AVAILABLE May 6, 2014

Regina’s Men

Published By: JK Publishing

Published: May 06, 2014

ISBN # 9781310722004
Word Count: 60,440




synopsis3Regina would do anything for the cousin who took her in when she had nowhere else to go, even stand in as a replacement for a dinner date. What she is confronted with at the dinner could change her life, she just doesn’t know if it is for the better.

Trey and Quinn come to town for business with plans to play in their down time. Instead, they meet a woman who has the ability to offer them everything.

Adam is a cop who has lost the will to survive after losing everything he held dear. A chance encounter with a victim brings back memories he is not sure he is ready to face.

To Regina, one attentive man would be enough for any woman, so with three, the doubts begin to surface, will she be enough for them? Add in the baggage that each man carries with them, and she is not so sure.
Will the men choose to move on with her? Or wallow in the past with bittersweet memories.





Gena was feeling like shit. The company she worked for just downsized again and she was included in this wave of layoffs.
So here she was once again telling Ollie her troubles.

“It’s just like old times when I had a problem I unloaded on you and it all seemed so much better after we talked. Only difference is that you cannot help me deal with a bully or a bitchy girl. I have enough money saved for the next three months, and it’s the soup line for me.”

Ollie looked at her sweet cousin. She never regretted taking the girl in and helping her through those awkward teenage years and college. Gena had finally blossomed into a beautiful young woman and Ollie was proud of her. Her stringy dark blonde hair was now beautiful and highlighted naturally with streaks of light blonde and those awful thick glasses were replaced with Lasik surgery so her large green eyes were clearly visible and the braces were long gone too. Gena now had a white toothed smile with no overbite.

Her body had not gotten slender, but it had gotten taller and reapportioned itself into a generous hourglass figure. She was almost twenty-four years old and simply beautiful. Ollie loved her no matter what.

“Well I have some news, it is better than yours but I know you will be tickled to death about it anyway.” Ollie grinned at her.

Gena finally left her self-hostessed pity party and really looked at Ollie. The pretty redhead actually glowed with happiness and Gena took a wild guess. “Who finally got you to fall in love with him? I can see it in your eyes. Oh boy, this is wonderful.” Gena practically squealed the last few words when Ollie started nodding her head. “Tell me, tell me everything.”

Over boxes of Chinese takeout and two bottles of wine, the girls discussed Ollie’s new man. “He is six foot three around two hundred pounds and has the most unbelievable muscles. I love to look into his brown eyes and he accepts the no vaginal sex till we are married rule. I still can’t believe it. After all these years hoping to find a guy that I can respect and love.”

Ollie was lost in her thoughts again so Gena laughed at her dear cousin.

“Oh, Ollie, I am so happy for you. So when are you getting married? And when do I get to meet him?”

Ollie told her, “His name is Wesley Bradshaw. He is thirty years old and I love him so much it frightens me. I met him at that club downtown, you know the one I told you about that you have to sign a confidentiality contract before they ever let you in the door?”

Gena couldn’t believe her lovely cousin had finally found the man she loved, let alone found him in a private kink club. Ollie had offered to take Gena to the club sometime but Gena was still afraid she might embarrass Ollie by staring at women and men in various states of undress doing some of the things she had already witnessed Ollie doing in her bedroom with men over the years.

Ollie didn’t wait for Gena to say yes or no, she was still in the throes of thinking about her handsome husband-to-be. “Wesley owns a company that manufactures some kind of patented doodad or thingamagiggy for cars. I actually have no idea what it is, all I know is that he makes a lot of money and that he can hold a conversation that doesn’t include two references to a sex act in each sentence.


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