Title: Taming Forever
Series: Hearts of Heroes , Book 3.0
Author: Rayne O’Gara
Genre: Cmtemporary
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Aug 25, 2015
Published by: JK Publishing
Publisher bookstore: Not available
ISBN: 9781311399786
Word count: 63,700
Page count:



I am a fun lovin’, wife and a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful kids. I love to read! It has always been a passion of mine. Nothing better than curling up with a good book. 🙂

I have always had ideas about ‘which way I would have went’ or instead ‘what would have happened if’ when I read. I rolled with it and was able to create my own story! Now I love writing just as much if not more that reading! I plan on trying my own hand at different genres in the future, but keeping true to the BBW erotic romance ; ) I would love to hear from you as well so check out my contact page! I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I like writing it!!

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synopsis3In book three of Hearts of Heroes: It’s easy for plus-sized, in her own world, Gypsy clothes loving Bronwyne Marks to stay withdrawn inside herself. She’s not a daredevil or risk taker…except in her mind. However, a run in with a certain drool worthy twin and his Army battle buddy at her sister’s wedding has her ready to break free and cut loose… Until they walk away!

Viktor Ariea has found what he wants in the lush and curvy Bronnie, but without his best friend on board with his plan, nothing will happen. You never leave a buddy behind, and Vik has no plans to do that with his partner, even if he feels the woman could be the answer to their future.

Killian ‘Reaper’ Graves has scars on the inside and outside and doesn’t want to let anyone close for fear of getting them hurt…or worse, dead. The only one he trusts is Vik, but now Vik is saying that Killian can trust another…the woman he craves.

Can Killian trust himself to be with Bronnie before they both lose her forever? Will Bronnie ever find herself out of the friend zone and into their bed like she desperately wishes? Will they ever be able to tame their forever?




myreview5That is what I am talking about!

I knew this author, Rayne O’Gara, had talent when I reviewed her first published book, Taming two Fires, in January 2015. She made a couple of mistakes such predictable villain and ending but I knew that she would become a fantastic author.

Taming Forever has the main ingredients I am so looking in a story and so rarely have in return: humor, sarcasm and spunky heroine.

No surprise here. I know the author a little bit from Facebook… you know the place where you have better things to do elsewhere but you are coming back totally against your will mind you eh? …. yeah, right.

Anyway. Lets just say that the author is a true sweetheart in real life which is already a great thing, but she understands how to write a menage romance.


And I did what I rarely do. I re-read a couple of times some of the heroine’s rants.  There were hilarious.

So heroine? checked.

The heroes now.

They were also exactly the guys I could fall with: not perfect but beautiful souls and totally useless to fight the heroine’s adorable personality. I love this mix of teddy bear, protective and a little bit high maintenance. I liked them indeed. The only comment I will say to the author is to try to give them a life outside each other presence. The major issue I have with menages is that most authors just attache by the hips the males heroes and no matter the situation, they are always together. I would like authors to cut this pattern and think as if they are distinct individuals and the love the heroine have for each can be passionate for different reasons. I do find that difference in BDSM romances due to the different role the males generally have but rarely outside this sub-genre. Just a general message here, not especially for this present review 😉

So male heroes? checked.

Romance? Tons. This book put the romance in the up front and center. It was fun, it was credible and what I truly liked was the time frame the author took in the love story. I fell for the heroes and when time came for them all to consummate their desire, it was the right time.

I am not sure how the heroine kept her “you know what” with a “not to be mentioned” with her considering her line of work and movie tastes. (humor that you may remember and understand if you decide to follow my recommendation to read it…. yeah yeah teasing here)

So romance? checked.

And everything else fell into place.

The author decided to use the POV for each character and it was just perfect. I knew the heroes and how they felt about each other and it was the perfect touch for me to fall in love with them all.

It is a romantic story yet erotic and funny. This is one story that I will keep close by and reread it in a little while knowing that I will still have the same pleasure to read it again.

Is this book perfect? no. But I rarely read any book and named it perfect anyway. However, I can tell you what was perfect for me about this story: the rapidity I read this book because I could not let it go, the big smile I had on my face when real life does not allow me right now… and most of all the “Shoot! I wanted to read more” feeling when I read the last word. That for me is priceless and perfect.

I definitely have a soft spot for this author and I am so looking to read her again. This author is like a good wine, she gets better and better with each new story!

I spent a great moment reading this book when I need it most (I hate you October 2015 with a passion!). So,I definitely recommend you to read Taming Forever. Well done Rayne O’Gara for this deserved 5 stars review!



rating 5

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