Publisher: Smexy and Fab Publishing
Publication Date: February 9, 2016
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Print Length: 126 pages



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Hello everyone! My name is Izzy Szyn. Purrloined is the second book in my Other World Agency series. The series features three sisters who are identical triplets who are sued by their parents for being the wrong sex. They wanted boys.

In order to pay off the debt Riley, Reese and Ricki temple start looking for jobs that will pay a lot of money so that they wouldn’t be indebted to their parents for the rest of their lives. They see an ad online for The Other World agency and apply thinking that it had to be roleplaying or some kind of fun acting gig.

In the first book Fang-Filled Weekend Riley is matched with vampires. When she meets Krista, Geoffrey and Malinda she discovers that vampires are all too real.

In Purrloined Reese meets Dillon, Oliver and Ryan three sexy lion shifters. Their population is dwindling and they need females to mate with and have their cubs.

I’m currently working on the third installment Uncharted Reality which is Ricki’s story. Think close encounters of the sexy kind.

Giveaway question: I mentioned in my blog (March 19 ’16) how I got the idea for The Other World Agency. Tell me how, what or where inspiration hit.

I’m giving away readers choice of either an ebook copy of Fang-Filled Weekend or Purrloined. Winners will be announced on this blog and contacted. Please leave your mail and name in the comment under this blog.




authorbio3Born and raised in Detroit. Moved to Oklahoma City in May of 2012.  Single, with a four-legged fur child named Misty.  I’ve been reading romance since I was thirteen and picked up my first Harlequin, which is umpteen years ago.

Before writing, I was a reviewer and helped promote other authors. Some know me by my threats to lock them in a closet so that they can continue to write.

Started writing in May of 2014 on a dare. After a chat one night, my friend Iris said that they bet I could write better than what some of the ideas we were hearing. Iris started sending me links to publishers looking for writers, contests and finally decided to try a contest.

I thought that if I entered a contest and was told that I sucked, that I would give it up. But despite not winning, I was told that I had a strong plot and to re-enter next time they had a contest.

My latest book is Purrloined which came out February 9.

BLOG : clue question #8 (out of 11):
Izzy Szyn is fan of a TV show and one of her book, Phantasy House, is inspired from it. Name this TV show.




synopsis3When Reese Temple applied at The Other World agency she thought it was going to be working as an assistant. Instead she has three men at her door claiming that she is their mate.

Dillon, Oliver and Ryan are part of a declining shifter race of lions, they need a mate. Their last resort is human females. But what they didn’t count on is that they want Reese’s heart, body and soul.





excerptSomehow she was naked and on the bed, watching three guys start to remove their own clothing. She had already seen them naked before when they had shifted, but this was different. More intimate. Her fingers itched, she knelt on the bed and circled her hand around Dillon’s shaft. Her fingers barely fitting around him. Her thumb brushed the tip that had a drop of pre-cum peeking out.

She lifted her eyes when she heard him swear. She started to remove her hand, when he stopped her. “Don’t stop.” He growled.
His words spurred her to move her hand up and down. She felt a tug on her hair seconds later, Ryan started to kiss her, his hands going between her thighs and rubbing her slick, lower lips. It was her turn to cry out when he dipped a finger inside. “You’re soaking my finger,” Ryan said, his voice barely recognizable, before pushing a second one inside. Yes, yes, fuck me, she thought. Make me yours.

“Her pussy is soaking wet.” Ryan curled his fingers up and touched her g-spot. “Come for me, Reese, let’s here you scream.

Reese flew apart, her cries muffled by Oliver who kissed her. His tongue exploring her, going as far inside as he was able. Her breathing struggling to return to normal.  Oliver ran his fingers up and down her body. When he reached her clit, his thumb brushed and rubbed against the hard nub, before going lower. “OH FUCK.” Reese threw her head back when Oliver’s fingers pushed inside her alongside Ryan’s.
Together they moved in and out of her, her pussy feeling fuller than it ever had before, and this was just from their fingers inside her. Her juices seemed as if they would never stop flowing. Protesting when they slid their fingers out of her, her pussy muscles trying to stop them from leaving. “No,” she protested.

“Sweetheart, I guarantee that orgasm you just had will be the weakest,”







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  1. seelkfireice says:

    Loved the excerpt, that was hawt! Really picked my interest.
    And how you came up with the idea is quite interesting too. You were at the Houston airport waiting in line to be called to your flight to Cincinnati, the 2 door-entry sparked the what if.

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  2. Houston airport on the way to a reader’s conference. Loveromancetales@gmail.com

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  3. Sharon Watson-Azmier says:

    Hi Izzy these stories sound so different and sexy and hot , thanks for the chance at winning them.
    My answer is you were in your way to a reader/writer conference last June which was being held in Cincinnati and you were at the Houston airport waiting for your flight. You were watching people come in through the two door entry when inspiration for the story struck .

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  4. Thank you for your comments ❤


  5. Kristine R says:

    You were at the Houston airport on the way to a reader’s conference waiting in line to be called to your flight to Cincinnati and you were watching the 2 door-entry with people coming through and this sparked your inspiration for a story.

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