Bad reviews or no rating does not mean that you are not a good author. I totally get it that it is hard to provide a best seller story. I just wish that the authors will learn from their readers and remain constructive about their reviews. I dislike those readers or reviewer who just not elaborate why they did not like this or this. I hope that none of the authors that I do rate low will be offended but take it with a grain of salt. I KNOW that one book does not reflect your talent or lack of it. So please continue to write because you are very courageous to do so!


Please please please try to give equal time with each main character. It is very frustrating to read a story with multiple guys and know only 2 of 4 for example. If you chose to have a certain number, make sure to describe their personality and the reasons why they are in the love relationship!

MMF Menage and characters:

I have so much to say about this… First, PLEASE (tenfold) stop giving us stupid heroine with no sense of rebellion or even brain!!!!! Is it the virgin complex here? Does she has to be dumb and accept to be a toy or used as sex slave between two alpha dominant alphas? AGRRR … Second, can you PLEASE put the heroine at the right place when it is a MMF and not give us a MM gay story with a girl on the side? I do not mind bisexuality but by all means, let it be an equal bisexuality!!!


It is okay to end a story with MF (one male, one female). However it is incredibly disappointing to buy a book described as a menage. expecting a happy menage ending and find out that it is only menage sex scenes or orgies. There is a huge difference. You should make sure to let the publisher know and ask them to add a clear mention in the excerpt/description.

Serialized book:

I understand that is a new way to attract and sell. BUT. This becomes totally ridiculous to wait months to get a complete book! I loose completely the interest to buy them. Not only it is more expensive in the end but each time I loose track of who is who and the plot. On top of that, it is obvious that the author is rushed and the quality is just not there!


a little effort in here would be appreciated… 😉


is it possible to make an effort here and provide some clues to the artist so they can offer a nice related cover with the story? How ridiculous to have the hero bald and the hero on the cover with brown hair… duh!


I would like to raise the attention to both authors and publishers to make the effort that the french is used correctly without grammar typos. The free online translators are crap! It is as important to read a perfect French as to read a perfect English. Not taking the time to verify the grammar is a lack of respect in my opinion. I hope that this review will reach some of you and from now on you will provide us, french readers, the quality of language that we deserve.


I like strong plots and originals. I understand that the stalkers and serial killers are there to be used but after many stories, it gets old. The big bad guy does not have to be described right away with all details. I love to discover the personality and the reasons chapter after chapter.


I personally dislike quickies (10-20K). I do not find any depth in the story but only a long sex scene to be listed as erotica. I enjoy long novels when the authors explore all the details of their plots and characters. This is extremely enjoyable to know that a book has over 200 pages and more (70-100K)! And I really do not mind it the price is a little bit higher as long as it brings quality with it!

PDF quality:

I noticed that a couple of publishers are delivering poor pdf quality. It seems that the conversion is not correct. Generally the font used shows some issues like letters glued together. This causes multiple problems not only to read easily but also some e-reader consider the font as unknown and pick another one (in my case it is Papyrus which if you know the font is very very difficult to read a full story with. So make sure to verify the pdf quality before selling it. I for myself is very frustrated because I need to have a HTML to convert it into a clean pdf or if I do not have another format spend hours and hours to export to word and clean page after page. At this point, I would say that it is not normal for me to pay and not have a perfect format.


Thank You!: Finally I would like to thank all the authors and publishers who allow me to enjoy the erotic menage romance. It is now growing more and more popular vs MF and MM and you have NO idea how I look forward to your new releases!!!

If you are interested to read more about my analysis of erotic menage romances, just click HERE

. AA

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  1. Meg Amor says:

    Aloha Mary,

    And thanks for this too. I’ve taken note. LOL.

    I don’t think I’m making too many balls-up. But don’t read my first book. It’s a short story. LOL. I have to admit, I like the longer stories too. I want to really see the relationship between my people. And see the characters grow and develop.

    I was asked if I would cut my first book of the Troika Series in half and make it a serial and I said no. I thought that 55K was too short. And that you didn’t get the whole story or character development that I, personally, like to see in a book.

    I’ve wondered sometimes if I did the right thing, but you’ve helped me feel clearer about that. I feel with a menage, you really need the extra leg room and 110 or more K’s to give everyone an equal footing in the story.

    So thanks!! This is a great site. I’m glad I found it. 🙂

    Aloha and thanks Meg Amor 🙂

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  2. L.M. Brown says:

    An as author I would like to point out that matters are not always in our hands when it comes to things like release dates, covers and even book lengths.

    I have a MMM trilogy where the first two books were released by a publisher who closed. Hence there has been a long delay (thankfully shortly to be over) in the third book being published. This was totally out of my hands.

    I asked the new publisher whether it might be possible to combine the three stories into one volume for the re-release. They are each just over 60k. The three combined are too long for most publishers.

    And while I am lucky in that all of my publishers give me some say in the cover art, I am aware from other authors/publishers that this is not always the case.

    As for the other comments in the post, well, I hope that each of my boys was given equal page time, I think they were, and it is definitely a true menage with a lot of plot that (hopefully) isn’t just the usual tropes. Of course, I may be wrong, but I hope that it is at least a little original.


    • Thanks for your input L.M. 🙂

      There is a difference between trilogy and serialized story which is ONE story split in many like a TV series (HFN) and the finale being the HEA.

      Trilogy can take months (sadly sometimes years) but generally the HFN is satisfactory until the finale book.

      Serialized are way too short for me to connect AND even remember who is who months later. The delay in between each published parts should be less than a month so readers remember and anticipate each new release and will buy all the parts.

      Many times I bought the first 2 out of 7 and did not find much excitement to buy them all AND prices were just plain ridiculously expensive if I added all together. They lost me completely in this kind of partial releases.

      I guess it is the luck of the straw to find the right publisher that will respect not only authors but their readers/customers and be careful about the heroes physical details.

      As far for the equality.. that is another story altogether… The more heroes in a menage story, the lesser I find it, sadly.



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