Menage Romances lovers, be ready!

Each day from March 12 up to March 22, a new menage author will present you a menage AND incredible giveaways (winners selected by the authors but revealed on a general announcement on March 23). Those authors are just the top of the cream. You do not want to miss any of their blog and what they have to say!!

It all happens on this blog only. No tour around except… if you are game! Because on top of the giveaways, a HUGE PRIZE will be given. Rules? Each day, the author will ask you one question and the clue will be somewhere on her blog. Once you have collected all the responses, you will be asked to fill in a form with your responses. So do not comment or you will give chances for other to win!

So… mark your calendar! Each day will be a surprise menage author. They will respond to your comments so just jump on this occasion to know them better and have fun!

Stay tune!



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  1. This looks like fun! Shared!!



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