Series: Paranormal Security Council , Book 4.0

It takes outside forces, and the threat of losing it all, before this trio can set aside their differences and accept how much they need each other.

Remi Parascu has unearthed a traitor in the midst of the Council she oversees. Armed with evidence, on her way to request a kill order, Remi’s plane is crashed, her bodyguards are killed and she’s taken hostage. Things would be a whole lot simpler if her captor had been the traitor.

Jaguar shifter Czion Whitehall has distanced himself from his family and the woman he recognizes as his mate. There’s no way he can be with the President of the Council, so Czion walks away without ever cementing the bond with Remi. The absence of that bond makes it much easier for someone else to swoop in and take his place.

As a skin walker, able to take on the appearance of anyone, Jaxon Fenti wears the face of a man Remi can’t resist in an effort to get the name of the person who killed his brother. What Jax didn’t count on was Remi being one-third of his Trinity, and a stubborn jaguar being the one to complete their triad. Czion wants nothing to do with any of it, and Remi and Jax can’t make it without him. It takes outside forces, and the threat of losing it all, before this trio can set aside their differences and accept how much they need each other.


A special entity upsets most of the entities that are in charge of the worlds in the Federation who are a bit greedy and play the politics game too heavily. That entity is in the form of two men, twins who are born on a very rich world and joined to form one mind that can take over whatever they want. However, what makes the final connection for the Twinned Dessnue—perhaps a small female cop from a small blue planet far away?

Sure it is scary and exciting to find out as an Earth girl that she is a slave to a pair of special twins born out in the Universe. Twins that can change everything with their powers. But hello, it turns out they need her in order to achieve their full powers. Love is strange when it is times two. And the question is still who owns whom?

For Lorelei, life is interesting as a police officer in a small town until the call comes in that a flying saucer is landing at the local water bottling plant. She’s sure someone was drinking too much, and it probably wasn’t water—until she and her partner get to the location.

She learns so much—space travel, legitimate assassins, and two men who can talk to each other telepathically. Only there is more. There is love, lust and something that draws her to the two identical men called the Twinned Dessnue, Two men who everyone else is frightened of except her.

What she wants is close contact—real close, as she wears the bracelet that proves she belongs to them.


Marc can’t escape the memories of what he did while under Roderick’s mental control, but he can attempt to atone. He begins his quest by saving a female Lycan who needs guidance—and a mate. The problem is convincing her to accept his help, and his love.

Thaddeus has lived too long to waste his time playing the games the other vampires indulge in. However, when it comes to keeping his kind safe from the notice of humans, he’ll do what it takes to stop a madman intent on starting a war. He embarks on a one man quest to avert disaster, but along the way discovers even a killer can become a hero—and a lover.

Antonia might regret losing her humanity, but with a werewolf and a vampire at her side, she discovers an inner strength and passion to not only live, and fight, but to love, not just one, but two very special men.


Fireborne, Book 2

Aziza Jane Stewart is the last of the Fireborne, and so far it’s been nothing but a curse, destroying her family and putting everyone she loves in danger. Now she’s on a quest to find her brother’s portion of the power that flows in her veins and track down the murdering Jiniyr who are a threat to her loved ones.

She and her Enforcer lover Brandon are officially “in a relationship”, but she’s still torn between two men who both set her on fire. Brandon’s duties are driving a wedge between them, and her need to protect her Jinn guardian isn’t helping. Exiled and stripped of his powers, Ram is focused on satisfying his darkest urges…and tempting her to come along for the ride.

When Aziza discovers Brandon has been keeping news of ritualistic murders from her and the evidence is pointing at Ram, all bets are off. It’s time to find her own answers, embrace what’s inside her and make her own rules, damn the consequences.


AVAILABLE June 4, 2014

Book 5 of the Protective Affairs series.

Alana returns to her hometown to investigate a series of disappearances, but coming home means facing the men who are her wizards and mates. A spell forces her to work alongside the sexy-as-sin brothers and the heat of their ménage flares to life. Her inner shifter wants to emerge and claim her men, but there’s so much unsaid between them.

Kane and Michael have waited years for Alana. Their Familiar fled without explanation and this time she’s not going to slip away. Their shared magic grows more intense with each passing day, but they mean to show her that there’s more than a mystical bond between them. Michael and Kane will use the sizzling desire to lure her closer until she realizes she belongs with them.

Even as Michael, Kane and Alana savor the passion, they must discover who’s behind the kidnappings, before their chance at forever is taken away.


Knights in Black Leather, Book 3

The moment Willow arrives in Bravado, Wade sweeps her off her feet. He’s gruff, strong and shockingly appealing. Though Willow is in Bravado on business there’s nothing more appealing—or sexually exciting—than getting naked with Wade.

Wade’s had his fair share of women—in his bed and at the local BDSM club. A confident Dom, he doesn’t get involved with the women he indulges with—until Willow catches his eye. An enticing blend of cautious inexperience and wild woman, Willow snares Wade so completely he’s only too happy to break his rules and get deeply, irrevocably involved.

Willow blossoms in Bravado and in Wade’s bed. But her desires, though long dormant, run deep and she craves a ménage—the only thing Wade can’t bring himself to give her. But if Wade wants to keep Willow—for now or forever—he’s going to have to find a way to ensure she gets exactly what she needs. One way or another.


Book 2 in the Sexcapades series.

Remy and Eve have been skirting their attraction for nearly a year. During a roadtrip they become lovers. But Remy’s worried. He’s bisexual and doesn’t want to risk hurting Eve.

Upon their arrival in Dare, Nevada, they meet the enigmatic, incredibly sexy Jaxon Wynter. Immediately Eve and Remy want him and it isn’t long before Jax seduces the couple into a red-hot ménage that pushes their boundaries. But Jax has secrets and emotional scars he’s tried to keep buried. When an emergency arises for Eve, he realizes if he doesn’t open his heart and soul to his lovers, he could lose them both, forever.


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