To request a menage review, you need to send me an EMAIL

Please add in the object of your mail: MENAGE REQUEST


Let me know in your mail if your story is:

stand alone or part of a series but can be read as a stand alone
ends with a happy menage HEA
no cliffhanger (no HFN epilogue)
date of release

Please attach a NOTEPAD document with the following information in this order:


Genre: contemporary, historical, paranormal, western et
Type of menage: MFM MMF MFMM etc
Date of release:
Series: yes / no (title and # in the series)
Stand Alone/Part of a series but can be read stand alone
Name and link of publisher
words / pages



Your blog: (link)
Your website: (link)
Twitter ID: (link)
Goodreads (link)
Facebook: (link)
Smashwords: (link)
Amazon: (link)



Trailer video (if you have one) – provide the link


Excerpt (not mandatory) – my blog is 18+ so you can give me a spicy one 🙂

► material attached with mail

Copy of your ebook (ePub format) not to be shared by me to anyone (of course)
Cover book (minimum 200×300) – png or jpg
Logo of your blog/website (not mandatory)


What I expect after I posted the review

I expect that my logo will be added on the blog/site if the review is 4-stars or 5-stars. 3-stars is optional.

I do not expect anything except maybe if an author requested a review, I would love to receive a comment, either privately per email or publicly using my comment/reply box. Nothing is mandatory but I would consider it as courtesy. A simple “thank you for your effort and time to review my story” will do. Again, in private email or public, it does not matter. I was not the one asking for a favor here and even if I get the exposure after my review, it remains that I was raised that if someone is asking something to somebody, thank you shows class and education.

I sincerely believe that a review should be meaningful and even tho it is coming from one opinion, mine, I hope that the author will accept my critics and discuss them with me. Not that I expect that I hold the truth here but just exchange a civilized opinion. Again, not mandatory.

If I am the one to decide to review a story and select the story on my own.

I expect nothing from the author: no logo. no thank yous. no comments. etc. 😛

But of course, if you like my review, you are very welcome to express it.

I am not this kind of reviewer who think that authors and reviewers should not speak to each other. I am friend with many authors on facebook and I hope I made it clear by now that I am not offended if I receive a “thank you” or if I am contacted directly.

Format accepted: EPUB

I am never in need of material. I am an avid menage/polyamory reader and I hunt daily each and ever publishers for new releases. So chances are that I may have already your book in my collection.


As soon as I will post my review, I will twitter it a numerous time for exposure.

You are welcome to use the rate logo at the bottom of your review and add it on your blog if you want.


Publicity is important. I welcome the exchange of logos. Send me yours, and I will be happy to add it on my page HERE

You can use the HTML code or just copy the logos directly.

Mary's Menages Reviews

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Mary's Menages Reviews

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