Gretchen isn’t in Sterling to find men. At least she keeps telling herself that. She has a new job to do promoting local businesses. Still, she can’t resist hoping she’ll find the right group of hot men to really make her dreams come true. She already has her eye on a certain sexy trio, and when they fail to make the first move, she uses work to make a meeting happen. Alaska is definitely bringing out her bolder side.

Tony and Ross are eager to date and seduce the voluptuous beauty but their third lover is a roaming pilot with notoriously bad timing. Do they count him in or out? Should they wait for him to show up or move on her? The attraction proves too hard to resist, but Matt turns up just in time to make it a foursome. It complicates the relationship but adds to the passion. Besides, love and lust aren’t practical.

The deeper Gretchen gets into the lives of her three men, the more she knows they need to be shaken up and she’s just the woman to do it!


Il n’est pas rare, à la fin du XIXème siècle que les mariages soient arrangés, mais quand le père de Bethany essaie de rembourser une dette en la donnant à un ivrogne violent, elle sait que sa vie est en jeu et s’enfuit.

Le Juge Higgins est la seule personne en ville qui a le pouvoir de la protéger et de lui offrir la sécurité dont elle a besoin, mais cette sécurité aura un coût, un que la virginale Bethany n’est pas sûre de pouvoir payer.

Ayant à choisir entre se soumettre au Juge et à ses nombreux amis ou faire face à une mort certaine, Bethany se retrouve plongée dans un monde de plaisirs, contrairement à tout ce qu’elle avait pu imaginer. Mais quand son passé se rappelle à elle, le pouvoir du Juge sera-t-il vraiment suffisant pour assurer sa sécurité ?

note: VERY happy to promo one of the rarest ménage translated in French! Thanks to the author and the publisher, E.L. Publishing. You may find the English version HERE.


Sometimes the darkest nights produce the brightest stars.
Rule of Three, Book 3

When the pregnancy test turns positive, Kassidy, Dag and Chris are thrilled they’re going to be parents at last. Their polyamorous relationship has blossomed, and there’s more than enough love to go around for their long-awaited little “Belly Bean”.

Then reality sets in. Dag grew up without a father. Does that mean he’s too damaged to be a good role model? Kassidy is at a critical point in her career, working long hours on a high-profile project. And Chris gets a disappointing—but not exactly unexpected—reaction when he contacts his parents with the news.

As worry nibbles at the edges of their happiness, fate is poised to tear it to shreds, leaving a loving foundation three years in the making cracking under the weight of grief and guilt. And the trio in the fight of their lives to repair their unconventional bonds.

Warning: Our sexy threesome is back for their happy ending. Keep extra tissues on hand for tears, a fan on standby for hot sex, and a post-it note to remind you to take a deep breath. It’s time to find out if the juice is really worth the squeeze.


Cowboy country holds many secrets. What about romance?

Betrayal? Monica Preston ate betrayal for breakfast and refused to allow the damning fact that the very man of her dreams had decided on a younger and thinner version of herself to stymy her heart. Everything would’ve been all right if her entire career hadn’t been riding on the fact she was sleeping with her boss. Somehow the perks seemed to have dried up in a flash. When an unexpected call from a family member came, she jumped at the chance of getting the hell out of Chicago. Unfortunately the sweltering heat of Phoenix Arizona didn’t suit her city slicker ways. That is until she met three of the most gorgeous cowboys this side of the Mississippi and her bad girl fantasies kicked into high gear. But she had a job to do and one that would stretch her boundaries. There was no time for a shameless tryst. In a move similar to selling her soul to the devil, she figured out a plan to save the ranch. Unfortunately the decision was one that might condemn her with the men she was falling hard for.

Thorne and Dylan Kemp were identical twins, but there was little about them similar in hungers or in their soul. Their beloved dude ranch, one that had been in their family for generations, was in threat of foreclosure and they had no clue how to change the inevitable. After all, a respected friend had squandered away their inheritance. When a voluptuous beauty arrived to change their lot in life, Dylan was incensed and committed to exposing her as the enemy. Determined to get to the bottom of the rouse, Thorne discovered every inch of the beautiful woman carnally and longed for more than a casual fling. As he and Dylan came to terms with their respective desires for the woman, both realized they wanted to share her for life. Just as they believed they could have everything they’d ever longed for — including a wife — her suspected betrayal resurfaced. And then tragedy struck, forcing them to question their deepest beliefs. When the truth behind the ranch’s demise was revealed, for one of them, life would change forever.


Q: Who would stalk Isis?
A: Somebody with a deathwish.

Isis always knew her bank robbers were ruthless, dangerous, and brilliant. After all, they take their names from gods. They’ve eluded law enforcement agencies across the globe. And with just the crook of a little finger they’re able to bend her to their every kinky desire.

But it isn’t until the threatening letter arrives for her that she realizes just how ruthless, dangerous and brilliant her three men are.

The stalker’s threats unleash the robbers’ most primal and possessive instincts as they blaze a path of destruction through the criminal underground. The culprit lands in a prison hospital before the outlaws can get their hands on him, but at least Isis is safe. Or is she? Can the robbers let go of their obsession with banks long enough to recognize the danger swirling around her?


Chelsea is kidnapped from her Melbourne home and taken to an alien planet to be sold at auction. Luckily, she a gets a last-minute reprieve and is rescued by Tarkan and Ari, two sexy male dragon riders. The Enforcers have long resigned themselves to the fact that they will never have a woman of their own. But when Tarkan lays eyes on Chelsea he concocts a plan to ensure she not only commits to them, but will fight for their right to be together.

Chelsea has many challenges in her new world but her biggest and most immediate concern is finding her best friend. Alone and without support, she turns to the only two people who have offered to help. If Chelsea accepts the bargain, the Enforcers will do whatever it takes to rescue her best friend. Chelsea is attracted to them, but can she risk herself and her heart with two men she barely knows?


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