An Officer and Two Gentlemen (MMF)

The Wind River Pack 2

By: Missy Martine

Categories: Contemporary, Vampires/Werewolves

Word Count: 69,519

Published By: Siren-BookStrand, Inc.


authorbio3I was born and raised in the great southern state of Tennessee. In my youth, I studied nursing, and spent several happy years working in the hospitals there until I branched out into medical management in 1980.

In 1998 I was managing a medical supply house in Chattanooga when I met the love of my life. The only problem facing me then, he lived way out in Oklahoma. You see, we had met in a chat room!

He romanced me daily with love letters, flowers and phone calls. It wasn’t long before I uprooted myself, and moved west to join him. We married in 1999, and then continued our fantasy romance all over the world. Together we have traveled in almost all of the Continental United States, and taken trips to Canada and China.

We moved to Minnesota in 2003, where my life was changed forever by a series of small strokes. For someone who had owned her own business and worked twelve hours a day, being incapacitated was pure torture. The strokes damaged a part of my brain that helps control speech, and for a long time I couldn’t communicate what was in my mind, to my lips. I could read however, and I became an avid reader of romance novels.

Strange as it sounds, the strokes did not keep me from voicing my opinions. I discovered that I could type my thoughts, almost as fast as I once spoke them. It was then that I started writing long, lengthy newsletters to my family and friends. I got all kinds of compliments on my amusing tales of our everyday life.

It wasn’t long before my husband was encouraging me to find some kind of outlet to occupy my time, something that was challenging, and rewarding. I was already obsessed with reading about romance, and I began to think I could probably write a good romantic story. My husband heartily agreed with me. With that encouragement, I began writing my first book. I wasn’t really convinced that anyone else would find it interesting, but he pressed me to take a chance and send it in to a publisher. To my surprise, it was accepted, and now I’m able to share it with readers everywhere who like a “happily ever after” story.

Now, I’m living in California with my, still romantic, husband of twelve years, and our boys. Our boys consist of Beau, Midnight, and Bubba, three male cats that allow us to live with them and serve them at their leisure. I continue to write almost daily, hoping that someone, somewhere will get the same enjoyment from reading my stories, that I get from writing them.

URL: www.missymartine.com

Contact: missymartine@comcast.net


synopsis3[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]

New York Officer Katherine “Kati” Mathews took a bullet in the line of duty and is now hiding out in a small town in Tennessee to recover. The head of a drug cartel wants her dead for killing his son, and he has planted a spy in the area watching over her.

Synia Wind River and Kinnith Kowana were adopted into the Wind River Pack when they were young boys. Despite the fact one of them is a wolf, and one a falcon, they’re mates. When their alpha asks them to protect Kati, as a favor to a friend, they’re shocked and pleased to discover she’s also their mate.

Things are going smoothly until Kati’s brother is kidnapped to lure her out. Will she discover out who she can trust before it’s too late to save his life?



excerptKinnith’s hand lightly skimmed over the soft swell of her stomach, down the side where she was ticklish, making her giggle and squirm. “Our mate is ticklish, Synia.” He bit her lightly on her shoulder as he slid his hand between her legs. His rough fingers began to stoke the hot, moist flesh of her center. “I can’t wait to lap up all this sweet juice,” he whispered. Heat curled in her belly as she closed her eyes. She could feel her release building fast, and she didn’t know how to stop it.

“Make our mate come,” demanded Synia.

Kinnith flicked her clit, and she shoved her hips up to his hand. She began to scream as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Synia brushed the hair out of her face and leaned forward to claim her lips. He kissed her softly, stroking her tongue with his own. She felt a husky groan go into her mouth as he grew more insistent.

Synia let his hand trail down her body and join Kinnith’s at the juncture of her legs. “Your pussy feels like heaven, love. You’re sopping wet for us.” He rubbed her sensitive nub, causing little earthquakes within her. Leaning down, he licked her from her anus to her clit, then suckled lightly on the small bundle of nerves, biting it gently. Moving up her body quickly, he pulled her knees up around his hips. She wrapped her legs around him, locking her feet in the small of his back. Rolling to his side, he backed her up against Kinnith, settling a hand on her breast.

Kinnith licked her ear. “I can’t fuck you, love, because of the claiming. But I want to feel those sweet lips around my cock. Will you do that for me?”

Kati looked up at Synia. “Let me go, so I can get on top of Kinnith.” When he loosened his hold, she scrambled up to her knees. “Lay down on your back,” she told him.

Kinnith eased onto his back, spreading his legs as she crawled forward to sit between his thighs. He moaned loudly when she moved her body slowly up his, her nipples skimming his flesh. Holding his arms down, she rained kisses over his chest, neck, and face before capturing his lips with hers. She could feel Synia’s hand caressing up and down her back.

Balancing on her knees, she wrapped her hand around Kinnith’s cock. It was heavily veined and hard, pulling up toward his stomach. Leaning over, she swirled her tongue around the head, moving back when he jerked.

“Be careful, love,” Kinnith whispered. “I’m not gonna last long.”

Synia licked the area behind her ear. “As soon as you give Kinnith some relief, I’m gonna fuck your tight pussy from back here. I can’t wait much longer.”

Barely able to think, Kati licked and sucked at the bulbous head, stroking the drops of pre-cum from the slit with her tongue. She lightly cupped his balls, rolling them gently against her palm. Taking a deep breath, she slid the length of him into her mouth and began to bob her head slowly. Fingers played between her legs, making it hard to concentrate on her task. Kinnith moaned and forced more of his length between her lips. She fought against her gag reflex and swallowed around the hard shaft. Suddenly, he pulled out, clenched his fingers in her hair holding her still, and fisted his cock in his hand. Two jerks and he shot long ropes of white across his chest, his cry echoing through the house.

“I can’t wait, love.” Synia teased the head of his cock around her vaginal lips, over her clit, and finally positioned himself at her opening.

“Wait,” she cried. “What about a condom?”

Synia struggled to breathe slowly. “We don’t carry human disease, and we can’t catch anything from you. You’re not ovulating, I could smell it if you were. We could stop and wait until we can get some condoms if you want, but you’re perfectly safe with us. I swear it.”

She looked up at Kinnith, and he smiled and nodded his head. She took a deep breath. “Okay. I don’t wanna stop.”

Synia entered her in one push and began to piston his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Over and over he drove his hips into hers, and then pulled out. He tilted her head back and whispered something into her open mouth, but she couldn’t hear him anymore. She was lost in the magical feel of his body. He entered her again, sheathing his cock back in the glove of her pussy. Her orgasm broke over her in waves. She felt shattered, broken, so overwhelmed by the force of her release she was temporarily blind and deaf to all else around her.

When she regained her senses, Synia groaned and began to move faster within her, plunging in and out of her depths. She felt the jerk of his cock as his release exploded, his warm seed shooting into her depths. After a moment, he collapsed on top of her, both of them breathing heavy, slicked with sweat.

“Hey, guys.” Kinnith groaned. “You’re squishing me.”

Chuckling, Synia slid from Kati’s body and pulled them both to lie beside Kinnith. She relaxed in the heat of their bodies and found herself enveloped in two pairs of arms. Kinnith’s kiss was lazy and unhurried as he eased his tongue forward to gently tease hers. Moving down in the bed, they cuddled, the three of them, her sandwiched warmly between them.

“You’re safe,” Synia promised, as he kissed the back of her neck. “And you’re ours. We’ll always take care of you.”

Kati took a deep breath. What’s Daddy and Ray gonna say when they hear about this?



Just a few menage books published by Missy Martine…


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