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Thank you so much for having me on your amazing blog, Mary.  I’m so honored and thrilled to be here to share some information about myself with you and the blog readers

love ménage – Ménage-A-trois wine, reading ménage, and now writing ménage.

My cherry-popping MFF ménage story, Fantasy Come True, released on my hubby’s birthday- Feb 28 (I did that on purpose). I loved writing it so much, I could hardly wait to write a MFM, too.

I’m excited to share my upcoming release – my second ‘unconventional’ ménage story. I say unconventional because most people think of ménage as a sexual relationship between three people who may or may not all live in the same household.  That’s closer to polyamory to me.  When I think ménage, I think of a sexual threesome. My new story is MFMM+; loosely defined as a ménage-plus situation, or to be more specific, sexe-de-sis.

Yep, I said it – six!

Deviant Dream releases on April 20th.  I won’t say it’s a romance, but it sure is pretty damn hot!

I don’t want to say too much about this new short story and give too much away. I just hope if you read it, you enjoy it, because I surely enjoyed writing it!


To thank Mary for letting me be here, I’d like to share a giveaway just for you all.  I will pick two winners to gift a $5 Amazon gift card to.

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Deviant Dream



If you aren’t ready to experience a really hard-core read, then don’t one-click this one.

This book is pure erotica. It contains extremely intense explicit sex, MFMM+, adult language, and sexual situations. It is written for the mature reading audience (21+) who like to push their reading experiences to the brink every now and then. It isn’t suitable or intended for younger readers or readers who are uncomfortable with strong content.

All Taylor wanted to do was go home after her long shift. First the tire blew out, then her cell phone battery was dead. Her night had become a complete disaster.

Her choices were limited – she could walk to a convenience store a half mile away in heels or go a few blocks to an after-hours motorcycle bar.

Opting to save her feet, she chose to visit the bar and ignored the previous warnings by a couple of her friends.

What could happen? A few motorcycle clubbers whistling and complimenting her? She’d readily welcome that after the night she’d had.

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“Say it, and it’s yours,” Diesel whispered in Taylor’s ear. His tongue darted out and licked along her earlobe.

She inhaled and held her breath in her lungs. She didn’t understand why this was so hard. “I really need your help,” she said, then she paused.

Her eyes rolled to Kane. He leaned in and kissed her. His kiss was warm, soft, and gentle. His tongue feathered over her lips and grazed across hers. “Say it, sweetie,” he whispered. “We’re here for you, just tell us.” He stepped back.

Her head lolled back at Bull. He leaned down and kissed her neck where he had been massaging. “Say it. Don’t be scared to tell us what you want,” he said, then stood back up.

She leaned her head toward Red. He held up his fingers that had dipped into her wetness and teased her clit. He wiggled then back and forth, then winked at her. “I already know what you want.” He smiled as he slid each digit into his mouth and sucked her juices from them. “Jesus fucking Christ. You’re as sweet as you look, too.”

A new flood of wetness coated her panties as she watched Red suck and slurp on his fingers.

Her eyes met with Diesel’s. With newfound boldness, her lips parted. She licked her bottom lip and let her tongue slowly slide across it. They all knew what she wanted, but they had every intention of making her say it. Her eyes stayed fixed on him. “I want, um … I want you to fuck me.”

“Just me? That’s kind of rude, don’t you think? You’ve teased my friends, too.”

“Not just you. But I want you first.” Red and Kane loosened their hold on her hands. She pulled her hands free from Red and Kane’s, then reached up and unbuttoned her blouse from top to bottom. She shrugged it off her shoulders and let it slide off her shoulders, then it dropped onto the floor. Bull slid his hands up the soft skin on her back and unclasped her bra, then pushed the straps off her shoulders. It, too, fell onto the floor along with her blouse.


Deviant Dream



I’m Desiree and I’m an eroticaholic.

I love sex and everything about it. I love reading and writing erotic romance and waking up with book hangovers.  I write the sexy stuff –hot romantic sex, suspense, relationship drama, and menage.

My author journey officially began Dec 13, 2014, when my debut title, Twisted By Desire – book 1 in the Lust, Desire, and Love Trilogy – went live.

I was born and raised in Iowa, moved to and lived in New Jersey for several years, and now I live in Delaware.

I’m happily married to my high school sweetheart. We celebrate the 30-year milestone this year.  I’m the mother of two sons and a daughter.

In addition to writing, I work full-time.

My passions are traveling and spending time at the beach with my family. I love adventures and love trying new things.





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