Publisher: Silverwood Press
Date of release: April 19, 2016
Length : 80 pages


Hey Menage fans! Lee Savino has two menage romances out—one a Western romance starring 5 hot cowboys and their shared bride, and the other a shifter romance about Viking/Highland Berserker warriors who claim their mates in pairs!


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synopsis3When Brenna’s father sells her to a band of passing warriors, her only thought is to survive. She doesn’t expect to be claimed by the two fearsome warriors who lead the Berserker clan.

Kept in captivity, she is coddled and cared for, treated more like a savior than a slave. Can captivity lead to love? And when she discovers the truth behind the myth of the fearsome warriors, can she accept her place as the Berserkers’ true mate?




4-hotexcerptHere’s an excerpt from my new release, a menage shifter romance set in the medieval Scottish Highlands. Nineteen year old Brenna is mute and scarred from a childhood wolf attack, so her stepfather sells her to a band of fearsome berserker warriors as a pleasure slave. To her surprise, the two alpha leaders are just as concerned with HER pleasure as their own…


I woke cradled in softness, my body a bit too warm. Sweat trickled down my bare breasts. My gown was gone; the memory of the warriors stripping me, at least, wasn’t a dream.
When I moved, I touched a body lying in front of me and my eyes flew open. A warrior lay beside me, his large form in repose. We rested in a pile of pelts, in a dark room lit by a fire. In my sleep, I’d curled on my side facing the dark haired warrior and there was barely a hairs breath between my bare chest and his.
Stretching a little, I pushed the thick fur from me.
His body felt so warm. I wriggled back a little, and the man’s eyes opened and twinkled. I met his gaze without fear. We’d shared only a night and half a day, but I felt at ease with his friendly expression. His smile boded well for my life as a slave.
“Brenna,” he greeted me, and his voice, rough with sleep, sounded clearer to my ears. “Did ye sleep well?”
I nodded. He rolled onto his side, facing me, and his broad, muscled chest filled my vision. Part of me wanted to cringe and slip away, but I reminded myself that this was my new master. I may as well lay there and let him do what he would. Besides, I was comfortable on the pelts.
The warrior shifted closer, his light brown eyes glowing brighter. I could make out every dark lash. Slowly, as if he might startle me, he lifted a large rough hand, and touched my face with more care than I would’ve guessed he could muster. I lowered my eyes as he caressed me, letting him take liberties, smoothing my skin and pushing back my hair.
Strange as it was, lying beside a man I’d never met, one who’d bought me in the woods in a humiliating transaction, I enjoyed the moment, the warrior’s rough and gentle fingers. An outcast who kept to her accepted lot, I wasn’t often touched. It felt nice.
Too late I realized he was exploring my scar and jerked my head away.
“Shhh, still. I won’t hurt you.”
My hand came up to cover the scarred side of my neck and face.
He gazed at me with honest eyes. “You don’t like it?”
I shook my head. The scar was my bane, my curse. It made me too ugly for marriage to a village boy, made me fit only to be a slave.
My hand pressed harder, but he took it and pulled off my face, frowning a little as he examined the weals underneath. As much as I wanted to struggle, I held my body still. This was not my secret lover, or a friend. He was a warrior who had bought and paid for me. I had to remember that, if I was to survive.
My new life’s aim was pleasing my new masters. The longer I did that, and stayed alive, the higher my chances to one day find a way to escape.
I held onto this thought as I stared at my dark haired bedmate, blinking hard to hold back tears.
“Isnae so bad, lass. Just a wee mark. It makes ye different, but it isnae enough to take from yer beauty.”
I blinked. No one had ever called me beautiful. The warrior pulled my hand away from my face and kissed it. His lips worked at my palm, tickling me with the bristles on his chin and jaw. The skin around his eyes crinkled with a mischievous smile.
Just like that, I felt warmth rush to all my secret parts. My womb clenched and filled with longing.
The flood of desire was so sudden and shocking, I automatically tried to tug my hand away.
He didn’t let it go. Turning my hand, he laid kisses down my wrist, sucking lightly at the skin over my pulse. My heartbeat leapt tellingly, and he grinned full on.
“That’s it, Brenna. There’s a good lass.” His eyes caught fire, brightening with that otherworldly glow.
Despite myself, I shifted, feeling arousal pool as wetness between my legs.
He paused, scenting the air. If I’d thought his eyes were golden before, they burned ten times hotter when he angled his head closer to me. Slowly he bent his head, ready to touch his mouth to mine… Transfixed by those beautiful eyes, I couldn’t move if I tried.
Something moved behind me and I startled, then panicked. I caught a glimpse of blond locks as I started thrashing. There was another man in the bed. In my fixation on the dark-haired warrior, I hadn’t noticed the second, massive form.
Before I could rise, the dark haired one caught me, pulling my trembling body back onto the pelts.
“Be still,” another voice rumbled.
Immediately I froze. The animal sound raised the hairs on the back of my head.
The dark haired man wrapped burly arms around my torso. His thigh rested over my legs, capturing me thoroughly.
“Calm, lass,” he breathed into my ear. “Tis only Samuel.”
Slowly I turned my head to Samuel and met the blond leader’s wild gold gaze.
“Do ye remember Samuel? He carried ye up the mountain. Dinnae hurt his feelings. He will grow surly and sulk all day.”
My brow furrowed until I realized they were teasing me. Under the short beard, Samuel’s mouth softened a little from its serious expression.
“Starting without me, Daegan?” he spoke over my head to his warrior brother.
“Just a wee kiss.” The black haired warrior rolled me to my back so I could look up at both of them. I swallowed hard, trying not to show on my face how intimidated I was.
They loomed over me, one dark and the other fair. One serious and intense, the other with a mischievous glinting light in his eye.
Their touches became bolder. One hand soothed down my hip.
The worst was how my body responded. I shifted anxiously as a prickle of heat curled through me. I fought it, closing my eyes.
“Open.” Deagan smoothed my hair back from my face.
I did and he rewarded me, bending down as if to kiss me. He inhaled deeply, then raised his head.
“So good,” he commented to his brother.
“Just as the witch said.” Samuel ran a long finger down the side of my face.
“Do ye feel it?”
“I feel it,” the blond confirmed. Their voices were still rough and deep but they were stronger.
The dark haired warrior reared over me, settling beside me as I lay back looking up at him.
“Brenna,” he said, putting his hand on my chest as he had last night. His voice was much clearer than the guttural grunt it had been before. He placed his hand on his chest, and this time I caught his name. “Daegan.”
He seemed to be waiting for me to answer, so I nodded.
“Samuel,” the other said.
Like my dream last night, their hands started stroking up and down my body. Starting with my face and drifting down either arm, their hands touched and caressed.
Samuel’s brushed my breast, my nipple hardened suddenly and I startled.
“Shhh, relax,” the blond said. “It’s all right.”
“So lovely,” Daegan added, running a single finger down my arm, sending shivers through my entire body. “Do ye like our touch, lass?”
I blinked at him, afraid to nod or shake my head. A part of me liked it, and a part of me knew I shouldn’t. It was all happening so fast.
“You’re ours now, Brenna. We bought you because we wished for a woman to share our bed. We believe you are the one,” Samuel said.
“Obey us, lass, and we’ll cherish and protect you, and give you pleasure.”
I lay stiff, trying to wrap my head around their words. The events of the past night and day still jumbled in my head.
Daegan wrapped his hand around my ankle and I had to force myself not to kick. It was his ankle now, to caress or crush as he pleased. I was their slave.
Fear must have tracked across my face, for Samuel spoke in a soothing tone. “Calm Brenna, give yourself over to us. We have long awaited you.”
I blinked. They’d awaited me?
The big leader stroked my cheek. “We own you now, and we will care for you and protect you. You will never come to any harm.”
His thumb went to my lip and ran over the soft skin there. My heart beat faster, but not only with fear.
He sighed. “I wish you could speak to us. I would give anything to know your questions. Take away the fear in your eyes.”
I tried to relax. These men had bought me but then now sought to comfort.
Samuel shifted over me and pinned me with that intense gaze. Daegan positioned himself at my head, cradling it in the crook of his arm and playing with me hair.
“We will see to ye now.” Samuel reared over me and pulled the pelt away from my body. I couldn’t move as if I’d turned to stone with fear. I lay naked before these great warriors, who feasted on my flesh with a golden gaze.
“Lovely,” Daegan said, and I went from afraid to excited in a few seconds.
Samuel bent so his hair brushed my upper thighs and bent his head. He seemed to be scenting me.
I tried to close my legs and he held them open. Daegan lifted me so he could hold me half in his lap, my head against his chest. He reached down and laid palms on my thighs to keep them apart for his warrior brother.
Feeling trapped, I started struggling. Despite their kind words, I didn’t know these men or what they would do with me.
“Brenna,” Samuel turned my name into a command. “Lie still. We will not hurt you. You are our most treasured possession.”
Daegan stroked my inner thigh. “Ye dinnae ken now, but you will.”
Samuel brushed fingers over my center. “This belongs to us now.” He moved his hands a little and my hips shifted of their own volition, responding.
If I could’ve cried out or made a little noise of longing, I would’ve.
All too soon, he took his fingers away, smelling my musk, then tasting it.
My own mouth parted in a gasp, and it proved too much for Daegan. One hand left my thighs and gripped my hair gently, turning it so he could kiss me. His lips touched mine, pecking and inviting before his head slanted and he drank more deeply of my mouth. I stilled with shock at my first kiss.
He pulled away with a mischievous light in his eye. “Do ye like that?” His brow went up, almost daring me to say no.
I just stared.
Samuel almost grinned.
“Let me try again.” Daegan did grin, full out before he bent and teased at my lips with his tongue. Heat flared through me.
“My turn,” Samuel leaned forward. Daegan cradled me as the big man cupped my face, drawing me forward with tender fingers before touching his lips to mine. Like his warrior brother, he tasted of clean and good, and when my lips parted, his tongue slipped inside.
By the time the kiss ended, I was breathing hard. Wet heat pooled at my center.
Samuel took his time, kissing me again, then offering my mouth back to Daegan. Their hands moved over my skin nonstop, stroking my arms, breasts, hips and waist and down my legs. Between four hands and twin mouths, they left no part of me uncaressed….except one.
After a time my legs lay open of their own accord, my center exposed and begging for attention.
The heat rose in me stronger than ever before, the fire fed by the readying touches of two men. I fought it as I always had, struggling to remain myself, to hold onto Brenna. Each kiss, each touch, each swipe of tongue at my neck or knee and I lost myself a little bit more.
Samuel drew back for a moment and I blinked at the respite. His long hair streamed over an awesome chest. Daegan had a smaller build, though not by much. Every movement displayed muscles on muscles, lean and chiseled.
These were hard men, with hard lives, and I was to lie with both of them.
They marveled at my softness, commenting as they stroked me.
“So smooth. Feel this.”
Hands cupped my breast and I arched my back, my breath coming faster as I wordlessly asked for more.
“Such a beautiful lass. So perfect for us.”
Daegan’s large hands traced down the curve of my hip.
“Perfection.” Samuel’s fingers brushed between my legs, the barest of touches. “Relax, sweet one, we will now give you pleasure.”


authorbio3Lee Savino writes sexy stories about hot men and the strong women who love them.  Her new Berserker series, starring Viking werewolf warriors who claim their women in pairs, is a paranormal erotica bestseller.



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