There is nothing like it than opening a book, reading a dedication and realizing that the author thought about you in it.

I am privileged that this happened to me a couple of time. I felt each time as if I received an award of some sort. Each and every time it was a surprise. I had no clue whatsoever. And this made it tenfold sweeter in my eyes.

I am blessed that people started to like my reviews and my ramblings. I am even more blessed that among them a couple of authors like me enough to ask my opinion.

Along my review journey, I met a lot of authors thru the social medias and along my readings. So for all the ménage authors that crossed my path, touched me one way or another: THANK YOU!

I do not “need” a dedication to feel appreciated. I will not list the authors that came to me in private because I do not want to forget any name. You know who you are and I hope you also know how much I like you as authors and human being.

This blog is MY dedication to them. MY own thank you for you all.

I believe in the Boomerang effect and therefore I could not dedicate this without sharing the words that touched me deeply. Thank you so very much ladies, you know how much your friendship is precious to me ♥ ~Mary

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Special thanks to my friend, Marie P. in France, for her helpful insight and suggestions in my ongoing efforts to improve my writing skills. Kaithyn O’Connor

note: this was my very first dedication years ago, before I started to blog my reviews. Because I am french mother tongue, she thought I lived in France. 😉



Mary@menagereviewer. Hopefully this one will make you a happy camper. Your words of encouragement and suggestions to improve my writing are duly noted and appreciated. Thank you. Lynn Ray Lewis..




To Mary at Mary’s Ménage Whispers.

You somehow know when to provide that extra motivation that drives a writer back into the throes of their story. Thank you for your friendship and support. Thank you for believing in this series and offering encouragement. You’re much appreciated! Natalie Acres


I owe a truly special thank you to Mary of Mary’s Ménage Whispers. She read my first ménage, Two Doms for Angel, and understood the emotion behind the story. Her review skyrocketed it to my best-selling book. Mary, thank you for reading an early unedited copy of Loving Two Doms and offering invaluable advice. I know I didn’t expand the ending and give these three the marriage, collar, and baby you wanted but that side story is planned for another Bad Boy’s book. For all ménage fans Mary’s blog is a must. Holly S. Roberts.

Mary, merci de m’avoir aidé avec le français! Michelle Graham.

perfectreflection small


A new friend of mine told me to not take what they say to heart but listen to what they are saying and if changes need to be made then make them. If not then keep on writing. Bryce Evans




And my very first print dedication from Kim Carmichael ♥

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