Today is the day.

Today is the day that I decided to vent on my blog. Because enough is enough.

I am this kind of reader that cannot get enough ebooks in her collection. My daily routine is to open each publisher’s site and check the menage new releases. One of my favorite general ebook provider is allromanceebooks because it is easy to buy thru paypal which is still an issue with certain publishers unfortunately. Plus I generally see the self-published or less well known publishers there. So it is a win-win.

Anyway. I am not complaining about allromanceebooks, on contrary.

Today, i was scrolling the multiple partners category and saw a book that sound really nice. Cover looked pretty and I recognized the author’s name. Date of release: Dec 7, 2012. I’m thinking “yes! sounds good!” But then, I read the blurb and the name of the series. I’m thinking “uh uh, THIS story I know already!” I checked my files and true enough I found the SAME book but under another title with another cover. Now, I went back to allromanceebooks and decided to check on the publisher’s site and of course NO MENTION that it was already published in 2009, that this “new” release was revised AND that the title changed!!!!!

So if I did not remember the name of the series, I would have bought the same book? It seems that this new book has been revised since the one I have has 73p and the new one 113p… but still, my point is not that it was a revised version. My point is that I was not notified when I wanted to buy the book. After all, I may or may not liked the original story so I may or may not wished to buy a revised version. But ultimately, this is MY choice to buy or not and not be lied by omission that I would buy a complete new story when I possibly have the first edition already in my collection

And this is only ONE example. It happened many times and sometimes I even bought the book to find out after the first chapter that I already read the story!

And that SUCKS!!!!!!

I totally get it that to refresh an old release, this one can have a new look with a new cover. I get it that a new publisher requests edits and/or a longer version and minor changes to make it its own. I am not sure why the new title tho but okay, I will pass on this one.

However, what is totally not okay because I think it is disrespecting me as a reader and because I FEEL CHEATED IS THAT THERE IS NO MENTION IT IS A REVISED VERSION!!!!!!!

Very few do mention it. They are a small minority when it should be just a matter of respect to their customers. Do you want to buy something vintage when the sticker says new?

What irk me is that most author have no say on the promotions (except self-published of course) and I am positive that they must be upset to receive unhappy comments about this.

So what? after a couple of years, publishers think that we have short memory? That it is okay to easily forget that the book was previously released?

Guess what! I read exclusively menages since 2006 and I have an excellent memory thank you very much.

I do not care that it is revised, that the cover is changed or whatever face lift they decide… but I deserve some respect by knowing IN ADVANCE that the book is a revised version. This is MY RIGHT to know that.

So today was enough of toleration. Today was the day that I say to PUBLISHERS: : DO RESPECT YOUR READERS!!!

If you think that I am right to be upset, retweet this blog and spread the word on social medias!!!

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