Title: Loving Two Doms
Author: Holly S Roberts
Genre: BDSM elements
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: Yes
Series: No
Re-issued / Re-edited: No
Date published: May 16, 2013
Publisher: Holly S Roberts
Purchase: LINK
ISBN: 20130516DLN
Length: Long Novel
Page count: 230 pages – 62,000 words


synopsisBlood Rights lead guitarist, Matt Mathews, and keyboard player, Stephon Cross, live a passionate life of shared women, kinky sex, and close friendship. But something’s missing.

Stephon’s past haunts him and only his friend Matt understands and brings balance to hold Stephon’s tightly leashed anger in check. Matt loves his friend but he’s tired of one-night-stands and longs for one woman to fulfill them both and help tame Stephon’s beast.

Jewel, a strong but physically scarred waitress, working in a small café, wants to be loved and cherished, but learned early that life isn’t a sweet melody.

Can Jewel resist Matt’s devilish charm and his friend Stephon’s roving hands when Matt isn’t looking? And, when she discovers their kinky secret can she give her heart by Loving Two Doms?

Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences, 18 + only, and contains graphic sex, strong language, content that may be objectionable to some but perfect for others. M/F/M, Ménage, BDSM, bondage, voyeurism, anal play, and luscious male bodies.

Author’s Note: Loving Two Doms, an El Diablo Club: Bad Boys of Rock Book can be read as a standalone or a continuation of Bad Boy Dom.


When I discover a new author such Holly S. Roberts and I read an outstanding story, Two Doms for Angel, if it is a matter of luck or not if the author will provide more of the same quality. Let’s be clear here: Holly S. Roberts did it again and I have no doubt in my mind that she is an incredible author.

This book is not about hard core BDSM and that was a big surprise. After Two Doms for Angel, I really thought that Holly S. Roberts was an author that will write only about fetishism, masochism, D/s relationship etc. This story is definitely not hard core and I am 100% convinced that tons of new readers will be pleased about it. I sure understand that BDSM is not for everyone. Even if I am not one of them, I understand that a large majority of readers enjoy spicy romance but not overly sex oriented which of course is the opposite spectrum of a BDSM romance which is based on dominance and sex. I am talking about romances here because for those who live the lifestyle, we all know that sex is not mandatory, as well as dominance etc.

So. Loving Two Doms. What a roller coaster of emotions!

You know, the more I read, the more I believe that I need to love the characters completely. I need to fell in love, to understand them. I realize that it is a huge part if I like, love or adore a story. In this case, I adored it.

Holly S. Roberts selected a sensible subject: retired soldiers. This is certainly not new. I read a couple of authors that did it too. Time to Play by Sam Crescent for example, which I also loved. We are all sensitive about Afghanistan or middle-East or anywhere the wars are taking place. We know the tragedies, we see it every day on CNN or else and some of us know it even more personally when loosing a love one or welcoming back the person at home. So it is easy to play with those emotions in a romance. But easy does not mean it is well done. Loving Two Doms  goes deep into the emotions but the right way, the trauma one of the character lived is real and happens every day, somewhere in the world.

Shephon and Matt, the two male characters are survivors. But one of them lives with the guilt every day of his life. It is called PTSD. In Loving Two Doms, the syndrome is not severe but still heartbreaking.


It seems that I am saying that this book is difficult, hard to read and the complete opposite of a romance. It is not! The heroes are dealing with guilt and anger but it is not all about it. The story is about a woman who will complete them and allow them to move on. Just keep that in mind. However, since I always shares what a story makes me think or feel, I just could not talk about the real side of what happens every day.

For 1/3 of the story, I must admit I was a tiny bit upset because I did not see much equality in the relationship. Then, I realized that in real life it never happens that a woman meet two guys at the same time, fell in love at the same time and everything at the same freaking time. It just does not work that way or if it does it is an exception. So, I took a step back and understood that a ménage à trois is four stories at the same time:

  1. man #1 + woman
  2. man #2 + woman
  3. man #1 + man #2 (does not matter if there is no sex or love, the story and past are there)
  4. man #1 + man #2 + woman.

Makes sense? For me, that makes four stories. The tricky part is to make all those stories fit together and make it authentic and credible. Some authors are good with some of the four only and therefore it makes their story good but not outstanding because there is something missing in the equation.

I realized that the four stories do not have to be told at the same time. They only have to fit with each other and end with the equation #4: all heroes committed.

Loving Two Doms has the four. No doubt. I was drowned in each one of them. I smiled and yes I had teary eyes a couple of times.

What about the heroine then? She is someone that you and I can relate. She has many insecurities but she is making the best of it. She learned with time how to deal, how to put aside the negative and hope for the best.

Have you ever wondered if your life is made of coincidence and hazards? One day, you decide to take this path and you meet this person who is going to change your life. One day, one specific time between two (or more) person and everything change.

That’s about it about the heroine, Jewel. She did not do anything special but around the corner, without expectation, everything changed.

What I love in this story is that both heroes are heavy metal musician and singer. You know that originality is part of my ratings. You like or you don’t heavy metal and a lot of people who do not know much about heavy metal do assimilate the fans and the music groups as drug addicts, heavy tattooed, loud music and all the extreme that go with it. But it is clichés! My ex is a heavy metal all time lover, he is tattooed, he adores loud music such ACDC, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Metallica etc … and I am the opposite, I like funk 80s/90s music, I have a tiny tattoo (because of him I must say lol) and I hate loud music… but we lived 10 years together. So I could totally relate to the heroine that had no clue about heavy metal when she met them and in the end it all matters what is inside on top of the outside. (Yeah yeah, the outside counts too. :P)

This story called to me in so many ways. It came searching, digging, extracting my raw emotions. It was quite something to experience. The kind I so look forward each time I pick up a new ménage romance…

Now, regarding the BDSM. Some of you will be surprised, some happily and some disappointed maybe. It is not a hard core BDSM story as I mentioned. You will find many elements and yes the heroes are Doms but the story is mainly a D/s relationship. But no blood, no pain, no fetish, no shibari bondage. And do not get me wrong here, please. A D/s relationship is different for everyone. There is no right or wrong. A D/s relationship takes time, months and years to build one. Living the lifestyle has so many different forms and shapes.

Holly S. Roberts gave us a soft version of a BDSM romance but she did it right. It felt right. It felt the kind of D/s I see in real life. 🙂

Now my critiques… 😉

I felt that the heroine did not explore the BDSM club enough or at least did not have enough time to learn who she was and what she really wanted. I felt that it was a bit rushed with her immediate knowledge she was a submissive, therefore ready to trust her Doms.

The epilogue turned short. I was expecting baby, marriage and collar. BUT, Holly S. Roberts promised me that it will come later. So I am holding her on this because I really really reallllllllllllllly want to read this happy ending! ha!

Finally… I am honored, touched, blessed and totally awe about the dedication Holly S. Roberts gave to me. I had a couple but this one is by far the sweetest I ever received. Now this said, and I am sure it came across your mind: NO, I did not know that she would dedicate her book to me before I read her and my rating has nothing to do with it!

Read it! Now! That is my last words of this review!


Characters:5 ~ Plot:5  Sex Heat: 4
Equality Level:5 ~ Credibility:5 ~ Originality:5



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