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synopsis3Book One: The Last Woman 

When Abby Bailey meets former model and actor, Airen Holder, in a darkened department store, romance is the last thing on her mind. A plague has decimated the population, leaving Abby to raise her son alone in a world without electricity, clean water, or medical care. Her only priority is survival.

Traumatized by the horror of the past months, Abby and Airen become a source of comfort for one another. Damaged by her past and convinced Airen is out of her league, Abby is determined to keep their relationship platonic. However, Airen is a hard man to resist, especially after he risks his life to save hers.

When a man named Joseph falls unconscious in their yard, and Abby nurses him back to health, everything changes. How does love differ in this new post apocalyptic world? Can three unlikely survivors live long enough to find their place in it?

Book Two: Falling Together 

In the aftermath of a global nightmare, Abby Holder is living her dream. Married to the love of her life, Airen, and surrounded by friends and family, it seems she’s found her happily ever after.

But the struggle of living in a post-plague world is never ending. When circumstances take Airen far away, she’s faced with the devastating realization he may be lost to her forever. Broken-hearted, she turns to Joseph, her best friend and the only one who understands her pain. After all, he loves Airen too.

The sound of a car horn in the middle of the night changes everything, leaving Abby caught between the two most important men in her life. After surviving the worst the world could throw at them, Airen, Abby, and Joseph must face the most brutal human experience…true love. Can they overcome the betrayal, the hurt feelings, and jealousy to do what’s right for the ones they love?

Their circumstances are far from ordinary. Perhaps the answer is extraordinary as well.

Book Three: Infinite Ties 

The more you look to the future, the more the past pursues you.

Abby, Airen, and Joseph have fought and suffered to come together. All they want is to move forward and raise their family with the love they never had.

Unfortunately, the re-appearance of former friends and enemies complicates their lives, threatening to expose closely guarded secrets. With a vital rescue looming, their relationship isn’t the only thing at risk. Can they let go of the past in order to hang on to a future with each other?



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myreview5I read this trilogy last year. I planned to review it and real life pulled me away from my desire. Which is a pity because I wanted to recommend this story and shouted loud and clear that this story is a 5 POLY STARS material, which I am happily giving it officially today.

Few months passed since I read this story and it is still vivid and fresh on my mind. I totally remember being totally enthralled by this story. I remember crying. a lot.

This is the kind of story I though (still think) that should be adapted into a mini TV series or a movie. Yes, people. It is THAT good.

In this time of religions wars, government corruptions and people afraid to trust their own leaders, we are all aware that in a blink of an eye, our civilization can just collapse. I a matter of less than a century, we are destroying our main source of life: planet Earth. This story stand after the apocalypse. It is a story of love and a story of hope but not about three people, about many. Reading this novel, I could totally project myself in this too near possible future.

For those who are wondering, no zombies. Just humans. 😉

You will not find the usual menage relationship or even story here. Page after page, I was kept saying to myself that this is exactly the relationship that will probably happen if we had a major cataclysm and humans became almost extinct. I was fascinated by this story thinking it was so credible and sadly so plausible.

I fell in love with the heroine, then one hero and then the second. Each was just what I am looking for when I read a menage. Of course, in this story, I did not find the humor element due to the plot but other than that, everything was there.

It is three individual love story that could not end anything else but a MMF menage à trois. This story is about love and friendship for a couple of decades. But it is also the story of a new forced community with their love and struggles.

In this story, plot, love and characters are taking the first place. Sex has its place but this is not the main focus. I did not mind. The sex scenes came at the right moment in the plot but the unconditional passionate love overloaded anything else.

What I truly enjoyed is to follow the characters in their journey. Not days or weeks, but years. The writing was easy and fluid. Each character introduced nicely so it was easy to remember who was who. Each secondary character were interesting as they all got this personality that we all know in our life.

This story is now offered in a trilogy. I do not like HFN (Happy For Now) cliffhanging stories. I was not sure at first I could handle to wait each book and like it. But I did. The author was smart enough to do not leave us bittersweet at the end of the first two books. But since it is now offered as a box sex of 3, you have no excuse to do not read it.

Trust me, if you ever trust me to recommend a menage romance, you need to read this trilogy. I put this one on top of my 10 favorites menage stories ever read. That must means something right?

This trilogy has 975 pages. But once you start, this is the kind of story that you become totally obsessed.

S.M. Shade, after this trilogy, is now publishing MM romances. Please follow the social links at the end of this page to find her.



rating 5



When I meet Joseph’s eyes in a silent request, the corner of his mouth quirks up briefly. He knows what I want to see, and buries his hand in Airen’s hair while I shift slightly, giving them room. Joseph’s lips close softly on Airen’s. Oh, I’ll never tire of watching them kiss. Joseph grips Airen’s face and tilts his head before taking his mouth with a fierceness that makes him gasp. I gaze at them, completely mesmerized. This is without a doubt the hottest, sexiest kiss I’ve ever witnessed.

Their intensity builds. They’re all lips and tongues and clashing teeth. Their mindless groans and uninhibited sounds of passion send spikes of electricity branching through me. When they finally part, breathless and red faced, my panting rivals theirs. The blazing look Airen gives me instantly makes my legs weak, and he scoops me up with a growl, moving me to the bed. He stretches out beside me as Joseph presses his body against my other side. I’m gloriously surrounded.

Two sets of rough hands explore my body, stroking and caressing until I’m writhing with need. Airen leans to give me a long passionate kiss while Joseph’s hot wet lips press against my inner thigh. My panties are gone, and I’m not even sure who removed them. I’m lost in the pleasure these two gorgeous men are raining down on me. Joseph’s hands gently part my thighs, his hot mouth kissing and sucking his way upward. Oh Fuck. He’s going to go down on me. I want to grab his head and hurry him up, but at the same time, I’m not sure I can do this with Airen watching.

My anxiety doesn’t escape Airen’s notice. “It’s okay,” he murmurs, his fingers gliding across my brow, smoothing away the tension. “Relax,” he whispers in my ear just before Joseph’s tongue finds its mark.

It’s so good. Airen’s hot whispers in my ear, their hands on me, and Joseph’s incredibly talented tongue, relentlessly circling. It’s overwhelming. I’m going to combust, just burn up on the spot. I squirm and twist in a futile attempt to control the sensations that make me want to scream for them to stop while begging them to keep going.

“Don’t hide, darlin’. Let him hear how much you like it,” Airen murmurs when I try to tuck my face against his neck. His hands caress my breasts as he sucks the spot on my neck that drives me wild. Joseph slips his fingers inside me and I’m shoved to the edge, teetering on the brink while my moans fill the room.

Airen reaches to stroke the back of Joseph’s head lovingly, his fingers tangling in the blond curls. The sight of Airen touching him while his head moves between my legs is too much, and I cry out as my orgasm bursts through me, my entire body shaking and pulsing. When I float back to reality, I feel them on either side of me, holding me between their bodies, but I don’t want to open my eyes.



I’m a homeschooling mom hopelessly addicted to Dr. Pepper, love stories, sunshine, and men with full sexy lips, though not necessarily in that order. A voracious reader since I sounded out my first word, I started writing as a teenager and rediscovered my love of writing as an adult. Originally from Indianapolis, I now live in a small Kentucky town with my teenage son.





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