Lets clarify a few points about this blog:

I am a french Canadian and English is not my mother tongue so of course my English is far from perfect. If you think you cannot stand to see typos or my thoughts are lost in the translation, just send me an email, I will never refuse help if it is presented nicely. 🙂
I created this blog because I love to share my opinion and my enthusiasm about erotica menage romance. This is my opinion only and do not represent anybody but my little me, moi and myself.
I do not care if the menage is a new or old release. I am “in the moment”. If I like a blurb, I will read it immediately. Most of the time, I just scroll my collection and stop on one title or one author that just pop up.
One book does not reflect the author’s talent or lack of it. However, I can very be sarcastic but I try my best to not be mean and express myself with a grain of salt.
I am not always accepting new requests. I invite you to read my Review Policy.
I welcome comments from authors and readers. However, I do not welcome rude and mean ones. Remember that sometimes some comments are better shared in private by email menagereviewer @ gmail.com (no space before and after @).

 My twitter nickname is @MenageReviewer 

How I review a book:

First, I would like to explain who I am: I am not an author, I never published, I am French Canadian and a middle aged woman. I started to read when I was 10 and read my first adult romance with a light under my bed, although at that time adult meant hot kisses and everything else suggested. My gosh! What a spectral difference from my dear Angelique by Anne & Serge Golon to my erotica ménage romances!!! This can be called evolution I guess.

I started my ménage collection in 2007 and as Angelique will remain dear to my heart bringing back tons of sweet memories, Colter’s woman by Maya Banks will also be extremely dear to my heart as I totally irrevocably irreversibly permanently fell in love with the Romantica ménage stories. Sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, BDSM, I love them ALL… I like them straight, I like them bisexual, I do not care as long as I will find more than one man with the heroine and if it is a happy ménage ending!

I have a profound admiration for authors. I think they are all extremely courageous to wish to be published because no doubt that the publication’s world is extremely tough for little fishes who wish to become sharks!

My reviews are all coming from my heart. I believe that an author need some honest reviews in order to evolve. The author must keep an open mind with how the readers react to their work and understand that a review, good or bad, will help them. Yes, I am sarcastic. Yes, I have a hard time with weak women. That is a fact. My reviews do not want to be mean and I totally understand that a bad review does not mean that the author is all bad. Not everyone can deliver a Pulitzer right? So yes, sometimes some author will and sometimes they won’t. However, I will always do my best to explain myself and provide details. What irk me a little bit with my colleagues reviewers is that they provide most of the time a note but they do not explain it. If I was an author and got for example a 3, I would be extremely frustrated to do not know why I deserved a 3 and which parts were missing or wrong or whatever deserved this rate. But again this is MY opinion and MY opinion only. I will repeat myself but if a person like blue and another hate it, none of them are right or wrong, they just have a different taste and thank you for that because the world would be extremely boring if we all liked the same things!

Hopefully, everyone will be tolerant to understand that I am a French native and English being not my mother tongue, I do make typos that I really try hard to correct. On the other hand, I can promise you that I have a very open mind and I do not expect to read the same kind of menage again and again. Sometimes I will favor a strong plot, sometimes it will be the romance. Most of the time it will only be the magic of the words mixed together that will bring me a awe or a irk. When I write a review it is generally a short time after I “turned” the last page of the story. It is still very emotional and straight from my guts. Everything is still in my head the way I pictured the story. And that the way, I think I will deliver my best and most honest review.

Welcome to my world…


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  1. yelena says:

    thank you! I just found your website when reading a review for an Emma Holly book. I am looking forward to using your expertise in searching for the books I enjoy and sometimes, LOVE!


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