Fearing passion after she’s been hurt, Princess Serafina hides until two warrior slaves are commanded to become her lovers and protect their innocent princess.

Princess Serafina hides from passion, working long hours in her successful pastry shop. By royal decree she is forced into a mating-of-convenience with fierce, dark and moody desert chieftain Tafir and the courtesan Ismet with his mesmerizing golden eyes.

Innocent Seri wonders if it is she who will ultimately belong to her two men, masters in the art of pleasure. Watching them together in love-play, she yearns. Once the vulnerability under her pride moves her slaves to possess their mistress, Tafir and Ismet vow to do anything to protect their lady when an enemy from her past threatens her.


In book two of Heels for Hire, Inc.: Jess Cooper, Smokey Eyes, has been known for her hardened exterior and odd fascination for weaponry. Being a detective for the Heels for Hire, Inc. has been a way of life for her, fitting her various talents. However, when she takes on a new case, she finds herself torn between the ice princess persona and the woman with a soft heart.

Liam and Preston James are stuck on an assignment that makes them question their job choice every day. Knowing it could help so many is the only thing keeping them in place, that is until a little firecracker of a woman, with the eyes of a goddess, comes into their line of site. After discovering the woman has more to offer than they first thought, they decide to use her abilities to their advantage. Well, it had been a good thought to begin with, soon finding out there was a lot more to her than showed on the surface.

An unknown threat threatens to put one of them away for murder, leaving the others to put their life and their job on the line to save them. Can they avoid jail time and find the real killer, or will they have their eyes on the wrong target?


Freya Daniels, a warrior wolf, is expecting her first cub, and is overwhelmed by the attention lavished on her by her mates: Fenris, the imposing, dominant luna, and Rayne, the crafty, delicious witchwolf. Needing a break, she agrees to attend a Sohon retreat for expectant mothers. What should be a relaxing and informative week, however, turns to disaster as a vampire, who yearns to put werewolves back in their place as slaves, unleashes an attack on the Sohon compound, kidnapping mothers and cubs alike.

In the midst of chaos and destruction, Freya has to rely upon her mates to take the vengeance she longs to–while she learns to become a warrior of a different type.


Samantha Kielty only thought she knew who she was and what she was made of. Until she was offered a position that would take her from her small office in San Antonio, Texas to that of her company’s larger, more upscale headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Sam hadn’t seen anything. Her new boss is not only intensely sexy, he is also about to show her things she’s only read in books.

Logan McCoy’s life was steady going until he set his sights on his new Vice President of Project Operations. The woman makes his blood boil and makes him want things he didn’t realize he was in search of. Logan only hopes Samantha is capable of handling his dominating, controlling ways… especially between the sheets… or in the shower.

When Logan and Sam get together, sparks fly and they bring out each other’s deepest, darkest desires. He will push Sam past her sexual boundaries, and she will bring out his need to possess her in every way. But, can they find love within the inferno that burns between them?


Brianna Baldini ropes in a fraudulent cowboy and lands in bed with her father’s enemy, but when the Jackson brothers find out what has happened to the woman they love they offer her the security she’ll only find in their loving arms.

Jax, Flint, and Tyler Jackson have waited to claim Brianna, but not because she’s a pretty young thing. They wanted to give her extraordinary things no one else could offer—a lifetime of happiness, a family, and every inch of themselves together as a loving unit. Their only concern was if she could handle them. Then tragedy strikes and leaves little room for doubt.

Brianna is looking for trouble and finds it. She unravels a larger plot, a huge scheme, one destined to place Brianna in a world of danger. Soon, the Jacksons are taking up arms and fighting for the woman they love, but they aren’t the only players in an untangling web of deadly deception.


In book two of New Hope Valley: Tessa Cardwell’s life changed overnight when she was left to raise her five siblings.  When a friend suggested moving to the small town of New Hope, she packed up her family and set out with not a clue of what waited for them there.  Used to doing everything on her own, she finds herself in the middle of a life changing experience—that is if she can let go of her inhibition and hold onto the two men fate placed in front of her.

Leontis Harper searched for the woman who turned his life upside down a few months earlier.  Determined to find her lands him in New Hope Valley and places him in a situation he has come quite used to—rejection.  He had dealt with it his whole life, but he finds rejection hurts more when it comes from the two who were supposed to accept him without question.

Sage Ashcroft is the last White Tiger Alpha.  What the Alpha wants he gets, well until now.  He finds himself in a situation which could enhance his life or destroy it, if he doesn’t learn to compromise.  The wrong choice, and he could be the one on the outside looking in on a life that was destined for him.

With the prophesy hanging over their heads, secrets being revealed, and enemies banding together, the New Hope Valley Pride faces many changes.  Join in as the Pride gains strength it never knew was possible until the Alpha, the onyx, and the fire combine..



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