In book one of the Burning Bastards MC: Big Dog, Hugh Dougherty, was out for payback. His only hope was to find the one thing to put an end to a rival club’s treachery. His future depended on something called the Oracle, and everyone around him was feeling his wrath.

Future had been betrayed by the Burning Bastards once, she wasn’t going to let it happen again. She built a life without them, but when they come looking for the Oracle, she was left without a choice. She confronts her past with the MC President by her side; however, is it enough to put her demons to rest were the club is concerned?

Ride along with the Burning Bastards MC as Big Dog struggles to obtain his Future and Future learns that personal demons can be put to rest with the right type of man.


Cara Quinn wants her own happily ever after, not just those she thinks up for her characters and plot lines. When her neighbors and their bratty children move away, Cara wonders what type of new neighbors she might get. Will they be just as bad as the first? Or will a gorgeous younger man that’s into her take up residence?

She gets not one, but three.

Lovers for years, Teak, Cyprus, and Aspen can’t help but be excited to meet their new neighbor. Cara is exactly what they want to complete their family. Now they just need to get Cara to see things their way. After everything that has happened to her, Cara doesn’t want to jump into anything with the trio—hesitant to ruin their friendship she treasures.

Aspen, Cypress, and Teak go out of their way to woo Cara. They do everything they can think of to help her, but are reluctant to fully let her in. But their good intentions backfire and they may not be able to find a way out of their mess.

When Cara learns more about the trio, will they be able to ever have a chance at being together or will they all remain broken?


The hunt begins.

Mackenzie Wagner is deeply worried when her cousin not only fails to return from a job interview in Florida, she doesn’t answer her phone. Fearing something has happened to Cheryl, Mackenzie is determined to find answers. Now that her werewolf father has been slain by the evil Colters, it’s her job to carry on the tradition of helping others.

Werewolf cousins, Brandon and Sam Crenshaw, work for The Pack—a group charged with taking down the Colter organization. They’re hot on the trail of locating Cheryl Johnson, Mac’s cousin, and the last thing they need, or expect, is a woman interfering with their job.

All plans of keeping her at a distance go awry when the men realize Mackenzie is their mate. They vow to keep her safe—even if they have to lock her up. Too bad she’s smart enough to outwit them. It doesn’t matter the sex with both men is hotter than sin, she wants to find her cousin—no matter the cost.


The Land of Feury has a problem. A virus killed off all their females years ago, and a solution is yet to be found. When a group of five unconscious females mysteriously arrives from another world, hope for survival amongst the Feury Dragon Shifters runs high.

Becky and her four best friends are escaping from their stressful everyday lives to go camping in the bush. Fate intervenes, and while they are hiking they get whipped away through a portal to the Land of Feury.

Brothers Drake and Savren discover one of the newly-arrived females is their Desired. The excitedly set about wooing the strong-willed, independent Becky. Their plans do not go smoothly, and Becky is kidnapped by rebels and taken from them. Will Drake and Savren be able to rescue their Desired in time? And even if they do, will they be able to convince the ever independent Becky that having bonded mates is a good thing?


When Eva was thirteen, she passed through the veil and became trapped in the goblin realm. She wanted nothing more than to go home, but fate had other plans for her…

Lorne has loved Eva ever since the first moment he saw her, but admitting his feelings to anyone else has never been an option. As the prince’s companion, and the future lover of both Davin and his chosen queen, Lorne can’t choose whom to love. His heart belongs to Davin, and only his prince can tell him who else may share in that love.

But Lorne will soon find that his prince knows him better than he knows himself, and their only challenge will be winning the heart, and the hand, of the girl who has only seen them as friends for so many years…


Will Franny choose to live or just to survive?

Hardship, pain, and strife describes life on Utopia, a mining colony far from Earth. Women are a rare commodity. When an alien trade ship arrives with a cargo containing a human woman, every man on Utopia shows up to bid. Three friends pool their funds in the hope they’ll have a human woman in their beds to keep them warm on the long nights of the coming harsh winter.

Francesca Dehart suffered the terror of aliens abducting her from a country road. The horror of being kidnapped and then sold as a sex slave is beyond anything Franny has ever imagined. With no hope of being rescued she finds herself with a new definition of hell—Utopia.

Can Cade, Nebraska, and Dawson show Franny her new life is more than a prison? They need her, but will she stay with them or run at the first opportunity? Can they hold onto the woman they’ve grown to love and protect her from the others who will stop at nothing to have her?


Following her brutal rape Sandra sets out to take revenge on all men and changes the world where women dominate men. Christine invents a time machine that can be used to rectify the wrong doing of Sandra. Sexy, highly erotic and rekindled love.







In book one of Hearts of Heroes: After a horrendous breakup, shy and curvy Caitriona Douglass works hard to get her life back in order. Her best friend, Sofie, convinces her the best way to do that is to socialize, forcing her out of her solace zone. Cait has always been unsure of her overweight body so when she garners the attention of not one, but two gorgeous firefighters, she is surprised and a little leery of their motives.

Alex and Roman are best friends and roommates—one, soft and easy going, the other hardened and rough. When Alex forces Roman to attend the company picnic, Roman realizes it may have been the best decision his friend had ever made as the men become entranced by the woman with the full-figure in attendance. Now all they have to do is convince her they are a packaged deal.

Will Caitriona risk her battered heart to find true love? Can the firefighters convince the shy, relationship scared beauty that she needs them both to be happy? When the fire starts to hunt them, will anyone survive from being burned?


Shelly MacIsaac has pretty much given up all hope. Hope that she’ll lose weight, that she’ll find any excitement in life, that there will ever be any man in her bed besides Barney, her cat.

When her friend Zoey suggests the wine girls come up with resolutions for the New Year, Shelly latches onto the one everyone expects her to choose—the tried-and-true commitment to go on a diet and get into shape. Deep inside, however, Shelly knows she needs to change a lot more than just her physical appearance.

After a year licking his wounds over a broken romance, Christian is through. He’s been quietly lusting after Shelly at work, and he’s not wasting any more time. There’s something about her that makes him believe she’s the one. Unfortunately, Shelly’s kickboxing instructor, Lance—Christian’s best friend—has set his sights on the sweet blonde as well.

Instead of pistols at dawn, the two friends come up with a deliciously erotic answer to their shared dilemma—if the shy beauty will accept their racy proposal.

Warning: There is a chance this story will encourage you to go on a diet and begin an intense exercise regime. After all, flavored body lube is low cal, right? And sex is a great way to burn calories.


Ex super-soldier and telepath Captain Ian McNeill isn’t expecting his job as base commander to a bunch of scientists to be exciting, let alone terrifying. But after meeting Neeve, a Pavlovan female and saving her from a bunch of Etruscan extremists, he’s fairly certain his life will never be the same again.

Neeve can’t believe she’s found a mate from Earth who has no understanding of the concept of a bonded telepathic triad. Can she convince him to return to Pavlovan, meet her exalted but complicated family and finally convince him that adding a third to their bond will be the best decision he’s ever made?



Katie has spent the past five years fantasizing about her sexy neighbors, Josiah and Chase. They’re wild, adventurous, and completely unconcerned with society’s expectations. Basically, they’re everything she’s not. Then a mysterious stranger tells her that she’s the target of their latest competition. According to “Loki”, Josiah and Chase will try to seduce her and the first one to succeed wins the ridiculous bet.

Seductive and mischievous, Loki entices Katie into playing a game of her own. Armed with insight and newfound confidence, she challenges the two men, determined to teach them a much-needed lesson by unraveling their heartless competition.

As Katie is drawn deeper into this web of lies, she finds herself doubting everything. She’s affected by Josiah and Chase far more than she’d expected to be and she’s convinced there’s much more to Loki than he pretends. She’s not sure who she can trust and she’s worried that a broken heart will be her only thanks for participating in Loki’s lesson.


Beth had hoped that with her marriage to four men (the Vampire King, the Alien King with diphallia, and the Alpha werewolves), things would settle down, but boy was she wrong. Death and betrayal seemed to be at every turn they made. The only thing Beth knew for sure was to stay close to her men and trust no one. Beth had always been taught to believe in the future and hope for the best, but how can she be the wife and mother she wants to be if this sick psycho knows her every move? How can Beth trust her own judgment when twice now her best friends have turned out to be her enemies?

Two powerful Kings and two alpha shifters should be able to keep their woman safe, but instead those they had trusted with her life had betrayed them time and time again. The only thing left for them to do is to leave her home planet and start anew. Together the five of them must start all over. One step at a time. Ruling from afar, trusting only a select few, Vampire King Edward, Alien King Lucas, and Alphas Dred and Rock must prove they are more than capable of keeping her safe and satisfied.


In book one of TRI-X, Inc.: Kit struggles everyday with the choices she has been forced to make. She hopes to one day return to her boring everyday life, but to do that, she must find the ones to help her get rid of the threat that placed her in her current situation. To a legal clerk turned stripper, it turns out to be harder than she thought.

Tank is headed to visit his brother but makes a stop for his boss along the way. When it falls through, he looks forward to a relaxing weekend with his brother, but what the men find on a night out quickly changes the game. They couldn’t be more happy, her not so much.

The men have found the woman of their dreams but to keep her, they have to fight for her. Even then, there are no guarantees, not with the ones who would rather see their dream girl dead, than to watch her take another breath.

When Kit is put in danger, the men find themselves unwilling to risk her, doing the only thing they know how—fight for her. Follow the men from TRI-X as they not only protect what is theirs but they love with everything in them.


Felicia Walker loves her job as an illustrator at Fever Hitch Comics. During this year’s annual Earth Con, she will not only draw caricatures, but she’ll also be decked out in body paint to represent the F’ldae — an alien species from the comics. As she starts off a night exploring the off-limits, alien side of the convention, Felicia is unprepared for the spiraling events that will make her behave like a true F’ldae… in full mating heat.

Agent Slate Reese, along with his best friend Agent Ryker Seals, are Metons who want to settle down, but they’re having a difficult time finding the female to complete their mating trio. With the vast assortment of alien species converging on this area, surely there’s one female who wouldn’t mind spending a night with both of them.

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