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I am excited to share New Year’s Invitations with Mary’s Ménage Reviews and look forward to connecting with more of my readers.

This mfm ménage was a pet project for me to add a little playful fun into my writing schedule. I fell in love along the way and am already through the second book in the series. My favorite ménage romances involve strong, intelligent characters who enjoy the unique experience and rewards of multiple partners. I hope that New Year’s Invitations captures that spirit and will bring a little extra heat to your plans for New Year’s!


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authorbio3Catherine Curtis is an award winning author of romantic fiction. She is a bit of a nomad but currently resides in the great state of Washington with her dapper husband and lovingly disagreeable dog Ivan. She loves to travel, cook, and most of all, read.

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They belong to a club with a shared interest in beauty, passion, and experience. She just wants to feel the true heat of desire.

When Sarah Jameson accepts an invitation to the snowy woods of New Hampshire, she is hoping to find something to thaw the numbness that defines her relationships. Her solution emanates from the dark and dominating Richard Ignatius. Over the course of four days he challenges her boundaries and inhibitions and introduces her to a level of feeling that she didn’t know was possible.

But they are not alone, and it doesn’t take long for Sarah to figure out that her traveling partners share much more than just friendship and good taste in wine. As she explores invitations in a group without judgment or limitation, she will be challenged to define her own bond with Richard. Neither of them know how far she is willing to go to please him. Neither of them know what she really wants.



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excerptNew Year’s Invitations: Chapter One

Copyright © CC Publishing, 2014

I’m pretty sure it is the rhythmic rocking of the train that does it. One moment I am sitting and watching the passing trees, enjoying the shifting scenery from city to snow covered farmland. The next minute I’m lost in an erotic daydream about Richard. Richard, who I barely know and who I’m about to spend four days with in a cabin in New Hampshire. Richard with all of his 6 feet of muscle, devious smile, and deep growl of a voice that drives me crazy. Why does it have to be Richard?

Richard is actually the reason I tried to say no, but just had to say yes. My friend Melanie called after Christmas to see how I was holding up and to let me know that one of their friends had just cancelled for their annual New Year’s trip. I’ve never been invited before but I’m guessing that my recent breakup led Melanie to believe that I, Sarah Jameson, was one of her few friends who would have nothing planned.

She was right of course. At 26 years old, I find myself single with absolutely no prospects. It’s not that I haven’t had plenty of chances to settle down. I’m sort of into serial monogamy. I date a man for a year and he starts to get serious and I start to get bored. The men I’ve dated have all been smart, good, hardworking men. But I’m starting to wonder if it’s appropriate to describe your mate in the same way you would describe a good employee. Surely there is something more in the world of romance.

My most recent breakup drove that point home. When Michael asked me to move in with him I felt nothing. No excitement or happiness or even anxiety. Looking into his dark brown eyes I saw the hope and anticipation that I lacked. I’ve felt shaken ever since. What if in all these years of playing it safe I’ve lost my ability to really feel?

I haven’t always been like this. There was a time when I knew what passion was. Maybe I need to just throw caution to the wind and lose myself in someone else for a little while. It may be temporary, but I need someone or something to wake me up from this numbness.

Which brings me back to Richard. Does Melanie know how strong of a reaction I have to him? I don’t really talk with her about those sorts of things. She and I work together at a large pharmaceuticals company but she’s in marketing and I am in HR. We have been out to lunch a few times and a happy hour or two. Twice she invited me to her home for dinner parties. She has a close knit group of friends and I can’t help but feel surprised that she seems to be welcoming me in.

The last dinner party is where I met Richard. With his dark hair and bright blue eyes, he stood out immediately. But I was too intimidated to approach him. He looked like the kind of man who was accustomed to being in control and taking what he wanted and that is exactly the kind of man I’ve tried to avoid. After a long night of sneaking glances at him he walked up behind me while I was mixing a drink and reached around me to grab a glass. All he said was, “Excuse me,” but the deep gravel of his voice in my ear sent a blush across my face and down my neck. I had to stand there for an extra minute or two just to hide my flush from the rest of the party.

Most of the same attendees will be here this weekend. Candice is a perky red head with freckles spread over her cheeks and a wonderful ability to put everyone in a good mood. I liked her the first time I met her and I’m excited to have more time to get to know her this weekend. Kara took a little longer to warm up to. She’s tall with jet black hair and is almost as pale as I am. She has a wonderfully sarcastic sense of humor that she delivers with such sincerity that I sometimes still have to think twice to decide if she’s joking.

The boys I know a little less. Other than Richard, we have Jared, who hangs out with Melanie a lot but I can’t tell if they are dating. He’s an inch taller than Richard and has wavy blonde locks that tumble down over his ears. Looking at him you would think that he’s a California surfer dude rather than the articulate investment banker that he is. Richard is bringing a guy named Stephan that I’ve never met but who Melanie describes as a younger, Spanish version of Javier Bardem. After taking the time to look him up on the internet I’ve decided this is a very good thing. The fourth man is Brandon who has always been a little quiet but puts me at ease with his caramel colored eyes that are almost hypnotic.

Everyone else who is going knows each other well. If I think about that too much my palms start to sweat. I’m the kind of person who finds a nice quiet corner to people watch at parties and with only eight of us I know I’m not going to be able to hide. The idea of making four days of conversation with people I barely know is enough to send me sinking into my blue plastic seat. I’m not sure what I was thinking, saying yes.

But I do know what I was thinking. All Melanie had to say was that Richard would be there. Even now my memory conjures the feel of Richard’s body close to mine. My eyes close and I try to savor the sound of his voice and the tingling sensation that drifts down to my toes. I feel the excitement build as he leans forward to reach for the glass. Only this time he shifts his balance and begins to trail soft kisses from the edge of my ear to my collar bone. I feel the softness of his dark hair against my cheek and smell a subtle hint of cinnamon and leather. His arm drifts lower and rests across my stomach as he pulls me back against his body. I can feel his thick erection pushing into my lower back. My nipples harden and my body tenses in anticipation.

“Sarah.” Richard’s version of my name is an erotic hum as he moves his hand up and over my breast. My heart starts to race as he continues upward and begins to trace his fingers over the top of my dress. I know I should push him away but I’m frozen with need as he reaches down into my bra and lightly pinches my left nipple.

My gasp is the only encouragement he needs and soon his other hand is moving down to the hem of my dress. The reality that we are in a room full of people cuts through my need for him long enough for me to object but when I try to turn to move away he only grips me tighter.

“Shhh. I’ve got you.” His hand travels up my thigh and I lose all focus on the rest of the room as his fingers sink deep inside of my throbbing sex. It takes every ounce of concentration to remain standing. I try in vain to stifle my moan as he thrusts deeper into me. With his next thrust I allow my head to fall back onto his shoulder and gasp for breath. His kisses leave cool reminders along my exposed neck.

Even tucked into this quiet corner I’m sure anyone watching can tell what’s happening. But every time my mind starts to worry Richard flicks his thumb over my sensitive clit and I just don’t care. When I push against his hand he pinches my nipple harder. Pain and pleasure combine in exquisite torture making it impossible to remain in control.

As my body begins to tighten, the softness of his lips is replaced with the sharp nip of his teeth against my skin. The frantic need to feel more of him overwhelms me and I start to push and grind against his hand. He meets my pressure, pushing his fingers deeper inside and uses his thumb to press hard against my clit. The warmth that has been building explodes into an orgasm that leaves me bereft of my senses. I’m wavering between embarrassment and pure satiated pleasure when I am suddenly jostled into awareness.

The train has come to a stop in Portsmouth.

And that orgasm wasn’t just a fantasy.

I’m breathing hard and I can feel my pulse racing as I push my hair back from my neck. I feel tingly and disoriented and survey the scene outside the train to get my bearings. As I do, my gaze connects with blue eyes filled with heat and amusement. I’m not sure how long he was watching me or what he actually saw. And I’m not sure if I want to die of embarrassment or savor the fact that the hottest man I have ever met just watched me come.


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  1. Toni Whitmire says:

    I remember one year my work called and wanted me to come in but I could not because I had just came home to change because I had to go to another party and told them.


  2. lisacarlton says:

    Well I’m kinda hoping this year will be the best because I am going to a Mascaraed Ball….I’m very excited….


  3. Kat Barrett says:

    Nothing like a good book to forget about the stress of the holiday. 🙂


  4. Lori Meehan says:

    I’m not a big New Years eve person.


    • Catherine says:

      It’s not always about the eve for me, but I have to admit I enjoy marking the New Year. The day itself is filled with traditions for my family and anyone who happens to be around. I’m a fan of new beginnings and the possibilities they bring. 🙂


  5. Deborah says:

    My husband and I live in the country…deep in the country. One cold, clear New Year’s Eve we took blankets to an open spot on the place, spread them out, lay down and stargazed as the new year came in. It was wonderful.


  6. maria hall says:

    well my most exciting new years where in germany the food the drink the dances aand the company lol


    • Catherine says:

      The Germans know how to have a good time. The best party I’ve ever attended was at a huge mansion outside of Berlin. It was a strange, wonderful night.


  7. ratmom says:

    We had a few nice new years nights but the best one was when hubby had an air horn and scared the bejujus outta the people across from us when he pressed the button.


    • Catherine says:

      I believe it! A few weeks ago after a wine tasting one of our guests blew one of those things the entire length of our street. I’m pretty sure everyone within a half mile radius was awake at 2am!


  8. Michelle says:

    There’s nothing like a hot sexy book to give a little safe fantasy in your life!

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