Publisher: Self-Published
Date of release: August 2, 2016
ISBN or ASIN: B01JML7988
Length:   91 pages


synopsis3Since Zoey Allen left foster care at the age of eighteen, she never stopped looking for her big brother, who she was separated from as a kid. The only lead that she had led her straight to one of the most corrupt and malicious motorcycle clubs around, known as The Sons of Sinners. After being reunited with her long lost brother, she never expected to fall for the two very rough and dangerous bikers who stole her heart. Now that they’ve claimed her for their own pleasures, the two plan to show her that two men can be better than one.

The president of the roughest MC club, Stone, and his vice president Jace had always lived their lives just like the club they ran—wild and reckless. The men of their MC crew respected them, and the women flocked to their feet. Stone and Jace had always preferred to share their women with each other. They never imagined meeting someone who could eventually meet their sexual needs, until Zoey walked into their lives. A woman as sweet and fragile as Zoey didn’t deserve Stone and Jace, or so they thought.

Zoey wondered what Stone and Jace saw in her plain and boring self. Could they bring her inner desires out, revealing her hidden, darkest cravings as a woman?



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There wasn’t a trace of hair on her below her shoulders. More than anything, she wanted to please them in any way she could.
“Beautiful,” Jace said.
As she watched Stone, he was just staring at her shaved pussy. His eyes were glossy with desire. By the way he looked at her, she knew she’d pleased him with her decision.
“You’re making my mouth water. I’m rethinking the whole undress slowly thing now. After seeing your naked pussy staring at my face, all I want to do is bury my face in it.”
Zoey’s body trembled in excitement. She spread her legs wide and bent over gradually at the stomach. She was feeling brazen at the moment, feeling the need to tease them a bit.
“I think our little angel is trying our patience, Stone.”
Zoey could hear a growl coming from Stone. “She will soon learn that isn’t always the wisest thing to do to get our attention, Jace. Zoey, stand up and turn around.”
As she faced them, the two stood closer to her. Stone was no longer stroking his meaty flesh. He was now just standing there waiting for her next move.
She reached behind her neck and untied her knot. The top flowed above her stomach. She then tugged it over her hips and kicked the shirt away from her. There she stood, completely naked in front of them, just as they were. No one made a single move or a single sound. The room was still. All Zoey could hear was the music from the common room where everyone was congregating.
“I didn’t think my cock could get any harder than it already was,” Jace whispered.
Stone stalked her, grabbing her hips and pulling her close to his erection. Zoey waited for his next move.
Stone’s lips descended onto hers. He wasn’t gentle like the last time he’d kissed her. This was pure, unadulterated carnal need he forced on her lips. He hands were all over her back and body. It was if he was trying to feel every inch of her at once. He pulled her hips flush against his cock. She rubbed herself against him, trying to get closer.
Jace was behind them, touching her, warming her skin with the feel of his body against hers. His lips were kissing her shoulders, finding her neck and the spot behind her ear that made her weak in the knees when kissed just right.
She moaned into Stone’s mouth as Jace kissed her most sensitive spot. Her lips pulled free from Stone’s. “Please… I can’t take any more. I need you both to fuck me.”
Stone stepped away. “Then get in the center of the bed, baby. It’s time we all get what we need from each other.”
Zoey quickly obeyed his orders, crawling onto the mattress. She rested back on her elbows, waiting for them to join her. The anticipation for what came next was killing her.
Stone got on the bed between her legs and yanked her legs apart. “Your ripe peach between your legs has been teasing me since you showed me what you have been hiding under your clothes. Those pink lips are calling my name, waiting for me to suck on all your juices, until you beg me to let you come.” His smile was one of a mischievous man who meant what he said. “Now the time has come for me to taste this sweet nectar you have here.” He ducked his head, not wasting time savoring in her juices.
She felt the rasp of his five o’clock shadow along her inner thigh as his head was buried between her legs. By the time he was finished with her, she was sure to have a serious rash on the inside of her thighs. His tongue followed the path along her slit from top to anus, reaming her puckered hole between licks.
Zoey had never had anyone close to her sphincter before. It seemed so dark and forbidden. But Stone took to her, reaming her, making her body squirm on the mattress for more.
The bed dipped beside her, causing her to look up and see Jace stroking his shaft close to her mouth. “Open up, angel. I want to feel my dick stretching your pink, pouty lips. Those lips have been teasing me ever since we last kissed.”
As Stone gave her pussy a good tongue lashing, she took Jace’s shaft in her hand and sucked him inside her mouth. He wasn’t as thick as Stone, but his length was a bit longer.
Zoey looked up at him, admiring his physique. Not as muscular as Stone. Jace obviously took care of himself, by the looks of his sculptured chest. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of his. They were an amazing caramel brown color, sort of like amber liquor. As she took her time getting to know his cock inside her mouth, her hand slid up his thick, muscular thighs. The hairs on his legs were prickly but soft beneath her touch.
“Fuck, she tastes so good. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of her taste,” Stone said between sucking her clit and licking her slit. His fingers found their way inside her vagina, massaging her G-spot, bringing her closer to orgasm.
“She must like what you are doing. Her grip has tightened on me and she’s sucking harder.”
Zoey was grinding her pelvis against his mouth, seeking relief.
“She’s a greedy little thing, that’s for sure. Maybe I should put her out of her misery and make her come.”
“I’m close,” Jace uttered between clenched teeth.
Zoey squirmed on the bed as she sucked his meaty flesh inside her slippery lips.
“Fuck, I can’t take anymore. Baby, drink all my seed that I’m gonna shoot down your slick throat. And don’t stop until I pull out, do you understand me?”
Stone removed his hot mouth from her aching pussy lips. “I want to hear you beg to come, Zoey. If I don’t hear it, then I will continue to torture this hurting pussy of yours.”
“Here I go… drink all of my jizz, baby.” Jace’s eyes closed tightly and she watched his teeth grind down, holding back the torture she inflicted on his cock.
Jace’s warm semen coated her throat, sliding down as she sucked every last drop out of him. His body jerked involuntarily until she had drunk the last of him.
“That was fuckin’ hot,” Stone whispered against her clit.


authorbio3Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. She is very thankful for her family and friends that have been there, supporting her from the beginning of her writing career.

When she is not writing or running her busy household, she enjoys sitting down with her Kindle, reading one of her favorite authors. She enjoys her writing and will continue to surprise her readers with more erotic stories in the future. Erika loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at





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