sexy. Add me – I mean – a woman in the middle and it’s perfect.

What’s life as a writer like?

Since I’ve been published, I’ve bought a mansion, a yacht and a Ferrari. I vacation in the Greek Islands….er…..oh no, that was a dream. To be honest, life hasn’t changed much at all since I had my first acceptance. I write just as much as I did before but I feel vindicated somehow, because I proved to my family that becoming a published author wasn’t an impossible dream. I actually did it!
My typical day is  – butler brings coffee and croissants at 9.00. Manicurist arrives at…. On darn it, I’m lying again. I wake early. Stagger out of bed. Think about exercising. Don’t exercise. Drink coffee. Deal with emails etc until 8.00. More coffee. Write until 4.30. I’m not a plotter. I just sit and write. Bed by 9.00. Read for at least an hour. EVERY day unless husband insists I prove I’m not agoraphobic.

Where do your ideas come from?

Everywhere. My inspiration is from the world around me. An episode when I got stuck in a malfunctioning self-tanning booth made it into one story – I dripped home a coffee colored mess on one side of my body. The issue with a life raft inflating INSIDE the boat – yes, based on me and fact. But my imagination is the most useful tool. I once stood at the kitchen window and wondered what I’d do if a space ship landed in the garden. Husband said – you’d die. He’s Mr. Sensible. My version –I’d go into space with the hunky if inept pilot and have zero gravity sex. Well, I didn’t tell my husband that bit.

For my MMF Girl Most Likely To, inspiration came from an advert in a newspaper. I rewrote it in my own words.

Would you like to work for an inconsiderate, demanding bastard? For a ridiculously large salary I want someone to work twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year. Three hundred and sixty-six next year. You’ll speak at least three European languages, and it would be an advantage if you were able to do at least some of the following—dive, cook, ski, sail, ride, climb, fly and bench press one hundred kilos. If you don’t like being shouted at, don’t apply.

The real ad was from a guy who’d made a fortune in internet dating who was looking for a man Friday. The ad was very funny, went viral and I convinced my daughter to apply. A couple of years later, the guy who got the job – a US graduate, and his boss were killed in a helicopter crash. Very sad. I wanted to put the details in the back of the book and the actual ad but there was a copyright issue over using the ad again so I couldn’t.
For my MMF Talking Trouble – inspiration was a walk around a reservoir close to where I used to live. There’s a house either side of the dam and every time I went there I used to wonder who lived in the houses, so I put them in my story. In fact I found out who lived in one of the houses. The guy no longer lives there but he’s just become England’s football manager. Not only that, an escaped boa constrictor was spotted by the water so I incorporated that into my story too!

How do you describe your writing style? Is the sex easy to write?

Well, I hope it’s easy to read, with funny dialogue, heavy on character and not brain taxing. I do tend to go for tall, blond heroines – oh guess what – I’m tall and blonde. They also tend to have some vile flaws and of course, I’m flawless. (cough) I like dark haired guys though the odd blond has crept in. But the main gist of my stories is two or three damaged individuals who grow and heal through their relationship with each other. I have a need to write angst! But I want to make people laugh and cry and think. And if they also think – I’ll read another by her, so much the better.
A consequence of my lack of research (your own fault, says my husband, how many times do I need to offer?) has been insecurity about how much sex a book needs to make it work. I’ve never put sex in just to keep up the heat level – I always make sure the situation fits, but I’ve had a few comments that in some of my stories there was too much sex. (No, no, no, no, no – says husband).
I think part of the issue is that my stories have a plot that’s not entirely sexually based. They’re more like very hot romances than pure erotic stories. So people who like deeper characters and non-sensual plots would find those elements in my stories along with detailed graphic sex and humor. I try to balance everything and hopefully succeed for the most part.

What do you like to read in your spare time?

Almost anything. (Though not non-fiction unless it’s research) I binge read so I’ll have weeks where I read nothing but historicals. Then I’ll swap to thrillers. I really like those and psychological suspense novels. I love Tom Wood who writes about an assassin called Victor. I eagerly await Victor falling in love though I know it won’t happen. I tend to shy away from too much reading in the genres in which I write. I don’t want to accidentally suck up an idea without realising! But I love romance above all. I like proper plots, lots of character detail with people I can relate to and happy ever afters are compulsory.

Thank you very much Barbara for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview. I love your interview! It was so fun to be part of your world and know you better. I read Talking Trouble and reviewed it 5 STARS. I hope everyone will consider reading you. ~Mary

Thank you for having me, Mary!




authorbio3Barbara lives in the South of England with her husband. She always wanted to be a spy, but having confessed to everyone without them even resorting to torture, she decided it was not for her. Vulcanology scorched her feet. A morbid fear of sharks put paid to marine biology. So instead, she spent several years successfully selling cyanide.
After dragging up two rotten, ungrateful children and frustrating her sexy, devoted, wonderful husband (who can now stop twisting her arm) she finally has time to conduct an affair with an electrifying plugged-in male, her laptop.
Her books feature quirky heroines and bad boys, and she hopes they are as much fun to read as they are to write.


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excerpt(c) Barbara Elsborg – no reproduction without her consent.

Flint didn’t talk much as they ate but he listened intently, his eyes narrowed in concentration. There were no awkward silences. Lysander listened in awe as Mollie held everything together and ensured Flint didn’t feel excluded. She was endlessly patient when he struggled to get things. She kept explaining until he did when Lysander would have been tempted to say forget it and change the subject. She even figured out when Flint was bluffing, saying he understood when he didn’t. Lysander liked her more and more.
With every glance at Flint, Lysander’s body told him that no matter what he’d thought, or what he’d said, he and Flint weren’t over. The slow curl of warmth in his belly and the occasional rush of electricity down his spine kept his dick en route to diamond status on the hardness scale. He could practically hear the blood rushing to his cock. Not helped by the way Flint’s gaze fell on him when the guy thought he wasn’t looking. Did Mollie feel the sexual energy in the room? Lysander could taste it. Or was that burned egg?
When Mollie caught his gaze, she looked away, flustered.
Yes, I am thinking that, Mollie. About you and me and Flint.
She turned to Flint. “I fell in the reservoir last night.”
She’s nervous.
“Lysander saved me from drowning.”
Flint’s eyes widened. “What?”
“It was a stupid dare,” Lysander said.
Flint’s fist clenched around his fork. “You dare?”
“No. Not Lysander. It was a game.”
“Need…lock…you up,” Flint said. “No water… No snakes.”
Preferably in a room with two smaller snakes, one large bed and no rules. He wanted to lick, kiss, fuck… Oh shit. His cock pressed right against his zipper. Bloody well stop thinking about sex.
He smiled when he saw the dessert. Flint had laid out their initials using blackberries and raspberries and squirted dollops of cream around the edge of the plates. He brought in Mollie’s cookies as well and another bottle of champagne. Mollie filled their glasses, which was a relief because he really didn’t want to stand up. But unfortunately his mind had moved onto a particular track and wasn’t going to be derailed any time soon.
“I picked…in…garp…gar…garden.”
“What plant does cream grow on?” Mollie asked, but Lysander saw Flint didn’t understand. “Cream grows?” she said slowly.
Flint’s lips twitched. “Tree.”
“Yes. Well done.” Mollie laughed.
“Sticker?” he asked.
Lysander was slowly becoming aware how hard this was for Flint, a guy who made his living with his voice, a guy who oozed confidence, who always had something to say, who could mesmerize anyone he spoke to and was funny and entertaining. All that had gone.
“You’ve changed,” Lysander said.
Mollie looked up but he was talking to Flint.
“Good? Bad?” Anxiety was written all over Flint’s tense face.
“I think you’d change too if this had happened to you,” Mollie said, a defensive tone in her voice.
“Angry,” Flint spat out the word. “Frustrated. Exhausted. I was… The sun.” He let out a choked laugh. “Now useless. Black…hole.”
“Not useless,” Mollie said. “You’re determined, brave, funny. Still you.”
“She’s right. Plus you’re more reasonable,” Lysander said. “Quieter. Thoughtful. Less cocky.”
It took Flint a moment to get what he’d said. “I’m not…less…fucking…cocky.”
Mollie choked on her champagne as she laughed.
Lysander plastered a smile on his face. “Prove it.”
Flint pushed back his chair and stood. He grabbed Mollie’s hand and hauled her to her feet. Unseen by her, he gave Lysander a challenging look that said roll with me. “Mollie decide.”
“Er… Decide what?” she asked.
“If he’s less cocky.” Lysander’s heart began to pound. He’d play Flint’s game but he wasn’t sure Mollie would.
“Honestly, you guys,” she said with a sigh. “Okay. Anyone got a six-inch ruler?”
Lysander laughed and after a moment, Flint did too.
Stop yelled one half of Mollie’s brain. No, that was a lie, it was a lot less than half, maybe a quarter, so that made it okay to ignore, didn’t it? Flint pulled her back against his chest and swept his arm around her waist. She froze when she felt the hard length of his cock wedged against her butt, then groaned and pressed back into him. She couldn’t help herself. Lysander sat twiddling his glass in his fingers, his gaze flitting between the pair of them.
“Better make that a twelve-inch ruler,” she said.
Oh no, please strike me dumb now.
Lysander snorted. “I don’t think he’s changed that much, though I know he’s a big guy.”
Oh my God, oh my God. Mollie thought she knew what was happening but wasn’t entirely sure she could go along with it. It might sound sexy in a story where three got together, had fantabulous sex in every way, shape and form, and they all lived happy ever after. She wasn’t sure this story could match fiction. But she’d never been so tempted to take a risk in her life. Watching the pair of them together would be a huge turn-on. For her to be involved too… The muscles clenched between her thighs and the stop part of her brain fell away like a slow landslip, leaving clouds of confusing dust in its wake.
“Moll…ee.” Flint blew into her ear and flicked around the shell with his tongue, and her throat seized up.
When Lysander pushed to his feet, her gaze fell straight to his groin. Oh wow. How to give myself away in one move.
“Play chess or poker, Mollie?” Lysander asked.
“Thought not.”
She lifted her head but her gaze kept dropping. His cock was clearly outlined beneath the tight material of his pants. She could even see the rounded shape of the head. Was that a damp spot? Wild horses couldn’t—well, yes, obviously wild horses could drag her away. Luckily there weren’t any nearby. She’d always wondered why people—back on track! Swallow your drool. But it must have something to do with the medieval torture of tying people by their arms and legs to horses and stretching them to make them confess.
Mollie girl! Hell, I’m scared, petrified, excited. If Lysander stepped toward her she’d… Fuck, he’s stepped toward me. If he took another step… Hell, he took another step.
Flint spread his palm just below her heart and rested his head against hers.
“Want words. No words. Moll…ee.”
She thought if her heart managed to beat any faster, it would take off and fly out of her throat. Flint’s breathing grew shallower, she could feel it hitting her neck. He smelled clean and sharp and citrusy and she wanted to lick him.
“Mollie.” Lysander stopped two feet away.
She wanted to lick him too.
“You both keep saying that,” she blurted. “My brain has turned to mush but I’m beginning to think it might be my name.”
They laughed. She wanted to ask them not to use her, not to go any further unless they felt something more than lust. It didn’t have to be love, though she wasn’t sure that idealistic ‘instalove’ was only found in books and films. Whatever they felt, she needed them to care, not to just fuck her and walk away without looking back. Worries fragmented in her head as Lysander stepped forward and pulled both her and Flint against him. She had a rigid dick wedged against her butt and another against her belly. A shower of red-hot sparks burst in her veins and she felt as though she’d been plumbed into the National Grid. Lysander kissed her forehead then kissed Flint’s.
“I declare a draw,” she whispered. “You’re both very cocky boys.”
Her hands fluttered at her sides, twisting the material of her dress.
“Not sure you should judge until you’ve seen the evidence, not just felt it,” Lysander said.
Why don’t I just die now?
“Scared, Moll…ee?” Flint whispered.
“First time for us too, remember?” Lysander slid his hands to her hips, moved one of them back onto Flint and pulled them tighter together. “Don’t be scared. Be excited. You can tell how much we want you. Stop thinking and feel.”
“Please,” Flint said at her ear. “Help…forget. Help…remember. Make you…happy.”
Her hands had found their way forward and back onto each of the guy’s backsides and as if the pair acted instinctively in sync, their hands crept over hers. Flames flickered down her spine and she stared into Lysander’s dark eyes, unable to look away, barely able to breathe.
“You okay?” Lysander asked.
Nowhere near okay. “Feel as though we’re caught up in a net, but…”
“But what?” he asked.
“Don’t want to get free.”
“What do you want?”
A million things, but she played safe. “I want you to kiss Flint.”



Barbara Elsbord published many more books! CLIC HERE to check them out!

Review: A Menage made on Madison by Serena Akeroyd

Title: A Menage made on Madison
Series: The Federation, #1
Author: Serena Akeroyd
Genre: Sci-fi, space, aliens
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: March 5, 2015
Published by: Siren Bookstand
Publisher bookstore: BUYING LINK
Page count:
212 pages



authorbio3Serena Akeroyd is a romanceaholic. She won’t touch a book unless she knows there’s a happy ever after at the end of it. Pathetic as it may be, because of this addiction, Serena decided to craft her own tales, stories that suit her voracious need for sexy romance. After all, a love story ain’t a lurve story without a bit of naughty!

A citizen of the world, Serena is a nomad at heart, and her novels enable her to travel the globe and all behind her computer desk. Naturally, she’d prefer the option of a private jet, but still, if wishes were horses, eh?

Always feel free to connect with Serena, she’d love to chat with her readers, as well as fellow romance addicts!


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synopsis3For the last sixty years, Parker and Knox Baxx have been in love. Regardless of their cross-mating, she an Earthling and he a Shuzon, they’ve managed to create a successful partnership. In both the bedroom, and the boardroom.

Rich beyond their wildest dreams from the hotel resort they’ve constructed from scratch on the outskirts of Federation territory, there’s only one problem. Shuzons are part of a twin pair, and they share their mates. Without Rafer, Knox’s brother, Parker’s Earthling sensibilities are going haywire. Her body is experiencing a complete system shutdown, and she has only the one option open to her—to bind herself to Rafer.

The trouble is, he’s a high-ranking officer in the Fleet, the Federation’s armed wing, which ransacked and destroyed Earth. Secondly, he has enemies of his own. Thirdly, she doesn’t trust him.

Loving and being loved by Knox is no longer enough. Can Parker learn to trust Rafer with her heart, body, and wellbeing before it’s too late?



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myreview5I never know why I select one book versus another one from my long list of menage romances. I can find dozen of excuses but at the end of the day I have no idea why I decide to read a book immediately or months later. The only logical reason is probably the theme I am in a mood to read at that moment. I could use this excuse for this book but I know it is not a valid one since I love sci-fi menage and always had a soft spot for them. Truth is I ignored this story and I have no excuse. So this menage romance was published last year and you should not think that a date of release makes a difference!😛

I was immediately hooked to the plot and characters. I did not expect this to be immediate. It is funny how sometimes I have preconceived ideas about a story. Here, I was expecting a slow pace with a focus on romance only. I was half wrong: definitely romance oriented but the plot was interesting and gave way more depth to the story.

I came to the realization long time ago that I do not like easy relationship in my romances. I like, scratch that. I LOVE when the characters are complicated or if the males have different personalities and join the relationship with hardship. The easy “we knew from kindergarten that we wanted to share a wife” is so boring, so redundant, so déjà-vu!! It is not even funny anymore. In fact, I have to tell that because I read so many menage romances now that each time I find a complicated relationship, I am thrilled and jump on it like a starving maniac. Rare, way too rare.

This story was exactly that for me. I loved everything about it and I mean everything. Most of you know how picky I am about sex scenes. Most of them are repeat from déjà-read over and over again and it is very hard to keep me interested anymore. I never understood why authors are so boring in their sex scenes. Oh do not get me wrong, a DP is a DP, a cunnilingus is a cunnilingus, etc. But it seems that they never heard of Kama Sutra or just humorous situation or build up. Most have to be done quickly or at least this is how I read it. Outside the BBK (Bedroom-Bathroom-Kitchen), I wonder if authors think it is possible to make love in another place … Anyway. I DID find great sex scenes, not that many but the ones I read were great nonetheless. Some people may not enjoy the physical twists but I did. This added the credibility I expect to see in aliens physiology.

The heroine was spicy and had all the qualities I love in one. The males, already said, were different and interesting. The romance was not a done deal from the start and all parties needed to work for it.

The only thing that I may have changed would be the first pages. I would have -maybe- added an introduction of the world. Sci-fi is never easy to re-transcript in words. In the author’s mind, it is clear as day. In the reader’s mind, it becomes clear only if the description is clear. Here, I had to re-read sometimes few paragraphs to understand the context. But it was only 2, maybe 3 pages. Once I got the “vision” of the world, I was hooked.

I like the drama aka villains. It was an unexpected turn of events and that also was great. I am not fond to know first chapter who are the villains. I am not fond of them to show up out of the blue near the end of the story as it is for me a way to “end” the story and get to the often sex epilogue.

So the more an author surprise me, the better. This story was an incredible treat for me. I will be very happy to re-read it in a couple of months and I definitely recommend it without hesitation! Thank you Mrs Serena Akeroyd, I am now checking on a regular basis book #2 of this series🙂






Guest Author: T. Strange presents Crossed Wires #MMM #LGBT #MMromance


Publisher: Torquere Press
Date of release: June 18th 2015
ISBN or ASIN: 9781610409322
Length: 49 pages


Thanks so much for having me today Mary!

I’m so thrilled to share a little bit about Rory, Tanner and Lev, from Crossed Wires, my M/M/M ménage novella!

I’d like to give an ebook copy of Crossed Wires to a commenter on mary’s blog under this post🙂

T. Strange


authorbio3T. Strange didn’t want to learn how to read, but literacy prevailed and she hasn’t stopped reading—or writing—since. She’s been published with Torquere Press since 2013, and she writes M/M romance in multiple genres, including paranormal and BDSM. T.’s other interests include cross stitching, gardening, watching terrible horror movies, playing video games, and finding injured pigeons to rescue. Originally from White Rock, BC, she lives on the Canadian prairies, where she shares her home with her wife, cats, guinea pigs and other creatures of all shapes and sizes. She’s very easy to bribe with free food and drinks—especially wine.

TWITTER: ~ @AuthorTStrange


synopsis3Rory isn’t expecting much more than clowns and elephant poop when he agrees to take his niece and nephew to the circus, but he finds himself entranced by the trapeze performers. Returning to the circus another night, he meets Lev and Tanner after the show and finds himself just as interested in the men themselves. They take him back to their hotel room for a night of steamy sex. After the circus leaves, Rory can’t stop thinking about the duo, though they never call him. He enrolls in a trapeze class as a distraction, and is astonished to find out who’s teaching the course.


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4-hotexcerpt(c) T. Strange

The bed was neatly made, at least until Tanner launched himself onto it and landed, bouncing, on his ass. He kicked off his shoes, using the toes of his opposite foot to take off his socks.
The rest of his clothing quickly followed, until he was lying, naked, spread across the bed. He wriggled a few times, rubbing himself against the blanket like an itchy animal, or simply enjoying the feeling of the fabric against his bare skin.
His clothes were tossed in the direction of the messy side of the room, confirming my theory.
Lev undressed as well, more slowly. He could hardly take his eyes off Tanner. It was obvious that they were really, deeply in love. Just watching them made me feel special, as though that love reflected off of them and was transferred to me, if only temporarily. I still wasn’t sure why they had agreed to take me to their bed, but the sight of Tanner naked shot down any questions I might have.
He was lean, almost thin, but I could see his muscles working every time he moved. I knew he had to be strong, but seeing him like this, the curve of his biceps, the bulge of his thigh, he was magnificent. He smiled up at me, rolling onto his front and beckoning me closer. His ass was…If the rest of him was magnificent, his ass was perfect. I had already admired his butt while he was dressed, but nothing could compare to seeing it exposed.
“Don’t just stand there gawking.” Tanner stretched, cat-graceful, and beckoned me closer. His predatory smile went with the motion.
I hesitated for a moment. I was still fully dressed, though both of them were naked. Lev was sitting, rather daintily for such a large man, on the corner of the bed, his knees tucked up to his chest as he leaned against the headboard, watching us.
As soon as I had slipped out of my shirt and stood, naked, at the foot of the bed, Tanner flashed me another brilliant smile and rolled over until he was on all fours. His sublime ass was just in front of me, close enough to reach out and touch, if I was bold enough.
Something landed on the bed beside Tanner — a condom.
I picked it up, glad to have something to do with my hands and attention, at least for a few seconds. I looked up to see Lev watching me. I gave a half-apologetic shrug, and he smiled at me for the first time since I’d met him.
I climbed onto the bed. Tentatively, I reached out and touched Tanner’s rump. He gave a happy groan, leaning back into my hand. I settled my hand more firmly, stroking the warm, soft rise of his ass.
“You’re not just going to tease, are you?” Tanner looked back over his shoulder at me, sinking onto his elbows and raising his butt in the air. “Because I can take my business elsewhere.” He gave his hips a little shake, tempting me closer.
I moved in, letting my hands guide me over his ass, up his hips, until I had a hand resting on his sides. Our bodies were snugged close together, my groin pressed against the lightly-furred cleft of his ass.
He groaned and wiggled against me, pressing back with a surprising amount of force.
Lev moved from his place against the headboard until he was kneeling in front of Tanner. He did something that made Tanner cry out. When I looked around his body, I could see that Lev had grabbed Tanner’s wrists, pinning them to the mattress.
“Fuck, Lev!” Tanner stretched himself as far back toward me as he could with his wrists pinned, moaning and cursing softly under his breath.
It was a few moments before I could ask, “Lube?” Lev passed me some, releasing one of Tanner’s wrists, and I poured it on my sheathed cock. I was too impatient to worry about it dripping on the bed, and anyway, it was a hotel. As soon as I felt I was slick enough, I stroked Tanner’s hole with one slick finger, planning on gently working him open.
He bucked, driving himself down on my finger surprisingly hard and fast. I didn’t move into him, worried that he would hurt himself. “Tanner, maybe you should…” But he was already rocking and grinding on my finger, happily struggling against the hold on his wrists. He was relaxed and loose, so I probably wouldn’t hurt him, but I prefer to start slowly.
“More, Rory!” Tanner pulled away from my finger until it was nearly out of him.
“Are you sure you’re ready?” I pulled my hand away, maneuvering my cock into place.
“Yes!” He pressed backward into me, so I hardly had to move at all. I just had to resist being pushed away.
In much less time than I was used to, I was all the way in. There was a quiet, breathless moment when all three of us seemed to take a breath together, and then Tanner began to move, rocking himself forward and back on my cock. Unlike his trapeze performances, his movements now were jerky and wild. It seemed strange to me that Tanner was doing most of the work, but there wasn’t much room to move with him slamming against me. I held his hips and went along for the ride.
I heard Lev murmuring, and it took me a moment to realize he wasn’t speaking English. It seemed that Tanner could understand Russian, or maybe it didn’t matter if he didn’t understand the words, that the tone was enough.
Tanner cried out again. Startled, I looked up to see that Lev was now clutching a fistful of the flyer’s hair, apparently pinning both of Tanner’s wrists with one hand. Now Tanner was fucking himself on me hard enough that the bed was moving with each thrust, the mattress and frame creaking, the headboard tapping the wall but not hitting hard enough to knock.
My face flushed. I was used to living in apartments, where I was surrounded by neighbors and had to monitor how loud my sex was. It was clear that Tanner had no such compunctions. He yelled, he screamed, he howled, he shouted for more. All the restrained poise and beauty and unreleased energy from his performance seemed to be channeled into sex for him.
He came not long after, clenching so tight around me that I cried out. If I hadn’t been so close, it would definitely have been uncomfortable. He half-collapsed beneath me, supported only by his knees and elbows. I could feel his legs trembling. My last few thrusts were harder than what I’m used to, but were slow and gentle compared to the pace Tanner had set.


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Review: Covered by Bubbles by Gracie Meadows

Title: Covered by Bubbles
Series: Heels for Hire, #1
Author: Gracie Meadows
Genre: contemporary
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Aug 18, 2016
Published by: Vinvatar
ISBN: 9781945012884
Word count:  52,797


authorbio3As a person who does believe in love at first  sight, it was easy to find romance where ever I went. I myself have fallen into  fate’s hand when I met my husband and married eleven days later. Now, we just  celebrated our ten year anniversary with four children. I never regret a single  day, and love him more and more with each passing hour.

I was never much  of a writer in school. I enjoyed mostly poems, but anything longer never held my  interest. When a friend challenged me to actually write a book better than the one she was reading. I toyed with the idea, and now here I am today. I have  found a hidden passion that allows my wild side to come out while keeping the  romance together. I would love to hear from all of you.

You can find Gracie Meadows on Facebook


synopsis3Brandie ‘Bubbles’ Anderson is ready and willing to tackle any case thrown at her. As an investigator for Heels for Hire, Inc. she’s independent, strong, perky, blonde, and slightly trigger happy, especially when it involves men who can’t accept the word ‘no.’ However, her newest case will take her out of her comfort zone and will have her working with two of Ridgeville’s finest- and she does mean F.I.N.E.

Chance and Dylan have been friends since their academy days and partners on the Ridgeville Police Department for years. They’ve been trained to anticipate every move and every possible outcome, but how do you prepare for getting partnered with a perky, blonde bombshell? One that, not only, has skills and is smart, but she’s also the woman that both men want badly.

What should have been a simple car theft case turns into something much bigger than any of them ever expected, and when family, friends, and loved ones are in danger it will be time to put everything on the line and hold nothing back to save them.




5-ARE  kobowritinglife_rgb


myreview5I am going to be honest here. At times I truly enjoyed the story and at times I struggled a little bit. But overall it is a book I recommend!

So the parts I had some issues are mainly one character and credibility at times. I do not include sex because I am extremely picky regarding sex scenes in erotic romances.

I loved Dylan. I liked Bubbles/Brandie. I disliked Chance.

I have some problems when a male characters is 1. crude 2. caveman. To be crude can be fun but only if partners know each other enough. Here, they had sex after 2 days and it was a bit short for me to call the heroine names during the act, even for foreplay. But Chance had a possessive macho attitude that I did not like much as well and totally over the top after only 2 days of knowing her. So his character ruined a little bit the romance for me. However, Dylan was a big teddy bear sweetheart. He was as much protective but acted like a gentleman.

The heroine, Bubbles aka Brandie, is a Brat. Please notice the B in Brat. She is independent to the extreme and knows what she wants. I like those heroine. I can relate to them. However, the author wanted her classy, a non one night kinda girl, when in fact everything pointed to this direction: a girl who did not want a leash, knew what she wanted, when she wanted with who. She definitely acted like a woman who just picked men at bars for a night and left without leaving a phone number. But the author wanted her a lady. When Dylan thought she may be a virgin, it was a liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitle bit over the top when she acted everything but a virgin.

But overall, I like them all together. Still a bit too stereotyped about the best friends raised in the street with drunk father and such to justify the sharing part but I will not fault Gracie Meadows for that, 99% of the menage authors have no idea how to justify the menage. Sharing sex, yes. Menage forever, no.

Regarding sex scenes, I will not detail one but everyone will know which one I am talking about once they read it. I find this sex scene again exaggerated after only 2 days of knowing the heroine. And I thought both males should have grovel a lot more on this. The heroine acted like a doormat and I did not like it.

The other issue is credibility.

Not that it was major but characters and plot were sometimes over the top. Both heroes are police officers. And even though the chief was a bit too tolerant and this was a small town, I found their behavior way too soft. The contract with the detective company (Heels For Hire) was a bit exaggerated. The heroine showed up and took charge of pretty much of every action. It was a little bit too much. The plot at times was too romanced.

The good and great parts now.

The romance is equally shared with the plot. It is nice to read a plot with action. It was nicely developed and gave us clues, without them being to obvious, for a sequel with new and same characters. I definitely liked that the clues were not introduced at the epilogue. They were subtle. Covered by Bubbles is book #1 of this series. I liked very much the humor.

HUGE kudos to Vinvatar, the publisher. They did not add #1 next to the series. This always confuses me and I always wonder if the series is a “must read in order”,  a false stand alone or a true stand alone. Why false? Because some series use the main characters for second characters and everyone is just part of the plot one way or another. So if we do not read the series in order, it can be confusing, even more when no lexicon is provided for help. Here, no number. Excellent decision!

My conclusion?

I enjoyed this story and I recommend it. It was fun and the plot was interesting. If I had to choose one thing about it, it would be I liked the book because of the Brat heroine. But yet, I like Dylan and the humor always so rare in romance.

Great story, Mrs Gracie Meadows! Keep going, I will keep an eye on this series for sure🙂



rating 4

Guest Author: Lee Savino presents Sold by the Berserkers


Publisher: Silverwood Press
Date of release: April 19, 2016
Length : 80 pages


Hey Menage fans! Lee Savino has two menage romances out—one a Western romance starring 5 hot cowboys and their shared bride, and the other a shifter romance about Viking/Highland Berserker warriors who claim their mates in pairs!


13578760_263998617310184_1967381998_n (1)


synopsis3When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan.

Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate?




4-hotexcerptHere’s an excerpt from my new release, a menage shifter romance set in the medieval Scottish Highlands. Nineteen year old Brenna is mute and scarred from a childhood wolf attack, so her stepfather sells her to a band of fearsome berserker warriors as a pleasure slave. To her surprise, the two alpha leaders are just as concerned with HER pleasure as their own…


I woke cradled in softness, my body a bit too warm. Sweat trickled down my bare breasts. My gown was gone; the memory of the warriors stripping me, at least, wasn’t a dream.
When I moved, I touched a body lying in front of me and my eyes flew open. A warrior lay beside me, his large form in repose. We rested in a pile of pelts, in a dark room lit by a fire. In my sleep, I’d curled on my side facing the dark haired warrior and there was barely a hairs breath between my bare chest and his.
Stretching a little, I pushed the thick fur from me.
His body felt so warm. I wriggled back a little, and the man’s eyes opened and twinkled. I met his gaze without fear. We’d shared only a night and half a day, but I felt at ease with his friendly expression. His smile boded well for my life as a slave.
“Brenna,” he greeted me, and his voice, rough with sleep, sounded clearer to my ears. “Did ye sleep well?”
I nodded. He rolled onto his side, facing me, and his broad, muscled chest filled my vision. Part of me wanted to cringe and slip away, but I reminded myself that this was my new master. I may as well lay there and let him do what he would. Besides, I was comfortable on the pelts.
The warrior shifted closer, his light brown eyes glowing brighter. I could make out every dark lash. Slowly, as if he might startle me, he lifted a large rough hand, and touched my face with more care than I would’ve guessed he could muster. I lowered my eyes as he caressed me, letting him take liberties, smoothing my skin and pushing back my hair.
Strange as it was, lying beside a man I’d never met, one who’d bought me in the woods in a humiliating transaction, I enjoyed the moment, the warrior’s rough and gentle fingers. An outcast who kept to her accepted lot, I wasn’t often touched. It felt nice.
Too late I realized he was exploring my scar and jerked my head away.
“Shhh, still. I won’t hurt you.”
My hand came up to cover the scarred side of my neck and face.
He gazed at me with honest eyes. “You don’t like it?”
I shook my head. The scar was my bane, my curse. It made me too ugly for marriage to a village boy, made me fit only to be a slave.
My hand pressed harder, but he took it and pulled off my face, frowning a little as he examined the weals underneath. As much as I wanted to struggle, I held my body still. This was not my secret lover, or a friend. He was a warrior who had bought and paid for me. I had to remember that, if I was to survive.
My new life’s aim was pleasing my new masters. The longer I did that, and stayed alive, the higher my chances to one day find a way to escape.
I held onto this thought as I stared at my dark haired bedmate, blinking hard to hold back tears.
“Isnae so bad, lass. Just a wee mark. It makes ye different, but it isnae enough to take from yer beauty.”
I blinked. No one had ever called me beautiful. The warrior pulled my hand away from my face and kissed it. His lips worked at my palm, tickling me with the bristles on his chin and jaw. The skin around his eyes crinkled with a mischievous smile.
Just like that, I felt warmth rush to all my secret parts. My womb clenched and filled with longing.
The flood of desire was so sudden and shocking, I automatically tried to tug my hand away.
He didn’t let it go. Turning my hand, he laid kisses down my wrist, sucking lightly at the skin over my pulse. My heartbeat leapt tellingly, and he grinned full on.
“That’s it, Brenna. There’s a good lass.” His eyes caught fire, brightening with that otherworldly glow.
Despite myself, I shifted, feeling arousal pool as wetness between my legs.
He paused, scenting the air. If I’d thought his eyes were golden before, they burned ten times hotter when he angled his head closer to me. Slowly he bent his head, ready to touch his mouth to mine… Transfixed by those beautiful eyes, I couldn’t move if I tried.
Something moved behind me and I startled, then panicked. I caught a glimpse of blond locks as I started thrashing. There was another man in the bed. In my fixation on the dark-haired warrior, I hadn’t noticed the second, massive form.
Before I could rise, the dark haired one caught me, pulling my trembling body back onto the pelts.
“Be still,” another voice rumbled.
Immediately I froze. The animal sound raised the hairs on the back of my head.
The dark haired man wrapped burly arms around my torso. His thigh rested over my legs, capturing me thoroughly.
“Calm, lass,” he breathed into my ear. “Tis only Samuel.”
Slowly I turned my head to Samuel and met the blond leader’s wild gold gaze.
“Do ye remember Samuel? He carried ye up the mountain. Dinnae hurt his feelings. He will grow surly and sulk all day.”
My brow furrowed until I realized they were teasing me. Under the short beard, Samuel’s mouth softened a little from its serious expression.
“Starting without me, Daegan?” he spoke over my head to his warrior brother.
“Just a wee kiss.” The black haired warrior rolled me to my back so I could look up at both of them. I swallowed hard, trying not to show on my face how intimidated I was.
They loomed over me, one dark and the other fair. One serious and intense, the other with a mischievous glinting light in his eye.
Their touches became bolder. One hand soothed down my hip.
The worst was how my body responded. I shifted anxiously as a prickle of heat curled through me. I fought it, closing my eyes.
“Open.” Deagan smoothed my hair back from my face.
I did and he rewarded me, bending down as if to kiss me. He inhaled deeply, then raised his head.
“So good,” he commented to his brother.
“Just as the witch said.” Samuel ran a long finger down the side of my face.
“Do ye feel it?”
“I feel it,” the blond confirmed. Their voices were still rough and deep but they were stronger.
The dark haired warrior reared over me, settling beside me as I lay back looking up at him.
“Brenna,” he said, putting his hand on my chest as he had last night. His voice was much clearer than the guttural grunt it had been before. He placed his hand on his chest, and this time I caught his name. “Daegan.”
He seemed to be waiting for me to answer, so I nodded.
“Samuel,” the other said.
Like my dream last night, their hands started stroking up and down my body. Starting with my face and drifting down either arm, their hands touched and caressed.
Samuel’s brushed my breast, my nipple hardened suddenly and I startled.
“Shhh, relax,” the blond said. “It’s all right.”
“So lovely,” Daegan added, running a single finger down my arm, sending shivers through my entire body. “Do ye like our touch, lass?”
I blinked at him, afraid to nod or shake my head. A part of me liked it, and a part of me knew I shouldn’t. It was all happening so fast.
“You’re ours now, Brenna. We bought you because we wished for a woman to share our bed. We believe you are the one,” Samuel said.
“Obey us, lass, and we’ll cherish and protect you, and give you pleasure.”
I lay stiff, trying to wrap my head around their words. The events of the past night and day still jumbled in my head.
Daegan wrapped his hand around my ankle and I had to force myself not to kick. It was his ankle now, to caress or crush as he pleased. I was their slave.
Fear must have tracked across my face, for Samuel spoke in a soothing tone. “Calm Brenna, give yourself over to us. We have long awaited you.”
I blinked. They’d awaited me?
The big leader stroked my cheek. “We own you now, and we will care for you and protect you. You will never come to any harm.”
His thumb went to my lip and ran over the soft skin there. My heart beat faster, but not only with fear.
He sighed. “I wish you could speak to us. I would give anything to know your questions. Take away the fear in your eyes.”
I tried to relax. These men had bought me but then now sought to comfort.
Samuel shifted over me and pinned me with that intense gaze. Daegan positioned himself at my head, cradling it in the crook of his arm and playing with me hair.
“We will see to ye now.” Samuel reared over me and pulled the pelt away from my body. I couldn’t move as if I’d turned to stone with fear. I lay naked before these great warriors, who feasted on my flesh with a golden gaze.
“Lovely,” Daegan said, and I went from afraid to excited in a few seconds.
Samuel bent so his hair brushed my upper thighs and bent his head. He seemed to be scenting me.
I tried to close my legs and he held them open. Daegan lifted me so he could hold me half in his lap, my head against his chest. He reached down and laid palms on my thighs to keep them apart for his warrior brother.
Feeling trapped, I started struggling. Despite their kind words, I didn’t know these men or what they would do with me.
“Brenna,” Samuel turned my name into a command. “Lie still. We will not hurt you. You are our most treasured possession.”
Daegan stroked my inner thigh. “Ye dinnae ken now, but you will.”
Samuel brushed fingers over my center. “This belongs to us now.” He moved his hands a little and my hips shifted of their own volition, responding.
If I could’ve cried out or made a little noise of longing, I would’ve.
All too soon, he took his fingers away, smelling my musk, then tasting it.
My own mouth parted in a gasp, and it proved too much for Daegan. One hand left my thighs and gripped my hair gently, turning it so he could kiss me. His lips touched mine, pecking and inviting before his head slanted and he drank more deeply of my mouth. I stilled with shock at my first kiss.
He pulled away with a mischievous light in his eye. “Do ye like that?” His brow went up, almost daring me to say no.
I just stared.
Samuel almost grinned.
“Let me try again.” Daegan did grin, full out before he bent and teased at my lips with his tongue. Heat flared through me.
“My turn,” Samuel leaned forward. Daegan cradled me as the big man cupped my face, drawing me forward with tender fingers before touching his lips to mine. Like his warrior brother, he tasted of clean and good, and when my lips parted, his tongue slipped inside.
By the time the kiss ended, I was breathing hard. Wet heat pooled at my center.
Samuel took his time, kissing me again, then offering my mouth back to Daegan. Their hands moved over my skin nonstop, stroking my arms, breasts, hips and waist and down my legs. Between four hands and twin mouths, they left no part of me uncaressed….except one.
After a time my legs lay open of their own accord, my center exposed and begging for attention.
The heat rose in me stronger than ever before, the fire fed by the readying touches of two men. I fought it as I always had, struggling to remain myself, to hold onto Brenna. Each kiss, each touch, each swipe of tongue at my neck or knee and I lost myself a little bit more.
Samuel drew back for a moment and I blinked at the respite. His long hair streamed over an awesome chest. Daegan had a smaller build, though not by much. Every movement displayed muscles on muscles, lean and chiseled.
These were hard men, with hard lives, and I was to lie with both of them.
They marveled at my softness, commenting as they stroked me.
“So smooth. Feel this.”
Hands cupped my breast and I arched my back, my breath coming faster as I wordlessly asked for more.
“Such a beautiful lass. So perfect for us.”
Daegan’s large hands traced down the curve of my hip.
“Perfection.” Samuel’s fingers brushed between my legs, the barest of touches. “Relax, sweet one, we will now give you pleasure.”


authorbio3Lee Savino writes sexy stories about hot men and the strong women who love them.  Her new Berserker series, starring Viking werewolf warriors who claim their women in pairs, is a paranormal erotica bestseller.



Guest author: Erika Reed presents Down and Dirty #GIVEAWAY


Publisher: Self-Published
Date of release: August 2, 2016
ISBN or ASIN: B01JML7988
Length:   91 pages


synopsis3Since Zoey Allen left foster care at the age of eighteen, she never stopped looking for her big brother, who she was separated from as a kid. The only lead that she had led her straight to one of the most corrupt and malicious motorcycle clubs around, known as The Sons of Sinners. After being reunited with her long lost brother, she never expected to fall for the two very rough and dangerous bikers who stole her heart. Now that they’ve claimed her for their own pleasures, the two plan to show her that two men can be better than one.

The president of the roughest MC club, Stone, and his vice president Jace had always lived their lives just like the club they ran—wild and reckless. The men of their MC crew respected them, and the women flocked to their feet. Stone and Jace had always preferred to share their women with each other. They never imagined meeting someone who could eventually meet their sexual needs, until Zoey walked into their lives. A woman as sweet and fragile as Zoey didn’t deserve Stone and Jace, or so they thought.

Zoey wondered what Stone and Jace saw in her plain and boring self. Could they bring her inner desires out, revealing her hidden, darkest cravings as a woman?



To buy this ebook, clic on the above logos🙂


As a bonus, I am giving away 3 ebook copies of Down and Dirty to 3 lucky winners who go to my webpage and comment at the bottom of my ABOUT page.

Please leave your name, email address and what’s your favorite Erika Reed book as a response. I will choose the 3 lucky winners on Monday August 22nd via email.




There wasn’t a trace of hair on her below her shoulders. More than anything, she wanted to please them in any way she could.
“Beautiful,” Jace said.
As she watched Stone, he was just staring at her shaved pussy. His eyes were glossy with desire. By the way he looked at her, she knew she’d pleased him with her decision.
“You’re making my mouth water. I’m rethinking the whole undress slowly thing now. After seeing your naked pussy staring at my face, all I want to do is bury my face in it.”
Zoey’s body trembled in excitement. She spread her legs wide and bent over gradually at the stomach. She was feeling brazen at the moment, feeling the need to tease them a bit.
“I think our little angel is trying our patience, Stone.”
Zoey could hear a growl coming from Stone. “She will soon learn that isn’t always the wisest thing to do to get our attention, Jace. Zoey, stand up and turn around.”
As she faced them, the two stood closer to her. Stone was no longer stroking his meaty flesh. He was now just standing there waiting for her next move.
She reached behind her neck and untied her knot. The top flowed above her stomach. She then tugged it over her hips and kicked the shirt away from her. There she stood, completely naked in front of them, just as they were. No one made a single move or a single sound. The room was still. All Zoey could hear was the music from the common room where everyone was congregating.
“I didn’t think my cock could get any harder than it already was,” Jace whispered.
Stone stalked her, grabbing her hips and pulling her close to his erection. Zoey waited for his next move.
Stone’s lips descended onto hers. He wasn’t gentle like the last time he’d kissed her. This was pure, unadulterated carnal need he forced on her lips. He hands were all over her back and body. It was if he was trying to feel every inch of her at once. He pulled her hips flush against his cock. She rubbed herself against him, trying to get closer.
Jace was behind them, touching her, warming her skin with the feel of his body against hers. His lips were kissing her shoulders, finding her neck and the spot behind her ear that made her weak in the knees when kissed just right.
She moaned into Stone’s mouth as Jace kissed her most sensitive spot. Her lips pulled free from Stone’s. “Please… I can’t take any more. I need you both to fuck me.”
Stone stepped away. “Then get in the center of the bed, baby. It’s time we all get what we need from each other.”
Zoey quickly obeyed his orders, crawling onto the mattress. She rested back on her elbows, waiting for them to join her. The anticipation for what came next was killing her.
Stone got on the bed between her legs and yanked her legs apart. “Your ripe peach between your legs has been teasing me since you showed me what you have been hiding under your clothes. Those pink lips are calling my name, waiting for me to suck on all your juices, until you beg me to let you come.” His smile was one of a mischievous man who meant what he said. “Now the time has come for me to taste this sweet nectar you have here.” He ducked his head, not wasting time savoring in her juices.
She felt the rasp of his five o’clock shadow along her inner thigh as his head was buried between her legs. By the time he was finished with her, she was sure to have a serious rash on the inside of her thighs. His tongue followed the path along her slit from top to anus, reaming her puckered hole between licks.
Zoey had never had anyone close to her sphincter before. It seemed so dark and forbidden. But Stone took to her, reaming her, making her body squirm on the mattress for more.
The bed dipped beside her, causing her to look up and see Jace stroking his shaft close to her mouth. “Open up, angel. I want to feel my dick stretching your pink, pouty lips. Those lips have been teasing me ever since we last kissed.”
As Stone gave her pussy a good tongue lashing, she took Jace’s shaft in her hand and sucked him inside her mouth. He wasn’t as thick as Stone, but his length was a bit longer.
Zoey looked up at him, admiring his physique. Not as muscular as Stone. Jace obviously took care of himself, by the looks of his sculptured chest. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of his. They were an amazing caramel brown color, sort of like amber liquor. As she took her time getting to know his cock inside her mouth, her hand slid up his thick, muscular thighs. The hairs on his legs were prickly but soft beneath her touch.
“Fuck, she tastes so good. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her taste,” Stone said between sucking her clit and licking her slit. His fingers found their way inside her vagina, massaging her G-spot, bringing her closer to orgasm.
“She must like what you are doing. Her grip has tightened on me and she’s sucking harder.”
Zoey was grinding her pelvis against his mouth, seeking relief.
“She’s a greedy little thing, that’s for sure. Maybe I should put her out of her misery and make her come.”
“I’m close,” Jace uttered between clenched teeth.
Zoey squirmed on the bed as she sucked his meaty flesh inside her slippery lips.
“Fuck, I can’t take anymore. Baby, drink all my seed that I’m gonna shoot down your slick throat. And don’t stop until I pull out, do you understand me?”
Stone removed his hot mouth from her aching pussy lips. “I want to hear you beg to come, Zoey. If I don’t hear it, then I will continue to torture this hurting pussy of yours.”
“Here I go… drink all of my jizz, baby.” Jace’s eyes closed tightly and she watched his teeth grind down, holding back the torture she inflicted on his cock.
Jace’s warm semen coated her throat, sliding down as she sucked every last drop out of him. His body jerked involuntarily until she had drunk the last of him.
“That was fuckin’ hot,” Stone whispered against her clit.


authorbio3Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. She is very thankful for her family and friends that have been there, supporting her from the beginning of her writing career.

When she is not writing or running her busy household, she enjoys sitting down with her Kindle, reading one of her favorite authors. She enjoys her writing and will continue to surprise her readers with more erotic stories in the future. Erika loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at