I always convert the number of words to pages. With time I learn to know how to calculate but still it is nice to be lazy.

I came across this neat calculator Convert words into pages

Remember that you still need to remove around 2000 words on each book as they are the copyright infos, dedication, author bio and sometimes pages and pages of excerpt at the end of each book or the 6-8 pages of publisher’s info at the beginning.

So remove at least 2500 words (6 pages) on each number associated with the book!

2500 words 6 pages
5000 words 11 pages
6000 words 13 pages
10000 words 22 pages
15000 words 33 pages
20000 words 44 pages
22500 words 50 pages
30000 words 66 pages
40000 words 89 pages
45000 words 100 pages
65000 words 145 pages
67500 words 150 pages
70000 words 155 pages
80000 words 177 pages
90000 words 200 pages
135000 words 300 pages


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