Holly Brewner knew she had a problem with Christmas Eve, but she thought her way of celebrating was better anyway. Twelve days of gifts and on Christmas Day, the big one. Her father and she had celebrated every year like this, but this year was going to be different.

This year she had a new stepmom and two stepbrothers, who happened to be dragons, and that changed all her plans.

Upon their arrival, her house burned down, she was shot at, and now she was staying in a cave for two days as if that were normal. On top of that, her two stepbrothers, Darius and Malcolm Longfellow, were claiming they were her mates and that they were going to marry her on Christmas Eve.


A road trip to Las Vegas with her two best friends.
A lesson in seduction from two gorgeous guys, to help her forget her cheating ex.
She’s in for a sexy-hot weekend … if her heart survives.

After Andi walks in on her boyfriend screwing another woman, she’s looking to crawl inside a champagne bottle and lose herself for a few days.

Kane and Isaiah, her online gaming partners and the cutest couple ever as far as Andi’s concerned, have a better plan. A road trip to Las Vegas, competing in a national first person shooter competition for a cash grand prize, and finding her a one night stand to take her mind off her cheating ex.

Andi’s all in… except she’s not sure she’s got what it takes to find and seduce a random hookup. Isaiah and Kane offer her some hands-on experience. With each new lesson, it becomes harder for Andi to remember the guys are just friends. The mounting tension is shooting holes in their in-game cohesion, and killing their friendship. Andi’s running out of time to make an all or nothing decision.


Luke and Gabe Stone are enjoying loving Addison Mitchell. One night the threesome take a sexy and dramatic trip to a dance club for more than just dancing. While there, they run into Jett, a Revenant from the twins’ past with Mrs. Soon after this meeting, an unfortunate incident forces them out of their house. Jett generously offers to let them stay with him.

One day when the Stone brothers are out dealing with business, Jett asks Addison to go hunting with him. She nervously accepts his invitation. When Luke and Gabe return to find she has gone off into the forest alone with Jett, they are furious. This and a few other situations start to make the twins lose some trust in Addison. Will they stay a happy threesome or has Jett put a permanent wedge between them all?



In book one of Northern Sky: Jesse and William Geiger are your typical roughnecks who work in the arctic circle of Alaska on an oil rig, making life a little different than the average person. Not to mention having any type of personal life when you need to take a bush plane an hour or two to the nearest city. Living in their no named village filled with only working men, the men suddenly encounter someone who’s recording their every move. Throw in a sexy little woman with a sassy attitude, and the brothers don’t know if they should deal with the intruder first, or the ice princess who threatens to thaw their frozen hearts.
Mackenzie Beel, or Mack as she likes to be called, is nothing more than an adrenaline junky who writes stories of all her adventures, filled with exciting and colorful picture. But when someone suggest a remote location so she could get a true feel of the Alaskan life, she gets more than she bargained for. After meeting the two sexy bearded men who growl, flirt, and inform her the great Alaskan wilderness is not a place for her, they leave her conflicted. Does she partake on the local wildlife, or should she stay shivering in her cold sleeping bag in the snow?
Between bears, moose, and fish, Mack is falling in love with the clean and non-electronic life style. Even when her own life is on the line, she feels safe and secure. However, years of feeling alone and unloved has left her unsure about herself. Jesse and Will find a way to get through to Mack, but at what cost? Can the three of them find a way to stay warm, inside and out, or will the frozen terrain leave the three of them cold and alone under the Northern Sky?


 FREE – part 1 of 3

Tasha is a voluptuous female shifter who’s sick of running from her past. After 10 years, she returns to Moon Lake and the two mates she left in the lurch. Throwing caution to the wind, she hops in the car and races home. A heartfelt apology and a little groveling should work, right?

Roman and Hunter grew up hunky, passionate, and unwilling to be hurt again. When Tasha returns, so do their feelings. Roman is thrilled to see his first love return to him and cannot wait to have her, body and soul. Hunter is more wary, what if she hurts them again?

The three wolf shifters must navigate through lust, romance, and pain of the past.

Will Tasha be forgiven? What drove her back to Moon Lake? Will she ever find herself in the middle of an alpha sex sandwich?

Reader Warning: This is for 18+ readers. This trilogy contains explicit sexual content including threesomes, rough sex, dirty talk, and more. If you’re looking for a scorcher, this is the novella for you. Settle in for a read about a curvy, chatty shifter woman and the wolves who want her.

*** This novella is part one of the Mated by Destiny Trilogy. ***


 If they can solve the puzzle that is Sarah, she may double her pleasure.

Damon and Jared Bentley seem to have it all—wealth, standing, and ownership of an elite BDSM club. But since they lost the woman they loved, none of life’s pleasures have been as sweet. Until they meet Sarah.

Underneath her polite veneer, ink, and scars, Sarah Evans hides her pain and damaged soul. She strives to remain an enigma to the Bentleys for fear her secrets could destroy them. But the brothers know they’ve finally found the sub they’ve been longing for…and they won’t give up until they claim Sarah for their own.


Geneticist Alexandra Van Zant has reached her breaking point. Tired of her fiancé’s sexual secrets, learning that the basement holds a blood-red playroom, and Jonathon is Gabe’s submissive…it’s the final straw. The ménage a quatre’s future turns shaky when she informs her men the relationship is on paper only, but with a madman still intent on humanity and killing anyone who gets in his way, her reliance on Gabe, Jonathon, and Conor to keep her alive makes avoiding them impossible.

When POTUS gets involved chasing disease outbreaks, glamorous photo shoots, interviewing on talk shows, and clandestine meetings at twenty thousand feet become the new typical day in the office for the woman more comfortable in a lab coat. Vacationing in Ireland is a welcome respite but ignoring her men in the middle of nowhere is impossible. With time for quiet reflection, will Alexandra dismiss the ménage forever or allow all her men back in her bed?

When a strategic attack lands both Alexandra and Jonathon in the hospital with life-threatening injuries the ante ups dramatically. While Alexandra is unconscious, her pregnancy reveals the secrets are getting deeper and more dangerous by the day. Will this new discovery heal the ménage or be the breaking point for them all?


Old-fashioned girl needs a man who loves to walk in the rain. A homebody, white picket fence-type of guy. Sexual requirements-gentle yet untamed lover. He must be sexually adventurous who will train me to be the same. Must be romantic, enjoy toys, interested in mutual light bondage, ménages are welcome.

That’s what curvy, antiques shop owner Jenna MacLean wants when she and her best friend outline a want ad just for fun on their weekly girls’ night out.

After years of being away from his pretty-plus sized ex-girlfriend, Sully’s back in town. When he finds the want ad, he knows he’s the only man who can make all of Jenna’s sizzling-hot fantasies come true. She’s never left his heart and he needs her back in his bed-but he’s not going to get her back via the traditional romantic route. This time, he’ll prove he loves her with help from the notorious Ménage Club, a relationship club designed specifically to get estranged couples back together with the help of a third and sometimes a fourth in the bedroom…


When professors Stephanie and Lee decide to rent out the room above their garage to students, they’re just doing it for the money. But they get more than they bargain for in Joe, the caring and charismatic lead singer of the post-hardcore band Armour for Life who comes to live with them.

Stephanie insists that her sudden desire in their new boarder is not a mid-life crisis and instead focuses all her energy in applying for tenure. Lee takes a sabbatical, working on his new critical theory book late into the night while listening to Joe’s music during the day. When a tentative friendship between the two men develops, Lee believes he wants to help Joe escape their city the way he himself was never able to when he was younger.

It’s only after Joe leaves to go on tour that both Stephanie and Lee realize how empty their house is without him. But the professors have to be the ones to take the first steps to get what they want from the traveling musician.


Months ago, Tara Wilcox ran away from Luca Castell and Oliver Gordon. She’d fallen hard for the pair of hunters and feared their growing feelings for her. But what truly terrified her was the possibility that they’d discover what she really is. That she’s the very thing they hunted.

Luca and Oliver are partners, in every sense of the word, and their lives are spent running toward danger. Falling for Tara was the biggest risk they’d ever taken, and her vanishing without a word gutted them.

But, she’s back, desperate for their help in hunting a vicious para creature. Despite the risks—to their lives and their hearts—reigniting the love they’d had is simple. But nothing is simple when, faced with an impossible choice, Tara reveals her true nature.

Now that Luca and Oliver know the truth, Tara has another choice to make—run again or trust that their love is strong enough to look beyond the monster she fears they’ll see.

NOTE: Previously published in the anthology, Dark Pursuit.


In book two of the Landcaster Brothers: She knows that if he catches her, she will die by her ex-boyfriend’s hands. Clair runs to the only person she knows who can help her, her friend, Hailey, and Hailey’s fiancé, Mark Landcaster. They take her away to unlikely protectors who will keep her safe and he can never find her.

Slade Landcaster has better things to do than babysit some scared little mouse, but as long as she stays out of his way they will get along fine. With his roommate, Hunter, along for the ride, they protect the abused but curvy beauty that was thrust into their care.
With Clair running from one man, how is she supposed to feel safe with two hulking men? A better question is—why does she desire them instead of fearing them?

As she heals and the more time spent together, she may be in trouble of losing her heart to the two men. Do they feel the same about her or is she just an unwanted house guest they are playing with and keeping safe until her abuser is gone for good?