Series: Winter’s Wrath , Book 1.0
By: Bianca Sommerland
Published By: Bianca Sommerland
Published: Jan 27, 2016
ISBN # 9780993904394
Word Count: 105,000


HUGE thank you to Mary Ménage for letting me chill with you on her blog today! It’s been a crazy past few weeks, but now I get to sit down, prop my feet up, and tell you a bit about my new Metalcore series, Winter’s Wrath, starting with the first book, BACKLASH.

Yes, I know, the book is under the ‘Rockstar’ category, but there was nowhere else to put it! Lol! For those not sure what Metalcore is, it’s considered a subcategory of Heavy Metal. Think Motionless in White, or Ice Nine Kills (you should check them out if you haven’t). How does that makes my band different? Well, they’re so much cooler than rockers and…

Actually, that might not be true, but they do have to work harder, for longer, because their music isn’t mainstream. They don’t ride around in limos and own mansions, but they’re building a huge following and are ready for their big breakthrough!

If they can survive the pressure of touring and some dangerously obsessive fans.

I loved writing this book and I’m excited to continue the ride with Winter’s Wrath and see how much trouble they can get in. And if they’ll manage to lose their hearts along the way. 🙂




synopsis3Outcasts, black sheep, those who never fit in anywhere. Winter’s Wrath belongs to them. Every single member of the band rejects the norm when it comes to music.

They won’t settle when it comes to love.

Alder Trousseau, the lead guitarist in a band that owns his heart and soul, has always stood in the shadow of a man he hates. Braver “Brave” Trousseau, the voice of Winter’s Wrath.

For the success of the band, they have to work past their animosity, but that’s difficult when they have the same taste in women. And men.

Sex is a game to Brave. A game that might leave the people Alder cares for completely broken. Unless he claims them for his own.

If he steps out of the shadows, he’ll have no choice to play. To win.

On stage, the drama drives the fans insane. The songs they sing are a blood racing, body moving, warcry. But the very real battle taking place between the snares and the mic might tear the band apart.


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BACKLASH (Winter’s Wrath #1)
Exclusive Ménage Excerpt
(c) Bianca Sommerland

There was something different about kissing in the morning. Not only the taste of coffee on hot lips, and fuck, Jesse had never realized a woman’s lips could be so hot. Kisses at night tended to end the same. Great sex, usually after a few drinks, then finding a bed to crash in.


Starting the day with a kiss often meant the night had gone well enough for another round. But this was where it would all begin. With a kiss that might lead to so much more.

He wrapped his arms around Danica’s waist, lifting her up against his body, ignoring the pain of his hard dick being crushed to his stomach by her pelvis. He wanted to see if the rest of her was as soft as her lips. If those little sounds she was making in the back of her throat would get louder when he licked and sucked every fucking inch of her.

Bringing his mouth to her throat, he met Alder’s eyes. And the surge of lust hit him so hard he had to fight to stay on his feet. He groaned as Danica took advantage of his momentary distraction and ran her teeth over the corded muscled of his neck. Afraid to drop her, he perched her on the edge of the sofa, holding his hand out to Alder.

Alder came to him, raking his fingers into Jesse’s hair as his mouth covered Jesse’s with the same fierce passion he’d shown the one time they’d kissed. He didn’t hold back and Jesse felt the cold, protective shell he’d encased his heart in shatter.

Other men had fucked with his head. Had left him licking his wounds when they were done with him, but he’d always gone in expecting the worst since he’d chosen them because they were damaged assholes. Each and every goddamn one. He might have made stupid choices, but he’d never been foolish enough to let them in too deep.

This man, this amazing, selfless, loving man was already in as deep as he could be without crossing the line between friends and lovers.

That line was about to be fucking wiped out. There wouldn’t be a trace of it when they were done.

If their relationship didn’t work out, it wouldn’t hurt Jesse. It would destroy him.

But, for the first time, he was willing to take the chance.

He caught Alder’s bottom lip between his teeth, giving Alder a hooded look as he slid his hand under Danica’s shirt. He palmed her breast over what felt like a lacy bra.

Fucking annoying thing. He groaned, leaning into Alder even as he pulled her shirt off. The black bra was molded to her skin, with delicate little straps he could probably break if he tried.

Or he could just move it out of the way. He dipped his fingers under the lace, bending over her as he shoved the material down. With his other hand, he shoved the strap off her shoulder.

“Just take it off, Jesse.” Danica moaned as he sucked one hard little nipple into his mouth. “Oh god, that feels good.”

Alder chuckled, somehow undoing the bra from behind her back. He let it fall to the floor behind the sofa. “I think we have a few things to teach him, my angel.”

Danica murmured something that didn’t sound like a complaint, so Jesse didn’t stop. He moved from one breast to the other, squeezing the first since the stimulation had her writhing mindlessly as he lowered her to the sofa.

By his side, Alder worked on removing her jeans and panties. He knelt at the end of the sofa, pulling her thighs over his shoulder and spreading her glistening pussy with his fingers. Jesse’s balls tightened as Alder licked her. He dipped his tongue right inside her, looking like a man feasting on the most delicious dessert on the fucking planet.

Laving right over those puffy little lips, Alder caught his eye, a playful glint in his eye. “She’s so fucking wet, Jesse. You should taste her.”

A tiny whimper escaped Danica as Alder pressed two fingers into her. He withdrew his fingers, holding them out to Jesse.

Evil fucker. Two can play this game. Jesse waited until Alder brought his mouth back to Danica’s cunt then latched onto Alder’s wrist. He swirled his tongue over the tips of Alder’s fingers, savoring the sweet, heady flavor of Danica while he sucked.


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