So you decided to check my review policy. Let me introduce myself and share with you who I am, what and how I review.

First, lets be clear. I review only menage romances with multiple men, one woman and a happy ending for all. no exception.

I am a sarcastic blunt person in general. That is my sense of humor or way of expression. Sometimes I realize that I am harsh in my comments but just know that they are written in the moment when I generally just finished reading the last page of the book. I am also a french native so it is very possible that my thoughts are sometimes lost in translation and may look meaner than they were meant to be originally. I will not excuse myself. I will not change who I am. But remember that my reviews reflect my opinion only so this means that they must be taken with a grain of salt. Some adore blue, some hate it. It does not mean that both are wrong to like or dislike the blue color, just a different opinion.

So make sure to read a couple of my 3 stars reviews before asking. It does not mean you will get automatically one but 3 stars are generally how my bluntness is at its full gear…

On rare occasion, I may decide to post a review with no rating or a poor rating. It happens, rarely, but it happens. Most of the time, it will be because of one of my pet peeves: French language not respected, whining virgin women, crude cavemen heroes, cheating partners, forced seduction aka non consensual aka rape, cavemen crude heroes… At this point, if I find one of them, I will dissect all the book from A to Z with no indulgence.

However, it is not because one author fail with one book, for me, means that all his/her work is not worthy. I am not here to discourage any author or be mean. On top of it, I am not even an author and never published a book so that would not be correct from my part to do so. I will do my best to temper my french side, I promise!

However, I would like to raise your attention that I have some pet peeves. Please read carefully my guidelines & pet peeves, then if you think it is right up your alley, visit my page to know how to request a review. If you want a detailed about how I am rating my reviews, then go to HERE.

I am reviewing to share my enthusiasm on a great read and in a way promote this sub-genre I love so much. I am not here to please authors and therefore my compromise is, if I feel that the book is not a good one, is to move on to the next menage I find interesting.

For me, a review must include plus and minus if some. It is a balance of feelings I felt during the reading. Nobody is perfect and nobody can please everybody. With this fact, my goal is to share, without spoiling the story, what I find great and what I did not find so great and explain my reasons.

My reviews are long and detailed. I decided a while ago to justify my review and not give a general rating only. So here is how I do rate:

Characters: how I relate, connect, understand and love them
Plot: no need of villain especially, just how the story is easy to follow and also keep me on my toes. This also include: humor, intensity, etc
Sex Heat: originality, description, hot
Romance:  how they mutually react to each other, romantic, sweet
Equality: in sex scenes but also in the relationship
Credibility: if I can relate to the characters and the story. If the story and characters are believable
Originality: if the story is not another copycat of what I read already
BDSM: level of BDSM. What is labeled and what I find are sometimes very different (*)
Humor: it does not have to be a comedy but if I smile or even laugh, that needs to be highlighted because it is generally rare – optional if I find some
Editing (poor): I will add this only if I find too many typos that bothered me – optional if it is really bad
Cover: I will add this only if I find some inconsistencies between character’s physical description or if it is plain ugly – optional if it is beautiful or ugly

Overall Review: it is of course my general opinion.

(*) BDSM levels:

  • No BDSM: Vanilla sex. Sex toys and a spanking, a butt plug and a “you will not come unless I tell you”, does not justify a BDSM or D/s label.
  • Light D/s: Heroes have a dominant attitude in the bedroom but are not Doms. Little plays such spanking. No Dom/sub relationship. It would be more a Top/Bottom relationship but because most readers are familiar with the label D/s, I will keep it.
  • Mild: Heroes are Doms but will not play sex scenes in a BDSM club, no exhibitionism, no fetish. D/s relationship. Punishments are generally private. D/s is generally in the bedroom and Doms accept a bratty attitude.
  • Heavy: Heroes are Doms 24/7 and extremely dominant inside and outside the bedroom. D/s relationship as pet/slave. Lifestyle contract,  Exhibitionism. Punishment. Fetishism.  etc.

My reviews will be honest and will explain in details the pros and cons. If you are afraid of honesty, then I may not be the right person for the review of your book. I am not interested to deliver a negative review  and I will always try to find pros with cons. I may however give a poor rating in one of the pet peeves I listed in my guidelines are in the story and this will definitely influence the overall rating.

So… are you ready to ask my review? Then first step is to read my guidelines & pet peeves 😉





I am very proud to be an official reviewer for:

Decadent Publishing


Totally Bound Publishing

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