Amy Remis is done trying to catch the eyes of the two men that she’s been crushing on since she was fourteen. Or at least, that’s her new goal. Really, who needs that kind rejection day in and day out. Plus, it’s not like she doesn’t have enough to deal with. Between working, sleuthing, and keeping family secrets, she really doesn’t have time for them anyway… Right?

Max and Sailor have had their eyes on the feisty blonde forever. They want to make their move, but issues keep piling up around the Bastard’s clubhouse. People are coming up missing, and the cops want to pin it on the local MC. Adding to the fun, they have at least one snitch. Not that any of this will stop them from going after the one woman who is everything they’ve ever needed.



I write about MC Groups aka Biker Books, because I’ve lived with Motorcycles my entire life. It made me smile when a reviewing reader said that there was a realistic feel to my writing! Having been an “Old Lady” since I was 19 gives me the advantage of using a few real details of MC life. I am very happy to bring readers my stories and having them invest in my characters lives.



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(c) Ryder Dane

Max’s hairy leg barely kept his towel over the good parts, but he started talking and she had to tear her gaze from the rising material, to his face.  “What?”

“I said, take off the clothes, if we can show you ours, you can do the same for us.”  He wasn’t smiling.  “We’ve been wasting time, all of us, waiting for one or the other to make the first move.  If nothing else happened today, it showed me how fragile people are.  So here we are.  The ground rules, and you can get the clothes off and listen as I speak, I know you are multi-talented, so get on with it.  Wally talked to me the other night.  He didn’t exactly bribe me into your bed, but he sure dangled the carrot.  I want to know what townie he was talking about that’s sniffing around you.”

Amy thought that for a dream, it was a hell of an event.  What dream tells you to strip on minute and then talks about bribery and another man?  Oh, Wally must have heard her talking to Cory Williams, The man was handsome, and he was a horndog.  But he never failed to ask her out at least once a month, no matter how many reasons she gave him for turning him down.  “Uh, he might be talking about Cory Williams, the guy that has the tree trimming service in town?”  Hands pulled the t-shirt over her head, leaving her bare chested and blushing.  She raised an arm to cover her hardened nipples, and should have saved the energy.  Sailor had her wrists wrapped together behind her back, with her shirt binding them.  She felt her pussy contract.

Max scowled.  “You won’t be talking to him again.  In fact, if he wants to keep his pretty smile, he’d better lose your phone number.  You’ve had long enough to fuck around with enough men to make any comparison you want to, I can guarantee that by the time we’re done tonight, you’re not going to remember one of them.

“Back to the rules.  I tell you to strip, I’m not fucking around, I want your skin showing and playing coy isn’t going to be appreciated.  You’ve had a taste of Sailor smacking that beautiful ass, but I won’t hold back.  The thought of seeing my handprint on that white skin of yours excites me, and I want to see it now, but I’ll wait until you deserve it.  You know that Sailor and I like to share, and since you’re not screaming and trying to get away, you must not mind the idea too much.  From the look on your face I’d say the idea excites you right?”

She knew she was turning shades of red, she could feel the heat rising on her chest and into her cheeks.  She didn’t answer him and Sailor took her nipples in his fingers and pinched them.  He let up on the pressure, and when she still didn’t speak, he squeezed them again, this time holding them under pressure, with increasing strength, until she gasped and panted.  He pulled them away from her body and twisted them until she cried out and shuddered.

“I asked you a question Amy, I want an answer.  Do you like the idea of both Sailor and me having you?”  She nodded her head, but that wasn’t what he wanted, she had to.



(c) Ryder Dane – do not copy without express consent of the author.

“How about giving mini me here some lovin’, I want you to help yourself, remember, no biting.  It’s probably bigger than you’re used to, but you’ll learn to take me.”  His casual comment made her want to laugh.  ‘Probably bigger’ was an understatement.  She felt her mouth stretch wide open and a little more to accommodate his girth, as he pushed it deeper.  His cock was big, but she tried to give him pleasure, and was rewarded with his groan and his hand in her hair, holding her head steady for his rocking hips to slide his cock to the back of her throat…

He watched Max slap her pussy and told him to do it again.  “You have to show her whose boss, after you slap that pussy, you can stick a finger inside and her juice will gush out, watch and see man.  Our girl loves it a bit on the rough side.  When I spanked her ass I could see the way her pussy wet her shorts.  Isn’t that right baby, you like what we’re doing?”

Her mouth was too occupied to allow her to verbalize an answer, but the humming vibration coming from her throat to the tip of his cock told him what he wanted to know.

Max lined up his prick with her entrance and began to slowly fill her, she whimpered.  He stretched her wider with steady pressure and finally hit bottom.  His deep groan gave her a thrill, and the way his cock nudged at her cervix brought a bite of painful pleasure to the act of sex that she’d not known she could enjoy before that moment.  Her moans and gasps were muffled by the thick cock in her mouth and every time she made a noise, Sailor praised her cocksucking abilities.  “Baby you’re learning what I like, every time you moan, every noise you make, I can feel it in my prick.  Keep it up, you are absofuckinglutely amazing.  I’m ready to come, so you’d better swallow quick.  He pulled her head tighter towards his groin and stuffed his cock as deep as her throat would allow, and shot his offering into her throat, she tried to swallow the liquid at the same time she was trying to swallow back the gagging her throat was insisting on doing.  “That’s it, swallow it back.”  His body twitched as he held her mouth speared onto his deflating cock.  He finally pulled back and began rubbing her hair.  “There you go, not so bad was it?  You have the prettiest lips for a man’s cock to slide through.  You did good baby, real good.”

Max started to slide through the snug wet path of her vagina.  “This pussy is so damn tight that I’m not gonna last long this first time, so don’t hold back, when you feel it, let it take you.”  She was feeling it, the rhythm of his thrusts took her own rhythm and their hips pumped in the give take as each greedily reached for paradise.  She was ready and needed just a small bit more when he mashed his thumb down on her clit and rotated it.  She arched and screamed as he sank one last time, shooting his cum into the latex of the condom he’d rolled on just before driving deep inside of her gripping body.  His shout of completion gave her an extra thrill to know she’d satisfied him too.

He pulled out and stared at her open pussy with the juice slowly sliding from her snatch. She squeaked when Sailor reached his hand down to her pussy and stuck two fingers inside, with his thumb rubbing the smooth inner petals of her vulva.  “Come on now, I want to see you squirt your juice this time.”  His wide fingers curled up and pulled down while rocking her pelvis with his free hand over her little tuft of curls.

She felt hot, and she had to pee, but he grinned and nodded his head at her.  “You’re not going to piss yourself baby, your gonna squirt your cum for me and I’m going to love it.  You’re so fucking sexy but seeing this beautiful snatch shoot for me will make me happy, so let go baby, come on, give it to me.”



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