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Her bio:

I’ve been a dreamer my entire life. So, it was only natural to start writing down some of those stories that I have been dreaming about.

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I fall in love with all of my characters. They are perfectly imperfect with the hopes, dreams, desires, and flaws that we all have. I want them to overcome obstacles and fear to get to their happily ever after. We all should. Everyone deserves their very own sexy, happily ever after.

I grew up in the cold, but beautiful plains of Illinois. I now live in Central Florida with my handsome husband – who’s a real, native Floridian – and my son whom I have dubbed “Louis the Sun King.” They claim to be supportive of all the time I spend on my laptop, but they may simply be resigned to my need to write.

When I am not working at my conservative day job or writing furiously, I enjoy relaxing with my family or curling up with a good book.

I am happy to welcome, Lara Valentine, today!

1. Why did you choose to write ménage? What intrigues you about this particular genre?

I think the dynamic between the three (or more) people is interesting. Sex aside, how would a woman deal with having more than one man at once? Is there more love, more jealousy? More whiskers in the sink? LOL

2. Tell us about your latest ménage release: what’s it all about? Where did you find the inspiration?

Plenty To Come is about a fictitious town in Central Florida that believes in ménage relationships. My heroine loses her job in Chicago and moves with her best friend to Plenty, FL to become teachers. Shortly after arriving in town, she meets Zach and Chase Harper. They’re brothers who are looking for a woman to love and share.

As for the inspiration, 23 years ago I moved from snowy Illinois to Florida. I didn’t end up with two men, but I did meet my husband and have made Florida my home since.

3. Who is your favorite ménage character(s) and why?

I know I shouldn’t have favorites… BUT…I really fell in love with Zach Harper in Plenty To Come. He’s a wounded soul that is looking to be healed by love.

4. In your opinion, what makes a good ménage novel?

In any novel, the characters make or break, in my opinion. In a ménage, the men need to be distinct. I want to know how they are different and what is special about each of them.

5. What do you think of ménage romance in general? Do you think numbers are important in ménage stories? The more the better or maybe not?

I love ménage but it is not an easy genre to write. It’s difficult to make each man different from the other, without it coming off as cliché. Also, the more men you have, the harder it is to develop depth in those characters because the book cannot go on and on about the backstories of each man.

So… for me personally, I think two or three is the limit. I really like to get to know the characters and see the relationship deepen.

6. What sparks your ménage imagination to the point of writing one? Is there a particular source of inspiration for your ménage stories?

Sometimes a movie or television show can spark the imagination. You watch something and think “What if she didn’t have to choose? What if she could have them all?”

7. What is your favorite gender combination in ménage? More men than women? No women all men? Why?

My preference is a woman with multiple men who may or may not be involved with each other.

8. Do you prefer to use straight, gay or bisexual male character? Why? What influences your choice?

My preference is bi-sexual males but I don’t have that combination planned until book 3.

9. In your opinion, inside a ménage with more than one man, is the woman character condemned to a passive role? Or can she be portrayed as dominant? Is she just a toy, a doll in the men’s hands, or can she assert herself as a woman and an individual?

No way! I like to think that my female characters are not passive. In fact, I really try to make sure that men don’t “save” them. They work together and save each other.

10. In your opinion, can a true ménage work in real life? Why or why not?

I have heard of ménage relationships in real life that do work. I, personally, don’t know anyone that lives this lifestyle. I think they could, but the people involved would have to be extremely unselfish.

11. Do you think there is a difference between ménage sex and ménage relationship? Are the two one and the same? Or can one be without the other?

A world of difference. I think you can have sex without a relationship and I think you can have a relationship without sex. Have you ever heard the term “office spouse”? I think this is a form of ménage. People who get some of their emotional needs fulfilled by someone but there is no sex involved.

12. What do you think of reviews on ménage books? Do you find they capture the essence of your work? If yes, why? If no, why not?

I love reading reviews on ménage books. As a writer, it is really food for thought as we are creating these triad relationships.

13. Tell us about your future projects. Do you have a new ménage romance coming out soon?

I am currently working on the Plenty To Learn (Plenty, FL 2). I’m about 20K in and things are really heating up for Jillian, Ryan, and Jackson.

I do have a non-menage book coming out May 8th – Doctor’s Orders which has BDSM overtones.

14. Where can the fans find you and find your books?

Right now they can find Plenty To Come at

15. Please tell us where readers and fans can find you on the net.

They can find me at or and on twitter @LaraValentine1

16. Is there anything you wish to share with the readers?

As a new writer, I am so humbled when someone reads my books. I just really want to say thank you!

Well. Thank you so much Lara for this interview. I enjoyed knowing a little bit more about you and of I enjoyed Plenty to Come! I wish you the best with your new series which I am sure will become a success!

~ Mary ~


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