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It is my great pleasure to introduce you the first menage author of this 2016 Menages Spring Tour: RA Steffan.

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Hi, everyone! I am R. A. Steffan, and I write a lot about found families and broken people who come together seemingly by accident, only to find that they complete each other in ways they never expected. When sex is involved (as it is in my series, The Horse Mistress), that means delicious menage goodness!

I’d like to talk a bit about growth today. Growth can happen at any time of the year, but it is during springtime that it is most visible in the world around us: physical growth, personal growth, spiritual growth, professional growth, and so much more. This spring, I am doing my best as a new and pretty much unknown author to grow my readership.

To that end, I am offering one visitor a chance to win a brand new KINDLE FIRE. In addition, two people will win a signed PAPERBACK BUNDLE containing The Horse Mistress: Book 1 and The Horse Mistress: Book 2. Finally, five people will win an E-BOOK BUNDLE of The Horse Mistress: Books 1 & 2, along with the exclusive, unpublished prequel, The Horse Mistress: Book 1

Winners will be announced on March 23rd, 2016 on Mary’s blog here and on Facebook. E-books will be delivered in .epub, .mobi, or .pdf format using an email link to the BookFunnel e-book download service, which helps you get your free e-books delivered straight to your preferred reading device, step-by-step. Make sure to mention your email in your comment.

I would also like to add that this blog feature is about The Horse Mistress: Book 2, but right now, you can pick up The Horse Mistress: Book 1 FREE from most major e-book retailers, so you don’t have to jump into the series cold.

Giveaways question: how many menages have you read so far? (make sure to elaborate your response… the funniest or meaningful will be selected first!)

I look forward to meeting all of you!

R. A. Steffan




authorbio3R. A. Steffan began writing for pleasure in 2005. After honing her skills for a few years in amateur circles, she eventually transitioned into freelance nonfiction writing and ghostwriting professionally published short fiction.

The Queen’s Musketeers series marked her first foray into both serialized stories and novel-length works. The Horse Mistress series arose from a desire to write something focused more on the developing relationships of the characters. She has found the experience of wrangling more extended and intricate plot lines Palong with a larger cast of characters to be educational, frustrating, and fulfilling by turns. With luck, the end result will prove to be an enjoyable experience for readers.

When not writing, the author enjoys reading, horseback riding, walking her dogs, and raising a small backyard flock of ducks.

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synopsis3Carivel, Andoc, and Senovo have defied convention by declaring their love for each other. Carivel is a pariah—a female who has been quietly living as a man. Senovo has been hiding his shape-shifting curse, believing the wolf inside him to be a vicious killer. When their secrets are finally revealed to the village elders, they fear dragging Andoc down with them. Next in line to become Draebard’s tribal chieftain, Andoc risks his position by continuing with such an unorthodox relationship. When Senovo and Carivel are captured by the enemy, though—to save their lives, he’ll have to risk everything.

Suspenseful and steamy, The Horse Mistress: Book 2 tells the story of forbidden love and loyalty against a rich backdrop of magic, history, and impending war.


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Chapter 1 – The Horse Mistress book 2 (c) RA Steffan

IT WAS STILL DARK when I woke, feeling pleasantly safe and relaxed. After an enjoyable few moments of drowsy lassitude, the events of the previous few days played across my mind’s eye. We were in the village of Meren. Andoc, Senovo, and I had successfully managed to negotiate a defense treaty with Magoldis, the female Leader of the Mereni tribe. In doing so, both Senovo and I had revealed long-held secrets that would drastically change our lives upon our return to Draebard. However, we had also gained… this.

It took some time to convince myself that I truly was awake, and that the two warm bodies curled up on either side of me were not, in fact, figments of a dream. For one thing, the Andoc that lived in my dreams did not snore and drool in his sleep, and for another, the strangely pleasant ache between my legs was an inescapable reminder of what the three of us had gotten up to a scant few hours ago. The hearth fire in the rented room had burned down to glowing embers as the night passed, signifying that dawn would soon be upon us. Soon, but not quite yet. For now, I could still hoard a few more precious moments of peace before we would rise and part ways to face an uncertain future.

I stretched, feeling my joints pop and crackle. Andoc slept on, oblivious to the disturbance. When I rolled onto my back to check on Senovo, however, it was to find him already awake, propped up on an elbow. His eyes were dark and deep in the warm glow of the burning coals as he looked down at the two of us pensively.

“Good morning, Carivel,” he said, pitching his voice low.

“Good morning,” I murmured. “You know, by rights, I should probably be uncomfortable about the idea of you watching me sleep.”

“And are you?” he asked, his tone genuinely curious.

“That depends on whether you’re going to keep staring at me now that I’m awake, or come here and kiss me.”

He smiled, but the low light made it impossible to tell if the expression reached his eyes. Nevertheless, he leaned down to press his mouth to mine, one hand coming up to cradle my jaw as our lips slid sensuously together. Desire rose, warm and insistent in my belly. The ache where I had been teased and stretched open last night sharpened for a moment before melting into a deeper pleasure. A groan escaped my lips, only to be swallowed by the mouth and tongue dancing against my own.

I caught my breath when Senovo eased away, straightening to look down at me once more. On my other side, Andoc slumbered on, mouth hanging open, one leg half off the edge of the bed. I smiled at the sight.

“Does he always sleep like that?” I asked, amusement lacing my tone.

Senovo reached across me to smooth the backs of his fingers over the warrior’s stubbled cheek. “He is tired. The last few days have been difficult for all of us.”

I sobered at the reminder of our troubles. Since the Alyrion attack on Draebard, the death of so many of our fellow villagers and the tense negotiations with the Mereni, Andoc had been our rock. Both Senovo and I were brittle with grief and worry for the future, but he had never faltered. Little wonder if events were finally catching up with him.

“That being said,” Senovo continued, his tone growing lighter, “a pitcher of water to the face is often one of the few effective methods to rouse him before mid-morning.”

I snorted, my somber mood broken as quickly as it had come over me. “Is that the voice of experience speaking?”

“It is,” Senovo replied. “Although, to be fair, there are a couple of less drastic and more enjoyable approaches to try first.”

Turning my attention back to Senovo, I let my eyes trace his finely chiseled features, trying to gauge his well-being. “And what about you?” I asked. “How are you this morning?”

He met my gaze squarely, one sculpted eyebrow quirking. “In a similar state to yourself, I should imagine,” he said.

“So… wishing you could hide away here longer before the sun comes up and brings with it the pressures of the outside world?” I hazarded.

“Concisely put,” he agreed, a wry note entering his voice.

“The sun’s not up yet,” I pointed out.

“Indeed, it is not.”

“We could distract ourselves until it is,” I said hesitantly, unsure, in the newness of our union, what I was allowed to ask for.

“We could.”

“But I don’t know what you would enjoy,” I said, deciding that honesty was the best policy despite my discomfort with speaking so plainly. “I sort of got the impression that a scene like last night’s isn’t an everyday thing for you.”

He smiled, looking suddenly younger—a bit pleased, a bit shy. “No, you’re right. It isn’t,” he confirmed.

“So… what would you enjoy?” I asked, genuinely curious.

Curious, and in no way expecting the answer I got.

“I would enjoy watching you wake Andoc with your mouth on his cock.”

I was not prepared to take ownership of the undignified, high-pitched noise of surprise that escaped me, even as fresh desire slammed into me with all the subtlety of a runaway chariot team.

“That being one of the less drastic and more enjoyable methods I alluded to earlier,” Senovo added helpfully. “Though the pitcher of cold water does bring along its own amusement value at times.”

My mouth opened and closed a couple of times before I finally managed to get words out. “You are evil,” I said, somewhat in awe. “You walk around all prim and proper, and underneath is this secret evil streak that hardly anyone gets to see.”

“I’m sure I have no idea what you mean,” he said, the innocent words belied by a humorous glint in his eyes that was positively wicked. I wondered if I was seeing a glimpse of the man Senovo might have been, had he not been sold into slavery as a child and castrated so cruelly by the men who owned him.

A feeling that I was resolutely not labeling love swelled in my chest. Rather than say something that would just embarrass both of us, I reached up and pulled him down to kiss him again. He submitted easily, a faint smile lingering on his lips as we parted.

“So,” I said, somewhat breathless, “you think I should… suck him awake? He wouldn’t mind?”

The eyebrow quirked again, higher this time. Amusement was writ large on Senovo’s face as he answered, “You have actually met Andoc, yes?”

I grimaced and shoved an elbow into him playfully. “Hey, you were the one lecturing me about the importance of communication with your lovers…”

“He already gave you his consent, as I recall.”

I frowned for a moment before my brow cleared with understanding. We’d been resting together after Andoc’s all-night meeting with the Mereni ruling council. Senovo and I talked about our unconventional three-way relationship while Andoc slept… gods, was it really only yesterday? When I awoke later, it was to find Andoc smiling down at me.

“Perhaps I’ll even forgive you for somehow neglecting to ravish me in my sleep once you finally came to your senses, Carivel,” he’d said. “I suppose even uncontrollable lust can be pushed to the wayside after what we’ve been through in the last couple of days.”

“Right, I suppose he did, at that,” I said, excitement and nervousness twisting in my stomach. “So… do I just—?”

I gestured toward Andoc’s blanket-covered hips, at a bit of a loss. Senovo smiled and stroked soft fingers across my cheek.

“Help yourself,” he said. “You may lack experience, but I, for one, have no complaints about your technique.”

I blushed, remembering the feeling of Senovo’s stiff flesh pulsing in my mouth as he lost control.

“Andoc is more generously endowed, of course,” the priest continued. “You won’t be able to swallow him all the way. You can use your hand on him as well, though.”

I nodded, not bothering to point out that Senovo had been able to swallow him down to the root well enough. There would be plenty of time for that later—or so I hoped. Now, my mouth was watering at the thought of tasting Andoc… comparing him to Senovo and making him lose control. I turned my attention to the sleeping man and eased the blanket down the length of his body until his cock was exposed.

He was half hard already, and I looked at Senovo with a question in my eyes.

“Morning erection,” he explained. “It’s not unusual for men.”

I scooted down until my head was level with Andoc’s hips. I’d gotten a pretty good look at him last night, but it was too dim to see details right now without candles and with the fire burning so low. Instead, I nuzzled forward and brushed my cheek against the tender skin of his cock, feeling it twitch in response. Burying my nose in the wiry curls at the base, I breathed in his scent, which was muskier and more complex than Senovo’s. It seemed to go straight to my head, faster than smoke from the High Priest’s ceremonial herbs.

I moaned, wanting to wallow in the scent of contented, sleeping man until everything else in the world fell away. A smooth hand rested between my shoulder blades from behind and stroked down the length of my spine, making my senses tingle—Senovo.

“He is intoxicating, is he not?” he asked.

I nodded agreement and reached out my tongue to taste, licking up the length of the heavy shaft, feeling it fill and thicken further. Andoc mumbled in his sleep and shifted under me, chasing the sensation.

He was big.

Last night, it was the feeling of power at being able to reduce Senovo—a eunuch—to a shaking, begging mess that made my blood sing. Now, though, it was Andoc’s overpowering maleness that had me rubbing my thighs together to ease the ache building there. Unable to ignore the temptation for a moment longer, I scooted up to get a better angle and let my lips stretch over the head of his cock, now peeking out of its wrinkled foreskin as he came to full hardness under my tentative touches.

Andoc groaned, thrusting into the welcoming warmth, still more asleep than awake. Taken by surprise, I gagged a bit as the thick shaft slid deeper than I expected. Remembering Senovo’s advice, I grasped the base of his cock with one hand to keep him from accidentally choking me.

“Sen’vo?” Andoc mumbled, hovering on the edge between sleep and wakefulness.

The hand resting at the base of my spine slid away, and I was vaguely aware of Senovo repositioning himself on the bed to look down at Andoc’s face.

“Guess again,” said the priest, that same hint of devilish humor still audible in his voice. I smiled around the flesh filling my mouth for a moment, then closed my lips and sucked.

“Wha—? Oh, fuck,” Andoc moaned, and bucked up again. This time, I followed the movement without mishap, still licking and sucking.

“He’ll get it in a minute,” Senovo said, no longer even trying to hide his amusement, and I sniggered around Andoc’s prick.

“… Carivel?” Andoc asked a moment later, and I flushed at his tone of awe-filled surprise. “Gods…”

Pressing my cunt against a ridge of the rumpled blanket beneath me to ease the throbbing there, I hummed an acknowledgement against his sensitive skin. Whether it was the low vibration from my throat, the knowledge that it was me, or his return to full consciousness, Andoc’s cock swelled even further in my mouth, pulsing in time with his heartbeat. I continued my inexpert but enthusiastic movements, feeling the veins and ridges throb against my tongue.

“Move your hand up and down in time with your mouth,” Senovo counseled. “He’s getting close; you can pull off when he starts to come, if you’d rather.”

I nodded my understanding around the cock in my mouth, though I had no intention of pulling off.

“Gods!” Andoc cursed. “You two are going to kill me with your… mmph—“

His words were muffled without warning, and I could just about make out Senovo bending down to kiss him deeply. A strong, callused hand came to rest on the back of my head—a heavy and grounding weight. I shivered with excitement at the thought of being held in place, my sex growing wet and swollen.

With a series of rhythmic grunts stifled by the lips covering his, Andoc came in my mouth with bitter, salty spurts. Taken by surprise at the volume and odd texture spurting over the back of my tongue, I choked a bit and pulled back. The rope of sticky white that splashed across my lips and cheek should in no way have been exciting, but that didn’t stop my cunt from twitching and releasing a pulse of its own moisture onto the blanket beneath me.

I swallowed the mouthful of thick fluid as best I could, relieved that neither of the others immediately asked after my well-being or made a fuss about it. It might not have been the smoothest performance, but Andoc had obviously enjoyed it, which was the important part. I hoped that I would have plenty more chances to practice in the future.

The hand on my head gentled, caressing the soft stubble of my short hair against the grain. I shivered with pleasure. Beneath me, Andoc’s muscles went soft and lax. I rested my cheek against his inner thigh and ran my tongue over my lips, chasing the saltiness there as I listened to the soft, wet sounds coming from the head of the bed. A few moments later, the mattress shifted slightly as Senovo straightened.

“That’s a wake-up call I could get used to very easily,” Andoc said, his voice gravelly with sleep.

“Better than a face full of cold water, then?” I asked, craning to look up the length of his body.

“Cheeky…” he observed. “Has someone been telling stories about me while I was asleep?”

“They’re not stories when they’re true,” Senovo observed, all bland innocence.

I snorted, and the hand cradling the base of my skull urged me up the length of Andoc’s body. I followed willingly, amused and turned on in equal measure.

“Sounds like someone needs teaching a lesson,” Andoc said, rolling us over so I lay on my back, half under him.

“Me?” I groused, trying to hide the way the manhandling affected me. “What did I do?”

“Oh, caradi,” he growled, the endearment making me shudder. “So many things…”

He gathered my wrists together over my head, pressing them into the straw filled mattress. “Hold her for me, Senovo. You might also see about muzzling that cheeky mouth.”

Senovo’s smooth, long-fingered hand replaced Andoc’s work-roughened one around my wrists, and I arched with a groan, testing the strength of the restraint. A fine tremor of anticipation worked its way down the length of my body, and then Senovo was lapping at my cheek, gathering the sticky residue of Andoc’s release from my face with his tongue before feeding it back to me in a deep, penetrating kiss.







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  1. Jackie says:

    How many menage stories have I read? I had to stop and think about this one b/c although it’s not that many, it’s not a genre I normally seek out. I think it’s been….counts on fingers….four, maybe? And that’s only if I include one really long-ass fanfic. I used to read Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake vampire books, which included group sex. More recently….Lexi Blake’s Thieves series which is M/M/F, the fanfic I mentioned which is M/M/M, and of course The Horse Mistress series!

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    • R. A. Steffan says:

      Hi Jackie! I should probably admit up front that I’ve read far more ménage in fanfic than I have in published books. I’ve always had a soft spot for MMF, though. 🙂


  2. I’ve never counted! I don’t even think I could tell you how many I’ve written. LOL I like the cover on SA’s book! Very mysterious.

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    • R. A. Steffan says:

      Thanks for your kind words about the cover! I couldn’t tell you how many I’ve read either, though I have a ways to go before I lose count of how many I’ve written. 😉


  3. neyronrose says:

    I have read too many menage romances to count. I wasn’t into them one way or another, but then I got menage novellas to edit six weeks in a row (six novellas) and started to like them. R.A. knows my gmail address. waves

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  4. Looked at the books I have read since October of last year and started to add them to my ménage group and I’m stunned I’ve only read 94. Ménage is a current favorite and I’ve been so inspired that in my first book I’m writing it is a ménage. Why should my heroine have to choose? 🤗

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  5. horses1997 says:

    I started reading ménage books some time in 2015. In 2015, I read approximately 400 ménage books. And since the beginning of 2016 I’ve read approximately 250 ménage books. I mostly read these stories to have a perspective on how people think or feel in situations that I have never experienced or been in contact with. I would also like to note that the horse mistress series is in my top 5 favourite books to read. My email is

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  6. Kristine R says:

    Here are my most memorable ones I’ve read: Maya Banks’ Colters’ Woman and Colters’ Lady. Long Hard Ride by Lorelei James, Rough, Raw, and Ready by Lorelei James, Decadent, Their Virgin Captive and Wicked Ties by Shayla Black, Forbidden Heat by Opal Carew and Desire To Watch by Ashley Beckem. I really love reading menages books just something about one woman with two or three guys that is really intriguing
    KristineLR23 (AT) gmail (dot) com

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  7. Kathy Bushrow says:

    I’ve been enjoying reading menages for years, so I couldn’t begin to tell you how many. I’ve read a few series. Chapter 1 has me ready to read Book 1 and soon Book 2.


    • Kathy Bushrow says:

      I’ve been enjoying reading menages for years, so I couldn’t begin to tell you how many. I’ve read a few series. Chapter 1 has me ready to read Book 1 and soon Book 2. I’m following Heather Rainier’s Divine Creek series. My favorite is Awakening Veronica. She really comes in to her own during this book, with the help of Hank and Travis. I also follow Morgan Ashbury/Cara Covington in her series Lusty, Texas, as well as her new trilogy, The Gifted. I also enjoy Sophie Oaks’ books. Another favorite author is Leah Brooks with her Desire, Oklahoma series. So many books, so little time.


    • R. A. Steffan says:

      That’s what I like to hear, Kathy! I hope it lives up to expectations. 🙂


  8. Lesley says:

    I have read so many. I could not give a number. Looking forward to reading The Horse Mistress. I just got it. I love Sophie Oak. Her stuff is funny and sexy!


    • R. A. Steffan says:

      Thanks, Lesley! My reading list is going to be completely out of control after this event… I can tell already. 😉


  9. Tawnya says:

    I truthfully have no clue as to the amount of ménage à trois romances I have read. There are some that have stuck with me, some that I reread and some that I would dearly love to have in hard copy form.


    • R. A. Steffan says:

      I don’t know why ebook authors don’t offer print copies as a matter of course these days. It’s not like it costs us anything beyond a bit extra for the cover and interior formatting!


  10. Colleen says:

    I have well over 1200 books on my Kindle Fire and 90 % of them are Menage. It’s my favorite genre and I can’t get enough. I’ve read all of Heather Rainier’s books and Morgan Ashbury’s books. Another author that I like is Tonya Ramagos. That’s just three of the many that I enjoy! I love the excerpt from your book, The Horse Mistress Book 2! I look forward to reading book one as well.


  11. Sharon Azmier says:

    I am fairly new to the genre of ménage ( pribably onky been reading them for less than 2 years) although I have been reading and liking more and more as I am being introduced to authors through parties , others recommendations and through my own searches on different sites. I have enjoyed authors such as Anne Lange, Kali Willows and Renea Mason. I am looking forward to meeting more during this blog tour event . You are a new author to me but I did enjoy reading the excerpt you posted looks like a wonderfully sexy read I would enjoy .


    • R. A. Steffan says:

      Thank you, Sharon! I originally got hooked into menage romance through fan fiction (many, many years ago, LOL), and I’m glad it seems to be going mainstream these days. I’m a new author to pretty much everyone, so I’m immensely grateful to Mary for giving me this exposure. 🙂


  12. seelkfireice says:

    I have no idea how many ménage stories I read so far. It is my fave genre, be that paranormal or contemporary, been reading them for years. Looking forward to reading yours too.


  13. THANK YOU everyone for your participation! ❤