Title: A mate to cherish
Series: The Hunters, #1
Author: Laylah Roberts (Eliza Lee)
Genre: Sci-fi opera
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: August 14, 2017
Published by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Publisher bookstore:
Page count: 181p



synopsis3They are fallen from grace. A race once worshipped that had grown arrogant and greedy. Now they are few and spend their lives hunting the guilty and bringing them to justice.

A sexy dream. Two hot, sensual lovers. More pleasure than she’s ever felt before. What more could a girl want?

Um, maybe for it to be real. Lauren has hit rock bottom. After fleeing Earth, she ends up penniless and homeless. Before she can even begin her new job, she’s arrested for prostitution and thrown in jail.

Could things get any worse?

Well, yes, actually. They could.

Try getting horribly ill, ending up on the auction block, and being sold to two gorgeous, domineering, stubborn men who intend to return her to the very place she fled.

Malik knows the female in their dreams is their mate. He wants her, craves her, but he can’t bond with her without Tarin, and convincing Tarin she’s theirs will be an almost impossible task.

Tarin is always in control. Always in command. But when the hunt leads them to Lauren, he finds that very control tested. She intrigues and annoys him. Brings him both joy and terror.

But most importantly, she makes him feel.






myreview5Hey guys! Long time no see! After a much needed long break from reviewing, I decided that it was time to share my sarcastic yet honest me with you all again! Happy?

It does not mean that I stopped reading menage romances but I also read mainstreams, BDSM, all kind of books I liked. The reason of my long silence is mainly because I found myself repeating the same thing over and over again and I found myself boring. Or maybe it was because I found a lot of the authors boring? One or the other. Anyhow, I decided to give it a try again. 😉

A mate to cherish…

With my love for sci-fi menages, it was easy for me to spot this new release. I am always on the fence when I read a long synopsis. Most of the time the authors or the publishers do not know how to tease,  yet not explain the story in it. It is always a turn off for me as I have zero interest to read a book if I already know the plot and the epilogue. But I was definitely intrigued with this story.

What I truly liked the most is the plot. It was original but most of all I did not know what truly happened to the heroine before almost the end. This goes in concert with knowing beforehand the plot and epilogue here. I want to be surprise. I want to be kept on my toes. I want to think of possibilities. I just do not want to know at the first chapter what will happen. Laylah Roberts: mission accomplished!

So one I was “in” the story, I wanted also the characters to be as good. It was. But somehow it missed a little bit of something for me to fall in love with them. But I must say that I loved the heroine who was not a doormat. Yeah yeah, that did not change for me here. And both heroes had different personalities and they did not do everything together as one body, two heads. That also did not change for me. 😛

I liked the dynamic of their relationship. It was interesting to see the reluctance of one character to fall. I like that also. It gives more interesting depth in the building threesome menage.

I cannot give a 5-stars review only because the credibility to have a starving sick woman becoming healthy, still thin but on her feet after 5 days, was a bit stretchy. This is something I do struggle with: timeline. Here, they used alien technology to heal her bad flu but could not give her a healthy weight since she was still too thin.

I also struggle a little bit with the sex scenes. I did not find them especially hot. In fact a little bit boring. But since I am very picky on this, it was not like a major disappointment because it is never a surprise. The reverse on the other hand is because very rare.

The winded heroes were not called angels but I liked the interesting ambivalence between them and the “gods” which looked very much like the Greek gods in a way. I look forward to know more about them. I am sure the author will find an interesting way to mix them more in this new series.

I liked the fluidity of the writing. I liked that the ending was quite surprising and opened some doors for the next stories without introducing me who it would be. Again, I was kept on my toes and loved it.  The other good part is that this is book 1 of the series which is, for me, is always a plus as I know the when where how and why.

The epilogue lacked a bit of romance in my opinion. I would have love some baby on the way or something cuter. But it was a good epilogue.

It was the first time I read this author and now I will keep her name on my follow list. It is nice to add names on this list. So I definitely recommend this book of 181 pages which is perfect length to develop a strong plot, know the characters and appreciate the story as a whole.



bdsm-no1 MFM




authorbio3Laylah Roberts has loved reading since she was little and has recently discovered the passion of writing. She hopes you love reading her books as much as she loves writing them.Join my newsletter for sneak peeks, snippets and deleted scenes:





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