Genre: Contemporary

Menage: MMF

Series: no

Length: 81,286 words / pages

Published by: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

Published on: Aug 28, 2012

ISBN # 9781609289645




authorbio3Despite falling in love with creative writing in her teenage years, Sami worked a wide variety of jobs on her way to eventual publication. As a bartender she used to scrawl snatches of dialogue on the back of flyers advertising $2 drink specials. Now she types on a computer like a bonafide, professional author–but she wouldn’t mind finding a bar that still sells $2 drinks. An author of hot, unashamedly romantic stories, Sami lives in Australia with her husband and two stupendous daughters

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synopsis3One three-alarm night ignites a firestorm of complications…

High school teacher Erica Shannon isn’t a one-night stand kind of girl. Pair that with an aversion to relationships, and she’s resigned to no love life at all. Then one horrifying discovery propels her off her take-no-risks path, and into the arms of the stars of her midnight fantasies.

When his friend and fellow firefighter threatens to make a move on Erica, Corey figures he’d better get over the notion that she’s way out of his league—fast—before he has to stand in line.

Griff never thought he’d get the chance to introduce Corey to the combustible delights of multi-partner play, until he senses the sheer volume of sexual energy surging beneath Erica’s repressed exterior.

A blazing night of passion has unexpected consequences. Corey is surprised to discover the woman of his dreams, and that he doesn’t mind sharing her—or himself—with Griff. But Griff finds his heart pulled down a romantic path he vowed he’d never venture again.

Erica? She’s got a problem on her hands. Hold two hardwired-to-rescue firemen at arm’s length—and away from her heart—until she’s fought and won a battle that may well destroy her.




myreview5Sometimes in life we are lucky and sometimes we aren’t. Sometimes I read so-so or okay stories in a row and I feel down. There is nothing exciting, not even a tiny bit of awe or wow, just words, one after another. Not bad, mind you. If they are bad, I stop reading which is pretty rare for me since I try to always give a chance to a book. And sometimes… yes sometimes I am extremely blessed to read a couple of outstanding stories. Well. This week is my week then because I just finished another incredible story: Erica’s choice by Sami Lee!

First of all, do I have something negative to say about this story? mmm nope.

What if one day you discover that you have a serious medical condition and you believe that there is no more time to loose to fulfill your dreams. What if one of this dream is to have a fling with two incredible handsome men that you are lusting after for months? What if you are an average woman and you become the woman of their dreams and all of a sudden your fling becomes way more complicated.

Reading this story, I could not help but think that I would have done the same thing. So, yes, I related to the heroine, her insecurities and feelings were totally credible. I could also relate to the men, one trying to escape and pretend that he did not care and the other one sweet and open and hiding nothing of his feelings. All three together made total sense and it was really nice so see this relationship developed with time with the inevitable ups and downs.

Sex was the focus of the relationship. So you will find tons of steamy sex scenes. I enjoyed the age’s difference between the men. Turning bisexual is always a touchy subject when I read a MMF story. Sometimes some authors make it over the top and totally not credible. Like: “I hated peas all my life but bam all of a sudden they become my favorite food?” uh? The transition from straight to bisexual is generally too abrupt, there is no link in between and that sucks because I feel as if the author never met a bisexual in her life. I must say that I never met a bisexuel that knew his/her bisexuality late in life or “jumping the fence only for one person because this person is just unique”. The fact that the author  met or not a bisexuel in real life is not really the point. An author should make me believe that the sun is blue. However, I can always tell when an author experienced or know first hand. It just feels right. Sami Lee is this kind of author that you know she does not fake.

Erica’s choice by Sami Lee was credible all through and through. I was not that surprise of the epilogue because her request was totally natural and logic.

This story was a pack of emotions from beginning to end. I could tell that Sami Lee dropped everything she got inside her in it, all her guts and heart. I believe that cancer is a disease that the author had to deal with somehow or witness in her life. Her words were ringing way too right. And that is also another element that turns a story from great to outstanding. The level of emotions, the connection between the reader and the characters was constant, credible and felt real.

This story is the kind that you start reading and do not wish to put aside unless it is the last page. Even now, writing this review, I think my biggest compliment to this author is this: “ask Erica, Corey and Griff to give me a break because it has been already a couple of hours I left them happy and trying to make a baby and I am still thinking about them!”

No doubt this story will join my re-read and paperbacks soon 🙂

So…. convinced?

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