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For Jake Hanson, it was the perfect solution to a deep darkness. The accident took more than the use of his legs; it took everything that made him feel like a man. He needs their ménage. It puts him on the path to healing. With Jessie and Chad, he can conquer anything…he thinks.

Jessica Hanson did it all for her husband, to make him feel whole again. She didn’t want a threesome. At least, that’s what she believed in the beginning. But when she realizes that she can’t imagine life without both her husband and his best friend by her side, she’ll question everything she thought completed her.

FBI agent Chad Wilson, couldn’t believe he agreed to his best friend’s proposal. There were too many things beyond his control that could go wrong. But when things go right, he is forced to admit to the best months of his life. Yet on the heels of his greatest joy comes his greatest fear. He’s endangered them all, and the clock is ticking.

They’ll push the boundaries and blur the lines, coming face to face with one of life’s hardest truths: Sometimes to become whole, you have to break.


My review: 5 poly stars

Two men are separated by more than the dam between their houses. Can Mollie be the path that unites them?

Flint Klavan appears to have it all. The sought-after British actor is affluent, loved and vocal in his professional life but privately he’s a mess. A devastating breakup leaves him full of self-loathing. He hopes to find the way to turn things around when disaster strikes. He’s left speechless with fear he’ll never get the chance to recover what he’s lost.

Mollie James has the perfect job teaching children, and used to have the perfect boyfriend. Attentive, kind and thoughtful. Only now he’s not. She has to sacrifice everything if she’s any chance to survive, and run as fast and as far as she can.

Lysander Weldon is a wealthy, talented artist who’s hidden himself away following personal tragedies. He shares his house and his body but never his heart. When opportunity to forgive confronts him, he has to choose between giving up his fortress or bracing to watch happiness leave him behind.


My review: 5 poly stars

Women can’t keep their hands off billionaire Damien Call. The mysterious mogul has it all: fast cars, killer looks, and a brain that just might be his best asset.

Mia Beck loves her job at a PI firm. Her coworker Jake stars in most of her daydreams, so seeing him everyday is no hardship.

Jake hasn’t believed in human goodness since he worked black ops for the CIA. Romancing innocent Mia is unthinkable, no matter how enticingly submissive she seems to be. Then a case of corporate espionage forces them to pose as a dom/sub duo, to catch the eye of accused wrongdoer Damien. No fantasy is off limits for this voyeur—until the attraction the pair exerts lures him to go hands on . . .


PRE-ORDER: Jul 01, 2015

Aria Bastion is beginning her life over with the fear of her abusive husband’s pending release from jail in the back of her mind. On her first day in her new apartment she goes for a walk and meets Jace Cline. Jace and his twin brother Jude are the owners of a fantasy studio on New Earth. Jace is the dungeon master, supplying his clients with their fantasies of sexual arousal.

Aria soon becomes an integral part of Jace’s private and business life.

Keir Bastion is a man in a lonely, downtrodden life. His wife has been killed and his children blame him for her death. When he meets Leelona and her young daughter Misty, he hopes he can rebuild a new life for himself with a happier future.

When Keir and Aria are suddenly cast back into the reality of their lives, everything falls apart. Can Keir win back Aria’s love without losing the half of her heart that belongs to Jace?


SERIES – Book #6 – Better to read in order


In book six of the Nephilim: Karlo Darvik was left for dead. A Nephilim warrior on an alien planet. Unaware his shuttle has been sabotaged; he tries to reach safety only to crash. The crash leaves him without the memory of who and what he is.

Marla Jones is a woman on a mission to save her family ranch. To do that she needs a man. And it seems the man needs a sanctuary. Can the two come together and help each other survive?




Bind the Chalice and harness the dragons…

Josie returns to her birthplace and is named the Chalice, destined bride to Amendal’s two kings. But no matter how attracted she is to both men, the fate of the kingdom is not her problem.

With their nation threatened by war, the kings, Brax and Finn, must summon their mythical dragon forms to save their people. But with Brax tormented by a lifelong indoctrination against same-sex coupling, and Finn crippled by the fear of being unworthy, a true union seems impossible. Without it, they are left with no weapon to stop the tide of death.

When the final battle erupts, the kings fight to protect their fleeing citizens, but their army is meager defense against the enemy’s dark magick.

An impending war. Two kings desperate to save their people. A centuries old legend. And the woman who unites them all.


Chief Scientist Elisabeth Washington and her people have fled a ravaged Earth in search of a new life. Finding a world to suit isn’t easy; the journey long and arduous. When they finally set foot on what they hope will be their new home, they’re jubilant, overwhelmed with relief. Too late, much too late, they discover what no one predicted: they have neighbors.

The Droushan, a shapeshifting race, have their neighboring worlds under their protection. When one of those worlds suddenly comes to life, Sect Leader Kraven and his best friend, Weapons Master Lukkis, are sent out to learn what’s happening. They not only find a world reborn but an extraordinary woman who excites and arouses their mating urges.

Three intelligent, capable leaders intent on protecting their people. Two big, powerful men, working to control their inner beasts. One brilliant woman who wants them and can’t understand her own urge to submit to whatever they want to do with her. It’s a tense first contact situation and these three are living upon the threshold.


In book three of Heels for Hire, Inc.: Joye (Rainbow) England is the wild child of the Heels for Hire Inc. gang. She does what she wants when she wants. But when she is confronted with a case, she didn’t want, she must make a choice between her wants, and the needs of the company.

Gentry Ruff and Leo Staggs own Wet Dreams a strip club and bar that cater to the higher waged clientele. However, recent discovery of a missing dancer, and mysterious money transfers make them question what is really going on. Not wanting to bring down the club, they take a tip from the officer at the Police Department and call Heels for Hire Inc. for assistance. Little did they know a woman with wildly colored hair, would not only help, but drive them crazy in the process.

Three individuals who live very simple lives set by boundaries and rules neither wanting to have a permanent relationship, but sometimes rules need to be broken to see what’s right in front of them. Can the three work together to find the women without the involvement from the police? And will the men suffer the other side of Rainbow to not only find their answers, but to find something they never wanted in the first place, fighting the feelings till the end?


Can two men, who don’t trust each other, protect a woman they both care for?

John Draven is vice president of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club. While on a special run, he meets FBI Agent Cadence Vanaker again. Cade is the man who killed his cousin five years ago and the person he hates more than anyone. Now John is forced to work with him to take down a human trafficking ring operating in John’s hometown.

Cade wants more than anything to tell Draven he wasn’t the one who really killed his cousin, but he can’t reveal the truth and has to live with Draven’s hate as a result. When the two men find a woman half-dead and bound with zip ties, they both feel a need to protect her—and the need to be her only man.

Dove Aldrin is a sensitive young woman who was abducted and held prisoner. When she escapes, she falls into the path of two men determined to help her and to find the man responsible for treating her so cruelly. What she didn’t count on was falling for both John and Cade. How can she pick one over the other, especially when the two men despise each other?


In book three of Anamchara: Anamchara was supposed to be a safe haven for those who came to find peace and love. A hidden town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, protected by magical wards from the outside world until it was discovered by Branwen’s enemies, whom have fought for years to destroy Anamchara and Branwen, their ‘faerie godmother”. That’s when life took some dangerous twists for its residents.

After defeating an old enemy, the people of Anamchara thought they were safe at last. At least until Ben found Anushka, a white tiger shifter, outside the wards and begging for help. She’d come to him to save imprisoned white tigers with ties to his father, the Alpha of the Anamchara Streak. Realizing she’s his mate, he’s torn between his loyalties to his streak and helping his mate, especially after discovering she is already promised to another.

Against Ben’s better judgment, and with the help of Kristy, Quinn, and members of the town, they come up with a plan to rescue the tigers. Accompanied by volunteers from his tiger streak and Jeremy’s wolf pack, they set off on the perilous mission and if they are successful, they’ll not only save the white tigers from their horrific existence, but he’ll be able to complete the bonding with his mate—that is as long as Andrei, the other male tiger agrees to the threesome.

Will they be able to succeed without bringing more danger to the people of Anamchara?

This action packed paranormal fantasy will have you clinging to your e-reader as you hope Anushka, Ben and Andrei can survive their enemies and find their happily ever after.


Maxine Vaught spends her life protecting others, it is what she’s best at. And as long as the job gets done—who cares if a few things get blown up along the way.

Liam, Darryl, and John encounter a one woman Army, and fall into immediate lust. She is everything they hoped for and so much more. After all, how many times do you meet a woman who uses big boy toys and still possesses the softness to capture the hearts of three men.

When the four get together, the explosions are huge and they have nothing to do with Mackie’s job.




Nathan and Olivia have been together for years. They have a unique D/s relationship that makes them both happy and keeps life interesting. But what they want most is a third, so they are beyond excited when they think they have found their boy while watching him perform a scene at their favorite dungeon.

Luke is green. He is young and inexperienced. But after getting a taste of kink one night months ago, he’s been unable to wipe the memory from his mind. He wants more. He wants a couple to take him on and fulfill his fantasies, and maybe help him figure out who he is along the way.

When Nathan and Olivia confront Luke after his scene, it seems too good to be true. And perhaps it is. There are obstacles. Luke’s religious upbringing seeps into his consciousness often. And Nathan and Olivia don’t seem to know the meaning of subtle. The sex is phenomenal, but is it enough to make this unusual threesome work?





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