I guess this is the place where I will share my thoughts, my analysis in general regarding this sub-genre.

I am reading  erotica menage romance only for few years now and I generally read between 5 to 7  books per week. So make your calculation and it is a lot. My purse is saying so anyway.

I am not in any way, shape or form a specialist of this genre or the most experienced. I am just an avid reader who love menage and decided that none of the other genre fulfill the same pleasure of reading.

So along my reading journey, I can tell that I read all kind from poor to must read. I always thought that sometimes authors are living in their own bubble and have a hard time to connect with readers. Twitter is changing that since now it is easier to reach an author.

Publishers is another story, they see $$ only and careless about suggestions or comments. Sadly, they do not understand that in the long road, they may loose customers for lack of quality. Their loss.

So here are my thoughts. If I can make an author to just keep my suggestions in mind or find new ways to write their story, then I will be happy. Of course, I will never know but hey! anyone can hope!

Thank you for reading me


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