Publisher: Self-Published
Date of release: September 16, 2016
Length: # pages or K  86 Pages


synopsis3Jill Anderson was once the bored trophy wife of a rich and powerful corporate businessman. All the money in the world did nothing to alleviate the boredom of her tedious life. Gambling in the local casino eventually filled the void in her lonely life and the attention she lacked from her hardworking husband. Fed up with her actions, he divorced her, forcing her to work in one of the sleaziest bars in town. And to make matters worse, one night after work she was attacked and beaten in the parking lot. With no one left to turn to, she was forced to call upon the only two men who seemed to care about her. When she met Saxton and Bear for the first time, she knew they were honorable men who could help her get her life back in order. Jill just didn’t trust herself to not fall in love with the two rowdy bikers who would eventually steal her heart and win her over.

Saxton and Bear were members of one of the roughest MC clubs around. No one messed with the pair if they knew what was good for them. Saxton lived life to the fullest, enjoying the freedom he got from his bike and a warm, willing woman. He never expected to meet Jill, the woman who would knock his socks off. His best friend Bear was one of the largest men in the club; men feared him, and women adored his tender heart. All Bear ever wanted was to find a woman he and Sax could see themselves settling down with one day.

It would take a lot for Saxton and Bear to win over her heart, but they both knew she was worth the fight.


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4-hotexcerpt“Look, she’s asleep,” Sax whispered.
“Maybe we should let her sleep, she needs her rest still. But you have to admit; she does look extremely fuckable sprawled out on her back like that, almost as if she is presenting herself to us on a silver platter. And right about now, I’m a starving man ready to eat her pussy. I wouldn’t mind slipping my tongue between her juicy thighs right now.”
“I wouldn’t mind a taste of her perky nipples that have been teasing me the past few days. She’s not even wearing a bra right now. I will just open her blouse up a tad and take a taste for myself.”
She could hear them whispering about her. Maybe she wasn’t dreaming. She didn’t want to ruin the moment, so she kept her eyes closed and allowed them access to her body.
Jill felt fingers slide the buttons open on her blouse as she lay still on her back. She could smell Sax’s masculine scent of leather and the soap he used from the shower. He was careful not to wake her with his skillful hands as she felt the cool air hit her breast, releasing her tits for his waiting mouth. Jill tried to maintain her breathing so they wouldn’t know she was aware of what they were up to.
Bear’s fingers grazed her lower stomach as he slowly slid them beneath the waistband of her shorts. Gently the tips of his fingers touched her hips, making it hard for her not to move as he took his time inching them down until her shorts were taken from her legs.
“Our girl here doesn’t bother wearing a bra or even panties. Just the way we prefer her, bare pussy, naked and ready to go for us.” Sax’s voice murmured along her hardened nipples before his tongue took a taste of her skin. “Mmm… just as I imagined she’d taste… like pure heaven.”
Her knees were opened wider by Bear’s large hands. She felt him make room between her legs for his wide chest and bulky frame. His breath caressed her skin, causing goose bumps to form all up and down her body. Sax and Bear made her tingle all over in excitement. She was tired of pretending to be asleep. She wanted them to know she was fully awake, but didn’t want to ruin any plans they had for seduction. Either way… she wanted this to happen. Her body was on fire, needing the intimate connection she craved from them. She couldn’t deny what she expected from them. She felt the juices leak from her weeping pussy, aching for their touch and taste.
“I can smell her arousal. The bear in me wants to taste her sweet nectar so badly my balls feel like they’re going to explode.” Light puffs of Bear’s breath whispered along her wet slit. She could feel his lips close to her throbbing clit. She wanted to scoot down further until his lips came into contact with her pussy.
Sax’s lips lightly sucked on the tips of her nipples. His mouth was warm and inviting to her breast. “Ripe berries, sweet for my tasting.” He continued to tease her nipples, taking turns with each, licking and sucking them inside his mouth.
Bear feathered kisses along the insides of her thighs. “I would prefer my sweet little angel to be watching me as I eat her pussy. I know you’re awake, little one. It’s time to play now, so how about we have you full attention while we’re pleasuring your body? That way if we hurt you in any way, you can let us know.”
Jill opened her eyes and looked up at Sax’s grin and then to between her legs as Bear’s handsome face appeared between her thighs.
His long beard tickled the insides of her legs. His beard was so sexy. She never wanted him to shave it off. It made him rugged and handsome in her eyes. “That’s better. I want you to watch as we take pleasure in devouring each and every part of this delectable body of yours. You have been driving us crazy since the moment we first laid eyes on your gorgeous face. We just want to play with you. Neither of us expects sex from you until you are in better health. Just relax and let us take care of our girl.”
In the short time she had been getting to know each of them better, Bear wasn’t normally this talkative or verbal. Jill remembered Sax as being the smooth talker of the two. She liked this side of Bear, open and honest with what he wanted from her.
His mouth latched onto her pussy. His lips were strong and powerful, and she gave in to the way his hands held her legs firmly open as he savagely showed her what she had been missing all these years. No man had ever taken greater care of her the way Bear handled eating her pussy.
“Oh, Bear… that feels so good,” she whimpered. She couldn’t help but clench her thighs together, keeping his mouth locked on her clit as his bristly facial hairs tickled her legs. Her belly quivered as he licked her slit from top to bottom, taking his time getting to know what she liked.
Sax fondled each breast as he took his time nipping and sucking on the opposite. His short beard scraped over each breast as he took turns with them. She bowed her chest from the mattress, presenting her breasts for his taking. Jill loved her tits to be sucked on. It made her pussy seep, her juices preparing her for foreplay. Sax bit the tips of her beaded peaks, causing her to buck off the bed.
“Easy, honey,” he said. “We just want to play with you. We don’t want you to hurt yourself again. Just lay there and feel what we are doing to you.”
Easier said than done. They were driving her mad with their evil mouths. Her body was so primed and ready to go, she wasn’t sure how much more she could take of this before she exploded.
Bear’s fingers slid in and out of her pussy, massaging her from the inside out.
“Is Bear making your pussy feel good? Are you wanting him to put you out of your misery so you can cream all over his face?”
Holy shit! With Sax’s dirty talk and the way Bear was fucking her pussy with his tongue and fingers, she was about ready to beg them to fuck her. She was so close. Her fingers gripped the sheets below her as her feet dug into the mattress. Their mouths were masterful, artful in their way of eating pussy and making her tits feel like they were on fire. She couldn’t wait for the time when they fucked her. Jill had a feeling it would be worth the wait.
“Please, Bear…” she panted. “I need to come.” She closed her eyes and her head tossed and turned on the pillow. She was right there. There was no going back now. She craved both of them even more now.
“I have never tasted a cunt sweeter than yours, little one. When I finally do have your body willing beneath mine, I am going to make you beg me to come. I want you writhing as I plow my shaft deeper and deeper inside you before I finally let you come.”
“Oh, god, I’m coming.” She could no longer contain her arousal. Her body jerked and twitched as he sucked all the juices from inside her. Sax fondled and sucked on her hard nipples before she felt her orgasm slowly diminish. As her body lay weak, unmoving, she could only bask in the completion of one of the best orgasms she had ever had.


authorbio3Erika Reed lives in Southern California with her loving husband and two beautiful daughters. She is very thankful for her family and friends that have been there, supporting her from the beginning of her writing career.

When she is not writing or running her busy household, she enjoys sitting down with her Kindle, reading one of her favorite authors. She enjoys her writing and will continue to surprise her readers with more erotic stories in the future. Erika loves to hear from her readers and can be reached at



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