Challenging Love

by Jana Leigh

Series: Drekinn Series , Book 5.0

Published By: JK Publishing

Published: Apr 01, 2014

ISBN # 9781310223693

Word Count: 41,100



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In book five of the Drekinn: Pilar has known her mate for decades, but the man seems to have a will made out of steel. She finds herself at wits end and on the verge of telling him to put up or shut up.

Brooks feels the mating pull with no option but to ride it out. So much counts on him keeping it together. One wrong move and the outcome could affect everyone involved. Now all he has to do is figure out how to get his dragon princess to understand they have to wait without receiving burn marks.

Clues start to surface for the Drekinn Pack but still leave them with so many more unanswered. Old friends start to pop up, bringing confusion to what happened long ago to drive the shifter world into hiding.

Join the Drekinn Pack as they start to put pieces together and follow the moms as they hash out plans to get what they want from their daughters. Watch as the past, present, and future start to intertwine.



“You mean to tell me that all this time we have been working against ourselves? I know her, you know her, we can remember some of it but why not all of it? Where are the others?” Pilar said frustrated. “Freakin’ hundreds of years and we are just now getting it? We have an enemy we never even knew we had.”

“No,” Brooks said as he stepped into the room. “No, someone was working against you, but not to hurt you, to protect you. There is a spell, I can feel it, and we need to unlock it. It seems like they are allowing us to see one step at a time, I don’t know how but they are. We need to talk to her.”

Pilar glared at her mate, he had just as much of a secret as she did, it was truly going to suck talking to Calli, Rissa, and Cherri. Brooks had taken the easy way out and disappeared for weeks on end, because he was trying to find an answer to why they couldn’t remember certain things. Well it was a fucking stupid question, and an even stupider answer. To top it all off, he was looking gorgeous and sexy even though the mating pull had been wearing on both of them, hadn’t it?

“Great, now you want to talk to me?” Pilar scoffed.

“Look, I told you it wasn’t time, then. Now it is, can’t you feel it. He is our mate, and he is dying, unless we figure out what the hell they did to him, we will lose him. I am not willing to let that happen. Now, work with me!” Brooks barked. Pilar narrowed her gaze at her dumbass mate. She was going to do some serious damage to him, including kicking his perfectly sculpted ass.

“Ha, for years you have been ignoring our bond, and now you want to use it like a fucking talisman. Forget it, I will find a way to save him and you can go and fuck yourself. I am sick of you thinking I can be put on hold forever. This was my life you were fucking with, mine!” Pilar screamed.

“And I have suffered just as much, but we had to wait. Our mate was not here yet,” Brooks said gruffly.

“Oh please, you didn’t want to bother because you wanted to do what you wanted when you wanted and how you wanted. Don’t try to sugarcoat this shit,” Pilar said and Phillip held up his hand.

“I think I am gonna give you guys some space here to deal with this. Sister, call me when you are ready,” Phillip said, laughed, and went to Brooks and patted him on the shoulder. “Good luck with that. Remember—she can breathe fire.”




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