Publisher: Self-Published
Date of release: November 16, 2016
Length:  98 Pages

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Brittany Reynolds was smart, curvy and naïve as hell when it came to men. All through life she seemed to always pick the wrong ones to fall for. While working at the jailhouse as a nurse, she never expected to have feelings for an inmate who was under her care while in the infirmary. Now that she was working the job of her dreams as a reputable nurse at the local hospital, she never imagined crossing paths with the handsome inmate she’d last seen over a year ago. And to make matters worse, he had a friend who was equally sexy and pining for her attention.

Killian and Burke had been best friends since they were young, two roughneck kids growing up on the street and trying to keep themselves out of trouble. They did everything together—surviving the streets, sharing their women and even joining an MC together. Because of one bad decision, Killian had no choice but to serve time in jail. That’s where he met the lush blonde who he couldn’t seem to get his mind off after all this time. After Burke was in a serious bar fight that landed him in the nearby hospital ER, Killian never imagined running into the woman who’d nursed his wounds while he was serving time. Burke knew of Killian’s obsession with the nurse, but when he saw her for himself in the hospital, he found himself just as smitten.

Brittany can no longer deny her attraction to Burke and Killian, two greedy bastards who will stop at nothing to make the naughty little nurse theirs.


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4-hotexcerptDark, heated appreciative dual eyes watched her as she stood before them. She could feel the wetness dripping down the insides of her legs as she thought about having one more kiss with the both of them. Who was she kidding? She wanted more than just a kiss from them. Brittany was dying to know what it would be like to have sex with the two of them. As if reading her mind, Killian stood from the couch and walked over to her to sit her between the two of them. Killian’s hand brushed away the hairs along her shoulder, pushing them behind her. She could feel her pulse race as his voice whispered against her neck. Hot puffs of air tickled along the cords of her neck, making her body shudder in need.

Burke trailed his fingers up and down her arm in a soothing motion, making her body more relaxed. He lifted her hand and brought it to his lips, leaving light, feathering kisses in his wake. “Her skin is so soft and beautiful. I could stay here for days and admire the way she looks. Brittany is breath taking, wouldn’t you say, Killian?”

“Mmm, not a flaw in any way. She’s perfect in my eyes.” Killian leaned in and kissed her behind her neck with light flirtatious kisses, just as Burke did on her hand.

Brittany closed her eyes and savored the attention she was receiving from them. Who knew being with two men could feel this good? Brittany had never thought of being with two men in her entire life. But since the moment she’d met Killian in jail and now Burke, they were all she could think about.

Killian turned and faced her. His expression had grown serious. “We should have that discussion now before we go any further.”

Now? She thought to herself that she was ready to get fucked by the two of them, not to have a discussion. “Okay.”

“We aren’t easy men to live with. We’re very dominant, but not in the way where we expect you to do everything we say. Especially when it comes to our woman. We protect what’s ours and give our woman everything she needs, and that also includes in the bedroom. We always give in to our needs after our woman’s have been met. ”

“Women should be spoiled with lavish gifts. Burke and I, however, like to spoil the women we are with… in a different way.” He then slid from the couch and sat between her knees.

            “I had no idea you’d be this beautiful naked. You’re even more breathtaking than I ever imagined,” Burke murmured.

Nudity had never been her strong suit. As she sat before Killian and Burke naked as the day she was born, she never felt more appreciated as the admiration shone in their eyes. This was what it felt like to have someone look at you like you are the most treasured thing in the world. Brittany didn’t think of herself as fat or too skinny. She ate what she wanted and didn’t give a damn if it was healthy or too fattening for her.

“I’m beginning to feel a little insecure here. Are you going to take off your clothes anytime soon?”

Killian shook his head. “Tonight is all about you, baby. Just enjoy what pleasure Burke and I plan to give you.” His gaze skimmed from her eyes all the way down to the bare skin between her thighs.

“I can’t wait to taste every inch of your gorgeous skin. The scent you have been putting off all night has been driving Burke and me mad. You can’t imagine the sweet smell your juicy pussy has been putting off since we kissed you. I’ll bet you’re squirming in your own juices right about now.”

Brittany widened her legs so they could get a glimpse of what they did to her. “Why don’t you have a look yourself and see?” She had never been so brazen in all her life. There was something about the way they looked at her that made her want to tease them, see what they would do next.

Burke’s hand reached out and fondled her breast, tweaking the tight bud between his fingers. “I think that’s a challenge.”

Without a word, Killian leaned in closer to her lower half and took a deep breath. He then raised his eyes to peer into hers. Brittany loved how dark and mysterious his eyes looked, especially when he was so turned on.

“Lay your head on Burke’s lap, baby. I need you spread out for what I have planned for you.”

Brittany scooted down farther onto the couch and rested her head along Burke’s thighs. She then placed one leg on the floor and tossed the other over the back of the cushion, leaving her open and exposed.

Killian climbed on the sofa and hovered over her lower half, his face mere inches from her pelvis. “You don’t know how long we have waited for a woman such as yourself to come into our lives.”

Before she could answer, he buried his face between her legs, taking long swipes along her wet folds. Burke’s hands were warm against her skin as he caressed her breasts. Killian was masterful with his tongue. The man sure did know how to use it. In between swipes with his tongue, he would suck on her clit, making her squirm where she lay. His fingers spread her folds wide, never missing an inch of her pussy.

Burke raised her head and placed a pillow beneath it while he sat on the floor beside her. His warm lips teased and taunted her tight nipples, taking turns sucking them inside his wet mouth. She loved having her nipples sucked on. It had always been an added bonus when she was having sex. Her breasts had always been extremely sensitive, almost to the point where she knew if she tried, she could orgasm from that alone.

Killian’s fingers found their way inside her body, stroking her G-spot. She liked hearing him sucking, making noises as he enjoyed what he was doing to her.

She never imagined the joy that came from being pleasured by two mouths and four hands as they took over her body. These two knew how to treat a woman.

“I’m close,” she panted as her head thrashed against the pillow.

Burke nipped and sucked harder on her buds, adding a bit of pain to her pleasure.

Killian’s motions inside her picked up as he sucked harder on her clit. She even thought she heard him growl deep inside his chest.

It was all so fast and furious, how they made her orgasm sneak up on her so quick. Brittany ground her pelvis against Killian’s face, drawing him closer. Her body shook and trembled as wave after wave of tremors moved through it. Not for a single moment did either of them stop what they were doing until she lay immobile on the couch. When she had stopped convulsing, Brittany looked up to see both of them watching her with identical appreciative looks.

“Wow, that was fun!” she giggled.

At the same time they both chuckled as Killian helped her to sit up. Burke handed her clothes to her. She was utterly confused by his actions. Wasn’t this just the beginning of sex for them all?

Killian could tell by the look on her face that this wasn’t what she intended on happening next.

“We told you, baby, tonight was about you and your pleasures.” His hand reached out to help her stand.

As she pulled her pants over her panties and threw a blanket over her chest to cover her, she asked, “But what if I want to take it to the next level with you two?”

Burke kissed her temple. “Not tonight, love. There’ll be other nights ahead of us. I guarantee it.”

            “So what now?” she asked. Were they an item?

            Burke knelt down in front of her and touched his lips to hers in a sweet, gentle way. She was unaware of the softer side of these two men, but they took care of her, gave her what she needed and didn’t expect something in return. No one had ever cared for her the way they did.

            He pulled his lips from hers, nipping at them before he stared into her eyes. “Now that we have claimed you as our woman, no one will ever mess with you. Killian and I never thought this day would come where we would become one-woman men. You have something special that we only want in you. You are what we have been looking for all this time.” He kissed her once more before he stood and walked over to her front door to leave.

            Killian pulled her from the couch into a warm embrace. Her body shivered as the blanket fell and she felt the leather cut against her bare chest. Her hands looped around his neck, bringing his face closer to hers.

            “Make no mistake, baby girl, we want you so badly right now, but we have club business to tend to later tonight. There isn’t enough time for us to do what we really want to do with your sexy little body.” His lips crashed against hers. His tongue took a taste of her bottom lips before invading her mouth. Their tongues dueled, seeking more of the heated kiss.

She could feel her insides warming up, wanting more of what they’d just done. But she knew they had to leave. His hard-on was pressed firmly along her stomach as she squirmed to change his mind from leaving. He moaned inside her mouth as he pulled away.

“Enough of that, you little kitten. We’ll be back.” He walked to where Burke held the door open. “And when we do return we’ll make sure you are too worn out to leave that bed for a week.”


authorbio3Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. She is very thankful for her family and friends that have been there, supporting her from the beginning of her writing career.

When she is not writing or running her busy household, she enjoys sitting down with her Kindle, reading one of her favorite authors. She enjoys her writing and will continue to surprise her readers with more erotic stories in the future. Erika loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at



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