contestHello Ménage Romances Lovers!

Being a huge fan of Ménage Romances, it was quite logical that this genre had its special annual contest.

Each year, generally January/February, you will be solicited to nominate your favorite book and then vote for the winners in several categories.

Contemporary, shifters, vampires, fantasy/supernatural/paranormal, cowboys/western, sci-fi/space opera, Historical/Time travel, multicultural/interracial, BDSM, light bondage, Holidays, Full figured character, bisexualcharacters, gay/lesbian characters, straight characters, erotica, anthologies/short stories, menage with MF HEA, series and a special category: Best book of the year (all categories).

That is a lot of categories eh? lol

There is no perfect contest and each each I will do my best to improve the nominations and the votes regarding the time period, the rules etc. I will listen to comments even if the #1 rule will remain that this contest is dedicated to ménage romances only.

Thank you for taking this contest opportunity to show your appreciation!





Ménage Romances Readers Favorite Award Winners 2016

Ménage Romances Readers Favorite Award Winners 2015

Ménage Romances Readers Favorite Award Winners 2014

Ménage Romances Readers Favorite Award Winners 2013

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  1. Thank you very much Judy.
    Yes. Here is the post where you will find the link for the 2016 votes 🙂
    Thank you for your vote!!!


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