Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Date of release: May 8, 2016
ISBN or ASIN: 978-1-5377-4612-8
Length: 828 pages

synopsis3Forbidden Love. Unimaginable War.

My name is Carivel, and I have a scandalous secret. I was born female, but I’ve been living as a boy for years in my adoptive village of Draebard. Getting too close to anyone risks revealing my birth sex, and if my secret gets out, I’ll become a pariah—facing exile, or worse. The last thing I ever needed was to fall in love with two unattainable men. The last thing I ever expected was for both of them to love me back.

It’s not just me, though. The men I love have secrets, too. Senovo, a eunuch priest, has been hiding his shape-shifting curse, convinced that the wolf inside him is a cold-blooded killer he can’t control.

By contrast, Andoc is a fierce warrior and a favorite of the village chieftain. But if his history of male lovers—including Senovo—came to light, that could all change very quickly.

Now, the three of us are embroiled in a desperate bid to unite the ragtag tribes on the island of Eburos against an invasion by the powerful Alyrion Empire. One by one, our secrets are coming out. And it isn’t merely our own lives at stake—far from it. If the negotiations fall apart, it might just mean the end of everything.

Nominated for the 2016 Rainbow Awards and the 2017 Lambda Literary Awards, The Complete Horse Mistress Collection is an explicitly steamy paranormal MMF ménage romance with a twist. If you love noble, damaged protagonists overcoming impossible odds to find lasting love and happiness (not to mention smoking hot, tender sex), The Horse Mistress series is for you.


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AuthorInterviewHello R. A. Steffan, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?

Hi, Mary! Thanks for having me. These days, I’m a frustrated farm girl living in a tiny bungalow in the middle of the city, trying to prove to my husband that writing is a legitimate way to make a living so I can get my life back from the exhausting second shift warehouse job I’m currently stuck in.
I started writing seriously in 2005 (fanfiction and ghostwriting for other people). I started writing professionally under my own name in 2014, and have since published eight novels, two novellas, and several boxsets.
Outside of writing, I ran a stables and horse-breeding operation for seventeen years, and a diversified small farm specializing in humanely raised meats for five years. I still have two horses—my retired riding horse, and the last filly I ever bred (now almost ten years old—yikes!). They live with my parents on their hobby farm, and I drive out every day to take care of them.
Let’s see, what else? Oh, yes… I illegally keep ducks in my back yard within the city limits. Not only is it a way to stick it to the man, but I’m still producing at least a portion of my own humanely raised and butchered meat, along with all the eggs a family could ever need. Take that, governmental authority figures! Ahem. So, anyway, that’s my life these days. Get up, take care of critters, get 1,000 new words per day written on the page, go to work and throw 60-lb. boxes around for eight hours.

What inspires/ed you to write a menage?

I still tend to read way more fan fiction than original fiction, and many of my favorites over the decades have been ménage stories, usually MMF or MMM. I’m a complete sucker for the “found family” dynamic, and that’s a much easier theme to pursue with three or more people in the mix. When I ventured into writing in the romance genre, it seemed like an obvious path to take.

What is the kinkiest sex scene you have ever written?

As a former ghostwriter, you have NO IDEA the can of worms you’re opening with this question, LOL. Let’s just say that both tentacles and breath play were involved. Though in my defense, the tentacles belonged to a sentient alien, everything was consensual and negotiated beforehand, and all parties were more than satisfied at the end. Even the tentacle monster.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Absolutely! It’s a spinoff series of The Horse Mistress, so I’ll stick to the blurb so as to avoid potential spoilers. The main character appears in The Horse Mistress series for a grand total of one scene, and has, if memory serves, two spoken lines. Yet, when I thought about which character’s story I most wanted to expand on in the new series, she was far and away the winner.


“Kathrael is a nobody—an escaped slave with acid burns on her face and a giant chip on her shoulder. Despite being alone in the world, with no possessions except the clothes on her back, she has vowed to lead a rebellion against the brutal overseers who once owned her. First, though, she’s going to murder the cowardly bastard of a shape-shifter who was prophesied to save them all, and didn’t.She’s fully prepared to die along the way, if that’s what it takes. But falling in love? Twice over? Yeah. Admittedly, that part she really didn’t see coming.”

What are your thoughts on writing a book series?

I find writing series much more fulfilling than writing standalones, though I’ve done both. The challenge with series is to find stopping places that are satisfying to the reader while still leaving them hungry for the rest of the story.

I try to make it very, very obvious to readers up front that the books are part of a series, by subtitling everything BOOK 1, BOOK 2, BOOK 3, etc. I always make Book 1 free (though I’m flirting with NOT doing that in the series I’m working on now). Then I offer a boxset of the remaining books two-through-whatever at a deep discount versus buying the series individually.

I’ve had reasonable success with that approach so far, and only a handful of scathing reviews complaining that the free book doesn’t tell the whole story and you have to buy other books to finish it.

Are there underrepresented groups or ideas featured if your book?  If so, discuss them.

Oh, wow. If it weren’t for underrepresented groups, I’d hardly have any main characters at all! The main character in the Horse Mistress series, Carivel, is genderqueer. She was born with a female body, but claimed from a young age to have a male spirit trapped inside. She finally ran away to live in a new village where she could pass as a boy—and did so successfully for three years before her secret came out.

One of her lovers is a eunuch (a former slave who was castrated very much against his will), and the other lover is bisexual in a culture which is completely intolerant of gay relationships.

One of the characters in the upcoming spinoff series is a bi-romantic asexual, which is so far off readers’ radar that the resounding response so far has been, “He’s what, now?” And, of course, the main character in that same series is a former prostitute who has horrific facial scars from an acid-throwing attack by the angry wife of a client. So… um. Yeah.

Thank you so much for this great interview! I hope menage romances lovers will make sure to add you on their reading list! Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview. ~Mary

Thank you Mary. I’d love to give away ten free copies of The Complete Horse Mistress Collection audiobook to people who comment either on Facebook or your blog under this post. The audio would come as an gift via email, so I would need email addresses 🙂 ~RA Steffan




authorbio3R. A. Steffan began writing for pleasure in 2005. After honing her skills for a few years in amateur circles, she eventually transitioned into freelance nonfiction writing and ghostwriting professionally published short fiction.

The Queen’s Musketeers series marked her first foray into both serialized stories and novel-length works. The Horse Mistress series arose from a desire to write something focused more on the developing relationships of the characters. She has found the experience of wrangling more extended and intricate plot lines Palong with a larger cast of characters to be educational, frustrating, and fulfilling by turns. With luck, the end result will prove to be an enjoyable experience for readers.

When not writing, the author enjoys reading, horseback riding, walking her dogs, and raising a small backyard flock of ducks.


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4-hotexcerpt(c) RA Steffan

When I awoke, it was dark outside the small window.
“Thank the gods,” Andoc said. “I’m about to burst if I don’t get to the chamber pot.”
“You are such a romantic,” I grumbled, right before I became aware that I was in roughly the same predicament.
With our hands bound together, the next few minutes fluctuated somewhere between awkward and amusing, and I began to understand what the Ancestors were getting at when it came to this part of the handfasting ceremony. It was eye-opening to have to rely on someone else’s assistance for things that I normally did without thought.
Andoc and I washed up a bit, cleaning the oil and dried spend from my legs before we descended into childish attempts to flick water on each others’ faces. When a knock came on the door a few minutes later, we were curled up on the bed with platters of food, while I alternated feeding myself and Andoc, much to his apparent amusement.
“Come in!” he called, and the door opened to admit Senovo, carrying a small, wrapped parcel in one hand.
“Oh good,” said the priest. “I wasn’t honestly sure what I’d find when I returned.”
A few hours of sound sleep had done wonders for my mood, and I tossed a piece of spiced ground tuber at Senovo’s chest good-naturedly. He ignored it beyond the raised eyebrow he shot in my direction, and placed the mysterious package on the corner of the table.
“Join us, amadi,” Andoc said, his voice warm and deep enough to send a pleasant shiver up my spine. “Things aren’t complete without you here.”
“No,” I agreed. “It’s much harder to keep from smacking him when you’re not around.”
“In that case, my congratulations on your self-control,” Senovo replied. I was pleased to see a twinkle of amusement in his eyes, though he seemed unremittingly weary these days. He came to Andoc’s outstretched hand and allowed himself to be guided down for a kiss, first from Andoc and then from me.
When he pulled back, I noticed something and frowned, lifting my free hand to trace the thin skin under his left eye with a light touch.
“What is it?” asked the priest, his brow furrowing slightly.
A faint blush heated my cheeks. “Sorry,” I apologized, “it’s nothing. I just noticed that you’ve removed your kohl, is all.”
He still looked faintly confused when he answered. “I… only wear it for ceremonies, Carivel.”
Andoc laughed softly, his eyes catching mine. “He honestly has no idea.”
“I honestly don’t,” Senovo agreed, his look of confusion growing deeper. “Perhaps someone would care to enlighten me?”
“Whenever you line your eyes with kohl, Carivel stares at you like she wants to devour you whole, you fool,” Andoc said, amusement coloring his tone. “She has for years now.”
Senovo blinked, his face going blank. “Oh,” he said. “I… see. A moment, then. Excuse me…”
He left the room, and I fought a losing battle not to collapse into undignified giggles. When I flopped back, spent, I shook my head in amazement. “He really doesn’t get it at all, does he?”
“Nope,” Andoc said. “Perhaps you’ll have better luck getting through to him than I’ve had over the years.”
“Maybe it’s a two-person job,” I countered.
“I suppose it might be, at that.”
When Senovo returned a few minutes later, his striking amber-green eyes were once again lined with black, ending with a stylized curl at the corners. He wore a sleeveless jerkin of gray animal fur over tan breeches and soft boots. I let out a soft gasp, leaning forward for a better look at the sleek, newly exposed lines of his body, even as Andoc gave a low rumble of approval beside me. His cock twitched against my hip.
“Better?” Senovo asked, a faintly tentative note in his voice.
“In three-and-a-bit years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in clothing other than priests’ robes,” I said, still drinking in the sight. “I wasn’t even aware that you owned other clothing…”
“The jerkin is Andoc’s,” Senovo said, causing hot desire to flood my belly at the thought. He paused for a beat before adding, “It seemed appropriate. I am not here right now in my capacity as priest. At least, not unless you wish me to be.” The last sentence was hesitant… almost shy, and my heart melted anew.
“We just want you, amadi,” Andoc said. “Whether you are a priest or a flea-bitten wolf or the scared and angry kid you were when you and I first met. Just be you.”
“I want to know every part of you that you’re willing to show me,” I added. “You’ve given me so much already, Senovo.”
Senovo looked away, as if he could not quite meet our eyes after such declarations. When he looked back up, faint color tinged his cheeks in the candlelight. “Well, I have one more thing to give you tonight. Or, I suppose, three things, to be more accurate.”
He crossed to the table and picked up the package he’d brought earlier, handing it to me. Andoc’s blatant curiosity made it obvious that he was none the wiser regarding the contents. “Open it,” he urged, giving me a nudge.
“Give me back my other hand and I will,” I huffed, tugging at our bound wrists. When Andoc scoffed and let me drag his hand over so I could get both of mine on the cord holding the covering closed, I unwrapped the parcel with awkward movements, revealing two intricately carved wooden phalluses resting on a bundle of soft leather strapping.
I stared for a moment before lifting one and examining it closely. This one was slightly curved, where the other one was straight. Both were life-sized, slightly shorter than Andoc’s generous prick and not quite as thick, with wide, flat bases—so they could stand on a table or shelf, I supposed. I ran my finger over the lifelike veins. The wood had been polished until it was as smooth as silk, and rubbed with oil until it gleamed.
“They’re beautiful,” I breathed.
Senovo stood looking down at us, a faint uptick at one corner of his mouth. “One of the woodcarvers in the village makes these for the priests. We give them to men who can’t get hard for one reason or another, but who still desire intimacy with their partners. I’m told they can be quite effective.”
I looked down at the smooth wooden cock in my hand. “Wait, you mean people actually use these?”
“They do indeed.”
An odd frisson went through me as I pictured it. But… “Don’t we have enough real cocks here? I mean, they’re lovely and I appreciate the gift, but I think on balance, I prefer the real thing.”
Senovo only smiled, as if at some secret joke. “If I could give you one of those, I surely would, Carivel. Unfortunately, that is beyond even a High Priest.”
Andoc sucked in a surprised breath, and I looked over at him. For his part, he was staring up at Senovo with an expression of shock. I glanced back and forth between them, aware that I was missing something important.
“There’s another thing that old men do,” Andoc said slowly, “if the stories in the training yard are to be believed, that is.”
“Oh, yes?” Senovo prompted, all innocence.
“Apparently you can get a hollow tube made out of stiff leather, shaped like a cock. You stick your own prick in the tube, and attach it to a harness around your hips. Then you can fuck your partner with the fake leather cock, even if you can’t get your real one to stay up.”
My brow furrowed in confusion. Even though he was a eunuch, I had already seen that Senovo could get a perfectly decent erection with the right help. The priest reached down and pulled the leather straps out of the parcel, letting them dangle over his fingers as he raised both eyebrows in a teasing expression. “A harness like this one, you mean?”
I stared at the collection of straps and buckles, similar to something you might find as part of the harness for a chariot team. A beaten bronze ring lay in Senovo’s palm, forming the center point of the contraption. A ring that was slightly smaller than the flared bases of the carved phalluses. Something slipped into place in my head with a nearly audible click, and my eyes flew back to Senovo’s.
“You… had this made… for me?” I asked, trying to wrap my mind around what Senovo was offering.
“I thought it was the least I could do, under the circumstances,” he demurred. “Would you like to try it on?”
My mouth opened, but no words came out.
“She means yes,” Andoc said, and gestured for Senovo to move the platters of food off the bed so he could more or less drag me to my feet.
I stood and watched in a daze while Senovo slipped the curved phallus through the bronze ring of the harness. He buckled it around my hips and the tops of my thighs, adjusting the straps until the whole thing fit snugly. When he finally pulled away, I looked down to see a pale brown cock jutting proudly from the thatch of curly hair between my legs. The base rested low on my pubic bone, promising a delicious grind against my own small and useless nub when I pressed the sleek wood deep into a willing body. My skin flared hot, and immediately cold again.
“Why did you give me two?” I asked, my voice emerging breathy and high-pitched.
Senovo stepped into my space and smiled down at me, his beautiful eyes wavering in and out of my vision as all the blood in my body rushed downwards. Beside me, Andoc steadied me with our joined hands and an arm around my waist. His fingers played with the edge of the strap at the small of my back.
“I would imagine it’s so you can use one for fucking,” Andoc said.
“Precisely,” the priest agreed. “Which leaves the other one available… for this.”
Senovo dropped smoothly to his knees in front of me, grasping my hips in his hands and sliding his lips over the flared head of the carved cock. I gasped, my knees turning instantly to water as I watched the hard column disappear, inch by inch, into that talented mouth. Only Andoc’s grip kept me from dropping as if pole-axed.
Senovo looked up at me with kohl-lined eyes, holding my gaze as he worked his way down the unforgiving length. I tried not to hyperventilate or faint on the spot. Wetness flooded my throbbing cunt and immediately started to drip down my thighs.
“I think she likes it,” Andoc said smugly, still more or less holding me up. “I know I certainly do.”
Senovo started to nod agreement, only to choke on the hard wood brushing the back of his throat and pull back.
“Bit harder to swallow than flesh, eh?” Andoc asked.
“Evidently,” Senovo said in a slightly hoarse voice, before clearing his throat. “The straight one would be easier.”
“Good thing you like a challenge,” Andoc said.
“Guh,” I said, brilliantly.
“You still with us, there, caradi?” Andoc asked, managing to somehow cram both amusement and concern into the simple question.
My mouth worked for a moment before anything came out. “I… Senovo, Andoc, I… I need—”
I looked down at my hand, bound to Andoc’s, then up at Andoc’s face, and down at Senovo, still kneeling in front of me. Andoc followed my gaze, and after a moment his face cleared.
“Yes,” he said. “You know, I think you’re absolutely right.”
He attacked the complicated web of thongs binding us together with his free hand, and I followed with mine.
“What are you doing?” Senovo asked, sounding utterly taken aback. “You mustn’t—”
“Senovo,” Andoc said, cutting him off. “This handfasting has been a fraud from the beginning. We don’t want to be bonded as a couple. We want to be bonded with you.”
Senovo dropped back to sit abruptly and ungracefully on the flagstone floor. “There’s no such thing as a three-way handfasting,” he whispered.
The blasted thongs finally came loose and I fell forward, heedless of my bare knees hitting the hard stone as I straddled Senovo’s lap and hugged him close, the wooden cock trapped between our bodies.
“I don’t care… it’s not fair; none of this is fair!” I said.
Senovo’s arms came up to close around my shoulders reflexively. “It’s just a ruse. It doesn’t matter, Carivel. Nothing has changed.”
“We’re making it so that you have to lie to everyone, though,” I said miserably. “The gods—”
“I haven’t said a word so far that wasn’t the truth,” Senovo interrupted, “I’ve merely let people make their own assumptions. And besides…” He looked down and to the side. “You should already know that I am a past master when it comes to lies of omission.”
Unable to hold back, I surged up and kissed him, pressing in, deep and urgent, when he opened for me. “Want you both,” I gasped between kisses, “Need you both so badly…”
“Good gods, you two,” Andoc said, “you really are trying to kill me, aren’t you?” Strong hands pulled me off Senovo’s lap, and Andoc growled, “Clothes off, Senovo…”
The priest’s eyes darkened, the pupils dilating in the light of the flickering candles. He moved to unfasten his borrowed jerkin while Andoc kissed me, our stiff cocks pressed together between us like crossed swords. When Andoc turned me in his arms so we could both look down and watch Senovo undressing, my hand wandered to the smooth wood between my legs as if of its own volition. I cupped the curved phallus gently for a moment before gripping it in loose fingers and fisting it, up and down. The flat base pressed against my mons, rubbing my inner lips over sensitive flesh. I hummed out in pleasure, leaning back against Andoc and feeling his own hot prick nestle into the crease between my buttocks.
Senovo’s hands had fallen still as he looked up, watching me.
“The faster you get naked, the faster Carivel can put that cock you’re staring at to proper use,” Andoc said over my shoulder.
I was nearly panting now, overcome by the way Senovo stared at my pumping fist with open want. And I was going to give it to him… oh, was I ever. But first…
“I want you to swallow it all the way down while Andoc opens you up for me,” I said, my cunt growing heavy and full as I shaped the words. “Can you do that for me, Senovo?”
He stared at me like a man dying of thirst in the scrublands stares at water.
“Yes, Carivel, I will do that for you,” he said eventually, sounding half-gone already. A shiver went through me at the realization that he was sliding into that soft and quiet place already, and he was doing it for me.
Andoc’s arms tightened around me, and he tweaked a nipple between his finger and thumb. “I do believe you’re speaking his language, caradi. We’ve corrupted you already.”
He sounded unaccountably pleased by the idea.
Senovo, meanwhile, resumed his slightly clumsy attempts to untie his laces and strip off breeches, boots, and smallclothes. Andoc urged me onto the bed and directed me to lie back, my upper body resting on the rather decadent pile of pillows we’d been leaning against when Senovo first arrived. No sooner was I arranged comfortably than Senovo crawled up onto the bed as well, stalking forward on hands and knees. He shoved my legs apart to make room for himself and settled in between them. The bed creaked as Andoc lowered himself to sit near Senovo’s hips, jar of oil in hand.
Senovo wasted no time, pressing biting kisses up my left thigh and making me squirm. When he reached the top, he ran his tongue along the edge of the strap that looped around my leg, following it down and darting across to lick a broad stripe along the seam of my cunt. He worried the sensitive nub at the top until I moaned with pleasure, and then kissed his way up the stiff wood rising from my dark curls.
After regarding the curved length for a moment, he braced himself on an elbow and gently twisted the fake phallus around until the curve was pointing down toward my feet instead of up toward the rafters. Comprehension dawned as he smiled up at me and swallowed the head, sliding his lips down to encompass more and more of it. Now, the curve would follow the contour of his mouth and—I swallowed hard—his throat.
Senovo was going to choke himself on my cock.
Fuck. Fuck. Oh, fuck.
“Such a pretty picture, isn’t it?” Andoc said. I could see his own cock, red and weeping, as he dribbled oil over his fingers and down the crease of Senovo’s arse. I watched, enraptured—jealous even as I appreciated the astonishing sight of Senovo working his way down the unforgiving length of wood between my legs. Wanting it all. Wanting everything right now.
I couldn’t see exactly what Andoc was doing as his hand slipped between Senovo’s legs, but I could see the results. Senovo keened around my cock and swallowed another fraction. The muscles of Andoc’s forearm flexed and he shuddered, one hand gripping my hip like a lifeline.
“Yes. So beautiful,” I murmured, love bubbling up and mixing with the lust that was already threatening to consume me. I lifted a hand, tangling my fingers in the thick black hair at the back of Senovo’s head and letting it rest there, heavy and grounding.
Andoc removed his fingers to pour more oil over them. Senovo groaned in disappointment, only to writhe and arch as he was abruptly filled again, fuller than before.
“That’s it, almost there, amadi,” Andoc said. “Is this what you need, to be stretched open and filled at both ends?”
On a hunch, I urged Senovo farther down onto my cock—not hard enough that he couldn’t push back against it, but enough for him to feel it. Without warning, his body went soft and pliant, the last inch of the wooden prick sliding home past the ring of his throat.
I held my breath and kept my hips absolutely still as I stroked the back of his head, feeling small movements transmitted through his body as Andoc continued to stretch and work him open. I couldn’t see Senovo’s face, but the normally tense line of his back was relaxed into a gentle curve. His nose nuzzled into my wiry curls.
Andoc ran his free hand over a smooth flank. “There now; all ready for us.”
Senovo’s chest began to hitch against my thigh, marring his perfect stillness and serenity. I immediately pulled him up and off, despite his low moan of protest. Andoc eased his hand free soon after, and Senovo hid his face in the juncture of my hip and thigh.
“It’s just for a moment, love,” I told him, stroking a hand over his scalp, scratching lightly.
“It’ll be so worth it, amadi,” Andoc added. “You realize, don’t you—it won’t matter how hard you come or how perfectly you milk her cock with that gorgeous ass.” He got up and cleaned his hand with a wet rag, then sat on the edge of the bed next to me and stroked over the faint bumps of Senovo’s spine. “She’ll stay hard no matter what you do—she could plow you into this mattress all night long, until Eiridan or one of the others comes looking for you in the morning and finds you melted into a puddle, still getting fucked while you beg us for mercy.”
Senovo’s shoulders trembled. An explosive puff of breath tickled the sensitive skin in the crease of my hip.
“Do you want that?” I asked, feeling shaky and overheated.
“… yes,” came the weak answer, murmured into my skin. “Yes, please. I want that.”
“We’ll give you all that and more,” Andoc said. “There’s just one more thing we need to do for you first.”
I looked at him and he held up the discarded thongs from our handfasting, raising an eyebrow and throwing a significant look down at Senovo, buried in my lap.
“Oh!” I exclaimed, the word wrenched from me. “Oh, yes, that’s perfect.”
Andoc grinned at me before turning his attention to Senovo. “Come on, amadi. Let Carivel up and give me your hands. We need to make sure that you can’t possibly get away from us before she’s done with you.”
Senovo made a small, desperate noise of want and allowed himself to be lifted so I could shuffle out from beneath him. Andoc bound his wrists together with the thong and tied them to a sturdy slat on the headboard. He positioned Senovo on his knees with his upper body resting on his elbows, bound arms stretched out in front of him as I watched avidly.
“There,” Andoc said when he was satisfied. “Perfect.”
“Can I—?” I asked not sure quite how to proceed. It occurred to me that, with everything we’d done since that night in Meren, I’d still never even seen a man getting fucked.
Andoc knelt on the bed and gestured me to join him. “Bring the oil,” he added.
I grabbed it and slotted myself in behind Senovo’s legs, in front of Andoc’s reassuring bulk. He took the little jar, slippery now from being handled with oily fingers. With a secret little thrill of acknowledgement that I was allowed to do this now, I ran one hand over the smooth globe of flesh in front of me, making Senovo shiver.
Andoc reached around me to dribble more oil down the crease of Senovo’s buttocks. “First, make sure he’s still loose and ready for you,” he instructed, and poured oil over my fingers when I held them out.
I slid slippery fingers over the delicate skin in front of me, letting my fingertips explore the soft pucker hidden there. My only experience with this was when Senovo, and later Andoc, had penetrated me. Compared to the tense resistance that I remembered, Senovo’s hole accepted my own fingertip almost greedily. I pulled out and ran two fingers around the rim, fascinated by the feeling, and by the way the loose muscles fluttered and yielded to this second, larger assault. Senovo was warm, and welcoming, his tender flesh one of the softest things I had ever felt. I immediately wanted more.
Andoc rested his chin on my shoulder, watching. “Slide your fingers in all the way. Keep your palm pointed down and curl them forward a bit. See if you can find that place on the front wall that makes him lose control.”
I bit my lower lip in concentration and pushed deeper, reveling in the feeling as Senovo rocked back at the same time, seeking more until his bound hands brought him up short. I wasn’t sure what I was searching for, but I tried to explore the front of his passage with my fingertips, feeling for anything different than the smooth, soft flesh that pulsed and gripped around my gentle intrusion.
At the very deepest point I could reach, my middle finger brushed against something firmer than its surroundings, and with a slightly different texture. Instantly, Senovo gasped and clenched around me.
“Found it,” Andoc said, and I could hear the grin in his voice.
I had seen Andoc take Senovo to pieces, using his fingers on this spot once before. I tried to rub over it again, but with my smaller hands, I could only reach the very bottom edge of it. Senovo pressed back again, reflexively, but I couldn’t go any deeper.
“I can’t quite reach it properly,” I said.
“Hmm,” Andoc practically purred in my ear. “Too bad you don’t have something a little longer. Oh, wait…”
For once, I couldn’t really fault him for being a smug bastard. With a wide grin of my own and a racing heart, I carefully pulled my fingers out, steadying Senovo’s hip when he groaned at the loss. I immediately grabbed the wooden prick, angling my body so Andoc could pour oil over it. While smearing it around to cover the hard length thoroughly, I understood for the first time the reason for the gentle curve. With Senovo on his knees and the curve pointing down, the flared head would rub over that spot I’d just found with every thrust. If I wanted to take him while he lay on his back, I could flip it around until the head pointed up, and it would do the same thing.
“Oh, Senovo,” I vowed, “I am going to make this so good for you…”
Senovo panted as I lined up the head with his entrance, straining back against his bonds as he tried to impale himself in a single movement. I smacked a smooth buttock firmly in warning and earned a startled yelp—a wonderfully undignified noise from such a normally dignified man. “Oi, you! Give me a minute,” I ordered, not willing to risk hurting him with the hard wood.
“I believe you may have met your match, my friend,” Andoc said, reaching past me to rub a hand over the reddened flesh. “Come now, don’t torture the poor man, Carivel—just press in nice and easy.”
A strong hand rested on my hip, guiding me gently forward. I felt a moment of resistance; a moment of surrender. The head of the cock—my cock—slipped past the ring guarding Senovo’s passage and disappeared inside.



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