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Sex U: The Master Class has been in the making for years. The original first book in the series, Physical Education, released in June 2010, and I always imagined this book, and the continuation of Ms. Lucy’s story. Over the past year, all the books have been updated, and re-edited, and re-released, and I’m thrilled to finally share this hot F/F/M ménage.






A Southern California native, Louisa Bacio can’t imagine living far away from the ocean. The multi-published author of erotic romance enjoys writing within all realms – from short stories to full-length novels.

Bacio shares her household with a supportive husband, two daughters growing “too fast,” and a multitude pet craziness: Two dogs, five fish tanks, an aviary, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs and hermit crabs. In her other life, she teaches college classes in English, journalism and popular culture.

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Question #1: One of Louisa Bacio’s novel has a video teaser. French Quarter is definitely important for the heroes… Which story is it?
Question #2: Who is Reed McAllister?





A love triangle for a new age of romance.

Clarissa abandoned her fiancé and their upcoming wedding in order to find her path. With a fresh relationship with a woman, she looks forward never back – until her ex comes searching. Trapped between the man she’s destined to marry and the woman who’s won her heart, tough decisions lie ahead.

As headmistress of Sex University, Lucy knows life comes with complications. She designs a new Master Class to help troubled couples before knowing she’d become a star student.

Determined to salvage his love, Mario, the man between them, needs to let go and realize he’s not always in control. Tantalizing lessons lie ahead for this threesome.

Sometimes the past catches up.



Riverdale Avenue Books

On sale March 29



The Master Class By Louisa Bacio (c)

Chapter One

       Ms. Lucy slipped into her black leather pants, pulling them over her ass. In the mirror, she admired how the fit cupped and slightly lifted her cheeks. She inhaled and zipped them up. Time to get on the armor.

       Her feet, she slid in high-heeled boots that stopped right below the knee, and the pants tucked inside. After pulling the matching black corset over her head, she snapped the front clasps and turned to Clarissa. Her lover stretched out on the bed – lips swollen pink from their kissing. She lay on her side, hip curved up, an alluring view. The naughty vixen shimmied up the edge of her blue silk nightie, increasing the view underneath.

       “If you keep that up, I’ll never leave. Now come tie me,” she directed, gesturing toward her back.

       “Ties,” Clarissa purred and reached under the pillow to the side of the bed. She pulled out one of the Velcro bondage wraps and slipped her wrist through it. “How would you like to be tied?”

       A tightness constricted Lucy’s her chest. How she loved her. She’d never given herself to someone like she had Clarissa. The fear of having it taken away haunted Lucy.

       I gotta let the fear go, or else it’ll eat me up.

       Pointing a finger at Clarissa, she said, “You, I’ll deal with later. Right now, you need to help me finish dressing, or I’ll be late to my appointment.”

       She glanced at the clock. Fifteen minutes before meeting with the prospective student. For some reason, he’d requested a private meeting with her. The sessions were for couples, and he’d tried to apply as a single. He’d been rejected, and rightly so.

       She could overturn the decision for a good reason. But she couldn’t think of one. Perhaps, he’d be able to persuade her. That was probably his hope.

       Clarissa knelt on the bed, and wrapped her arms around Lucy’s body. She caressed Lucy’s breasts. She lifted the back of her hair, and sucked on the sensitive nape of her neck. She moved to her ear, trailing her tongue along the way and sending shivers of pleasure through Ms. Lucy’s body. “Do you promise to come back to me soon?”


       The ties at her back tugged, and Lucy sucked in her breath. Nothing like putting on her leather armor to get ready for action. In this get-up, people had a hard time not listening to her. Hell. They respected her. She grabbed control with both fists. Nothing stopped her.

       With a few final tugs, Clarissa finished the bow.

       “Now, you go get ‘em,” Clarissa delivered a playful swat on her ass with a resounding “smack.”

       “You’ll pay for that,” Lucy said, rubbing her bottom as she walked away.

       “That’s what I was hoping for.”

       Ms. Lucy lived on the grounds of San Francisco Sex University, SFSU. Most of the instructors at the school did. They thought of themselves as a much more fun and enticing camp than the traditional higher education. After shutting the front door of her mini-condo, she locked it and walked the path to the main administration building. The temperatures of late spring tended to be moderate but rain threatened at any time. From outside, they looked like any other campus. One could walk by on the street and have absolutely no idea of the sexcapades that went on behind the ivy-covered brick walls.

       And that’s the way she liked to keep it. In the past, they had some scandal with a few students going missing. They’d brought in an undercover officer, Reed, who’d had a bit of a personal reason for wanting to uncover the mystery. Since it was a sex school, it had been difficult for him not to get up-close and a bit personal with the students, especially one in particular. Yes, they didn’t just teach sex, but quite a few hooked up and ended in love, too. Both Reed and his mate Amanda now taught at the school, and they’d be getting married soon.

       Just like me. She’d met Clarissa through the school, and her life had changed.

       A happy sigh escaped from Lucy’s lips, and she fought the desire to float among the clouds. If she was going to continue to run the university, she was going to toughen up. Yes, she could be soft and loving in the bedroom with her mate, but outside in the “real” world, she needed to keep that edge. Who’d listen to her if she grew weak?

       Always a reason not to get involved.

       She had to admit she’d already given her heart to Clarissa. Now, it was time to give her more of her mind.

       Yes, if they knew what was happening on campus, some people would be shocked. Even more, though, would want to come to play.

       Society’s views on sex—even the slightly kinkier sex-swayed to and fro. After the Janet Jackson debacle where her nipplage popped out during the Super Bowl halftime show, it swung way conservative. More recently, though, people opened up about their antics in the bedroom. Even those considered more “vanilla,” into everyday sex, had an interest in learning more.

       To meet the demand, SFSU developed the Master Class, where couples could come explore in a safe learning environment. And the response had been tremendous.

       The next session was set to start in a few days, so the campus was quiet. The time after the end of one session before the start of the next brought a sense of peace and a bit of anticipation of what the next group of students would bring.

       Although she was the professor – she held a master’s degree in sex education, and an undergrad in psychology – she always said that she learned something new from her students all the time. She could teach the same class five times, and suddenly one person asked a question that had never been broached, or seen the subject in a different manner, and the learning happened.

       The naysayers preached that sex was the same – you put tab A into slot B, and went in and out. They’d never experienced the lessons at SFSU, and the master class with its couples play added another level to the complexity. Usually, the students remained isolated from their partners during the program. When they got home, they passed along what they learned. This new way, both learned at the same time.

       Being with Clarissa inspired the change in the syllabus. Ms. Lucy saw what it was like being in a relationship, and discovered how the joint teachings could help increase the understanding – and pleasure – for both partners.

       In the BDSM world, Ms. Lucy saw herself as a Dom. One who liked to be in control, and have others serve her. In the world created by that Grey book – the original Sex University: Physical Education predated that novel by a few years – they also used “sub,” which was always lowercase to signify they weren’t in control. Once she’d paired up with Clarissa, though, she’d learned some surprising new information. She actually liked giving up control, every now and then. One didn’t have to be subservient to the other.

       She liked to Switch.

       With her students, though, she needed to remain in control, and not let her other side out.

       Inside the atrium in administration, she greeted Blaine, one of the front receptionist twins. Him and his brother Wayne had been with her since opening. They resembled the quintessential California surfer boys with long, bleached out blond hair that hung over one eye. They’d been angling for more responsibility, and had recently finished their bachelor’s degrees. She’d toyed with the idea. What a fantasy they could give somebody. While she hadn’t experienced them in bed, she could easily picture the scene.

       “Good afternoon, Mistress Lucy,” Blaine said, with a slight bow. “Your two-o-clock appointment is in your outer office waiting for you.”

       She cocked an eyebrow at him. “He’s early.” They normally wouldn’t let a student in to wait. What was different about this one?

       “He’s already been here for fifteen minutes,” he offered.

       “Hmmm, eager.” That trait could be good or bad. She’d have to decide which one it was, once she met him.

       The door to her office was propped open, but it almost felt like she should knock to announce herself before entering. She hesitated, hand poised to push it open. She shook off the foreign feeling. This school was her territory, and whoever sat on the other side was a visitor. An intruder. He’d been told no, and turned away, and for whatever reason, he’d returned.

       She didn’t owe him anything. She didn’t even have to take the meeting. Something about his plea, and the mention of searching for his fiancé tugged at her emotions. Her soft side. Since they’d had students go missing in the not-too-distant past, there may be a possibility of her being able to help him. Or, every now and then, someone hid out at the school under a false name. Meeting him, and listening to his story, might help her to make the decision if the person should stay hidden or if he had a legitimate quest.

       “Ms. Lucy, is everything all right?” Blaine called.

       Startled, she jumped. “Everything’s fine.”

       Noise shuffled from inside the door. She’d been outed. The man standing wasn’t much taller than her, but something about him spoke power. He was used to getting his way.

       He had dark hair and olive skin, and dark brown expressive eyes. Before he spoke, she imagined what he’d sound like: New York Italian. She knew. She’d grown up in the Big Apple, and escaped as soon as she could.

       It was like her past had caught up with her. But, she wasn’t the one who’d been running.

       “I’m sorry for intruding.” His voice was deep and gruff, but so polite. Like he knew his role if he wanted to get his way. It sent rumbles through her body, and she did her best to ignore them.

       Oh, would I like to tame him.

       Then she felt guilty for cheating on Clarissa, even mentally. That’s where having a partner got in the way of her job. It was her position to tame, and break men like the one standing before her. Teach them the ways.

       Clearing his throat, he held out his hand. She glanced at it, thinking about the texture of his skin. Would it be rough or soft? She placed her hand in his and they shook – firm but not uncomfortably so. There were no magic sparks one reads about in romance novels, but a pleasant sensation, and then they broke contact.

       “Please have a seat,” she instructed, moving behind the desk and taking her place. In the place of power, she regained hers.

       “You’ve been making a lot of noise, Mr. Cavallo. I had to see you. Otherwise, you threatened to never leave, and then there was the allegation of ‘kidnapping.’ I don’t understand. Who do you think we’re holding prisoner? Everyone here is by free will.”

       “Please call me – Mario. I’m sorry to cause such a disturbance, but the last communications from my fiancé came from here, San Francisco and this school specifically.”

       He looked around her office. “I’m not quite sure what you do here, but I have a basic understanding, and I have no idea why Lara would be here. She’s not that type of girl.”

       That type of girl? He’d be shocked at what type attended the school.

       Shaking her head, Ms. Lucy tried to address the situation with patience. “I’m sorry, but we don’t have anyone registered here under that name. There must be a mistake.”

       “Awww, wait,” he said, opening a black leather portfolio and removed a few photographs. He inspected them, and a crease marred his handsome brow. In that moment, seeing the mixture of pain and love collide on his face, she knew she’d help him. No matter what it took.

       “I had a private detective look for her. Here are some pictures he took.” As he laid them on the desk in front of her, her heart stuttered as she drank in the photos. The woman in front of her was all too familiar. He finished speaking. “She’s going under her given name, Clarissa.”






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