I just finished a ménage book and found so many WTF moments that I decided to start a short chronicle: Writing inconsistencies, face-palm and duh moments

I am not going to mention the author’s name nor of course the book. I stand behind my own decision that I am not blogging to be mean. I have my bitchy moments, like everyone else, but I have zero interest to replay O.K. Corral.

But it eats me to read such stupidities. I am shaking my head and I really cannot believe that the author wrote the story not thinking that was plain stupid or thought it was okay to write them. I am not sure if

1/ she is naive
2/ she thinks that it will sell better
3/ she believes that the readers will swallow everything because it is a romance fiction.

But I decided that today was my venting day…

(Theme of the book is sci-fi with aliens that are physically different except of course what it counts the most in an erotic romance… of course)

► Don’t you think that it would be important to explain how those aliens and human can speak the same language? Credibility = 0

► They are on a battle space ship, all the men are warriors but yet never a mention of their enemies? Credibility = 0

► The heroine has no issues whatsoever, not one bit, none, to see aliens and has sex with them within mere hours. Totally normal because we all know that we are all prepared mentally to meet aliens every day of the week eh? Credibility = 0

► Don’t you think that multiple penetrations with a couple of men seven feet tall and equally dick proportioned, fuck the woman in a row multiple time is a tiny bit too much? The heroine came at least 8 times within hours and poor thing was out after that for the night. Really? Is she a machine to cum or what? Credibility = 0

► Don’t you think that portraying a woman size 14 as fat (husband divorced her because of her size) is a tiny bit over the top knowing that Size 14 is average American woman’s size? Yes, the heroine was praised for her curves versus the nasty women aliens that were dominatrix bitches built as the men with no boobs. So Cliché! Credibility = 0

► The planet has almost no women but yet the heroes are very experienced in sex… with a sex droid? with vids? Credibility = 0

► Don’t you think it is a bit over the top to arrive on a planet and decide that their culture sucks and change them because you do not like them? Credibility = 0

► Don’t you think that swearing that she is the love of your life after ONE sex encounter with her, no conversation is a tiny weeny bit excessive and desperate. Who in the universe would believe that crap? (duh!!!!) Credibility = 0


yes. That’s what i think too.

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