I review exclusively Ménage/Polyamory romances, multiple men, one woman with a happy ending (HEA) for all. no exception.

MFM : 2 straight males, 1 female
MFMM+ : more than 2 straight males, 1 female.
MMF: 2 bisexual males, 1 female
+MMMF: more than 2 bisexual males, 1 female.

I have no preference regarding the theme: paranormal, BDSM, Sci-Fi, fantasy, contemporary, western/cowboy, vampires/shifters, historical …

I review new and old releases. Your book must be at least 100 pages (excluding cover, publishing infos, bios, blurb, excerpts, etc)

I do not review : MF, MFF, MM or FF, MMM or FFF as well as non erotica and this includes YA and teens.

book5Currently, new accepted review requests are on an approximate six months delay. This means that while it is certainly possible that I may be able to get to it sooner, nothing is guaranteed before that time, though I do try to post reviews as closely following the release dates for new releases as possible.

Like everybody else, I have a real life… Although I do my best to tell you if I accept or not your request, if I do not answer you back within 2 weeks, you are welcome to send me another mail or contact me in private on facebook.

I am also choosing randomly to read my books: those that I was asked to review and those I choose myself to review. I review for free, for the love of sharing a genre I adore, because I find it fun to share my opinion on a blog. I am not paid for it and the only reward I get is people reading my ramblings. Sometimes, real life get into my fun to read and sometimes it takes way longer than I thought to review a book. I will not apologize, that’s life!  However, if I make a commitment with an author or with a publisher, I will do my best to keep my commitment and deadlines.

I  accept Advanced Reader Copies (ARC) for review.  I understand that the content of these submissions is not in their final state and small punctuation and spelling mistakes will not negatively affect an ARC review. For ARC reviews, the author or publisher may request a general time frame for the review to be published. If a specific time or day for a review’s posting date is important, please let me know with your submission so I can schedule it accordingly. Unless the author asks it, I will not mention it is an ARC in my review unless it is a publisher’s request.

Submitting a work for review does not guarantee a 5 stars review once accepted and furthermore there is no guaranty to get a review at all: if the book does not suit my tastes or if I think my review is 3 stars or under, I may decide to do not review it.

If it is a request,  I will post automatically a rating of 4 and 5. If the rating is 1, 2 or 3 stars, I will discuss it with the author and explain my reasons. I am not a “mean reviewer” and I take no joy to post a bad review, most especially if the author asked me to review directly. So I may just decide to not post the review at all. There is no obligation from my part to post a review and the author must agree on this possibility.

I am more open to accept if you take the time to contact me in private on Facebook and follow my social medias… just saying…

Click on the animation to know how I rate or HERE.

I will review only HEA:  all main characters should be committed together at the end of the story. Yes, I already mentioned it on top of this blog…

My “major” pet peeves includes:

I will refuse to review any work containing pedophilia, necrophilia (vampires not considered as necrophilia), rape portrayed in a positive light, bodily waste as erotic, or other content we consider objectionable upon reading the content.

  • swinging/swapping (spouses/partners)
  • cheating partners (major nono)
  • love triangle ending MF
  • non consensual sex or forced seduction (in my book I call it rape)
  • gangbang/orgy sex without romance involved in the story at all
  • French typos or grammar issues (no excuses)
  • pedophilia
  • necrophilia
  • sexual violence
  • extreme use of: blood, pain/suffering, body marks, violence abuse, knives, violence, rape scenes, etc.

My “minor” pet peeves includes:

  • Cavemen crude overly macho heroes (the kind who shut the heroine up with sex or decide to spank her because she did not follow some arbitrary rules she did not even know existed because she put her life in danger when it was clearly not her fault or heroes calling women slut or bitch when clearly they are big assholes using them)
  • Abuse of the Dom status/title (when in fact the hero is only a top)
  • Abuse of the “what will my family, my friends, my neighbors, my co-workers, my boss, my pet, think about it?”
  • Virgin heroines (we are in the 21st century and for me reading about deflowering a virgin is not erotic at all and I can ramble for quite some times about it and explain how much it is a turn off for me)
  • Time frame not credible (Meet & sex on monday; villain revenge and his death on wednesday; eternal love marriage on saturday… credible? not!)
  • I am not fond of Barbara Cartland anymore… I read them when I was a young teen and this kind of stories are NOT what I read anymore for decades (!) which is a poor young naive virgin falling for the rich older jaded bachelor saving her from a big bad villain. Adding 1 or 2 sex scenes in it do not change the Cinderella concept that I really now dislike. So the “young naive and generally abused 20-25ish yr old virgin” and “older bachelor billionaire who screwed thousand of women” stereotype is a complete turn off for me. ~ NOTE: Barbara Cartland name is only used as an example here for the genre she wrote even if this lady (RIP) never wrote any erotic genre; I do not want to use publishers names here but everyone understand the ones I have in mind right? ~

I cringe when:

  • Double or ass penetration without preparation or permission
  • No condom request at first sex encounter (unless justified or agreed)
  • No distinct personalities between the male heroes (heroes attached by the hips is boring)
  • stories ending with the mandatory double penetration as if it has to end with this particular sex scene
  • epilogue ending with a sex scene
  • male heroes falling in love at first sight and talking about “the one” within few hours
  • marriage and commitment within a week

Please be aware that if any of these occur in your novel, it will likely receive a lower final rating. On rare occasion I review erotica and therefore I review them with a complete different perspective.

I am at ease with:

  • Incest if consensual 18+ partners (stepsister/stepbrother are not blood related from my perspective; i do not read father/daughter but I do not mind siblings)
  • sex under shifting or alien forms
  • exhibitionism
  • voyeurism
  • BDSM (except heavy fetishes) – this is a genre I favor and love and I have a very soft spot for this genre
  • multiple men (more than 2, 3, 4, etc) – they do not need to be all committed at the end of the story but if they do, the better, but not mandatory as long as the story ends with more than one man.


Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!


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