This one is going to be short and sweet.

  • Which part of … “The woman has a head concussion, the doc asked 10 days of complete rest” don’t you understand when you gangbang her the first day she got hurt, in bed having the heartache of her life?
  • Which part of… “I met you today, you want me to accept a permanent menage but I want to know you first before we have sex” don’t you understand when 5 minutes after she said that you jump her bones?
  • Which part of… “Shit, she is a virgin” do you think it is hot, sexy and credible when the second guy with a boner decide to stick his “BIG” dick in her and the third equality “BIG” dick in her virgin ass… all within the same day she met all of them?
  • Which part of… “I am a slut” don’t you understand is such a stupid way to portray your heroine (stupid girl that believe in bees and flowers)? Who do you think you are writing those stories for? Virgin victorian girls raised in a convent?
  • Which part of… not credible don’t you understand to state the guys are in love with the woman at first sight?
  • Which part of… equality stupid don’t you understand to state the guys want the woman as their wife when they did not even heard the sound of her voice?
  • Which part of… not sexy it is to fuck the woman when they do not know shit about her without a condom or her about them?
  • Which part of… C.R.E.D.I.B.I.L.I..T.Y. don’t you understand????


Honestly, guys. Am I that much out of my mind to think that the above is plain ridiculous?

I do not get it. I really don’t. How come I read this so many times? Is it part of the 101 HOW TO WRITE EROTIC ROMANCE course? Because if it is, please put the teacher in retirement and find a new one… A.S.A.P.!

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