Title: Stephon & Matt
Series: Club El Diablo
Author: Holly S. Roberts
Genre: BDSM contemporary
Content: MFM with a twist… kinda 😛
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: YES (published under another title: Loving two Doms)
Date published: December 12, 2017
Published by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publisher bookstore:
Page count: 293




synopsis3Blood Rights lead guitarist, Matt Mathews, and keyboard player, Stephon Cross, live a passionate life of shared women, kinky sex, and close friendship. But something is missing.

Stephon’s past haunts him and only his friend Matt understands and brings balance to hold Stephon’s tightly leashed anger in check. Matt loves his friend but he’s tired of one-night-stands and longs for one woman to fulfill them both and help tame Stephon’s beast.

Jewel, a strong but physically scarred waitress, working in a small café, wants to be loved and cherished, but learned early that life isn’t a sweet melody.

Can Jewel resist Matt’s devilish charm and his friend Stephon’s roving hands when Matt isn’t looking? And, when she discovers their kinky secret can she give her heart to two Doms?




myreview5You know when a book is great when you take more pleasure to reread it than the first time.

When I discovered Holly S. Roberts, she was not the USA today author she is today but I knew at the end of the first book I read from her that she would become one. I had no doubt. Not a single one. Some author have this jenesaisquoi that you know. It was just a matter of time and spreading the good word for her to be the well known and fantastic author she is today.

I read Matt and Stephon, years ago and this time, Mrs Roberts decided to re-write some segment here and there. They are very subtile but they give us way more nuance to know Stephon, Matt and Jewel better.

Because what makes Mrs Roberts so special to my eyes is the credibility she gives to her characters. From the first line to the last one, I am completely immersed in the story. I fell in love with all the characters at once… which is rare, because I generally fall more for either the males or the heroine most of the time. But I loved Matt with his sensibility, his acceptance, his giving nature. I loved Stephon with his emotional scars and his passion to love completely and utterly and I loved Jewel with her spunky attitude, yet her open mind and open heart. It was 3 faces of a coin if it was ever possible.

Sometimes in life, we meet people at the right time, at the right place and for the right reasons. Sometimes we miss the signs. But when we are lucky enough to do not miss them and know that it is worth it to fight if necessary.. then it is a beautiful love story.

This story is just that. A beautiful love story with BDSM elements. Not over the top but enough to label this story a BDSM ménage à trois… ahem or menage a Troy? (inside joke).

So go buy Matt and Stephon and Jewel story. It is a MFM but with the twist I love to read. Because for years I said that two straight men in a ménage relationship are not straight, cannot be straight… not gay either. Mrs Roberts understand that perfectly. This blur line of a ménage à trois because each ménage is different, with different characters… like real life.

But yes… the weak point in this story remain the same… the epilogue. I so wanted them to make a more permanent commitment or kids. So yes.. no choice here. Mrs Roberts? I need to know more about Jewel’s switch possibilities, if she will be able to tame Stephon and his ghosts, if Matt will be the meat in the sandwich too.. no choice! you hear me lady?? 😀

Mrs Roberts is my guilty pleasure. I have read all of her books…. MF included. Yep. me. the exclusive menage romance lover. I have 5 authors I put on top of my list and Mrs Roberts is one of them. Regardless of what genre she publishes, I do not care. It is an automatic buy for me.

Yep… she is THAT good.

I do not write review much anymore. Real life and all that jazz… but I will always find the time to review some authors. They deserve that that the world read them, know them and just like me, put them on their top auto-buy list! Go check all her El Diablo series. Worth every penny spent!!

Thank you Mrs Roberts for the dedication. You are one of the kind…. ahem… please write another ménage soon… please… pretty please?.


NOTE: If you wish to read my first review of this book CLIC HERE



bdsm-no1 MFM





authorbio3Holly S. Roberts is a retired homicide and sex crimes detective who loves long walks on the beach and sweet music. NOT… she hikes mountains with her Rottweiler and listens to hard rock with heavy bass and bad words. She’s the USA TODAY Best-Selling author of the Completion, Club El Diablo, and Hotter Than Hell series. If a book doesn’t have enticing romance, steamy sex, and hot alpha men she doesn’t read or write it. Oh and coffee. She must have coffee! 


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