Title: Asher
Series: Dragon’s Savior , Book 1.0
Author: Kathi S. Barton
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy
Content: MF ends MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited:
Date published: June 25, 2015
Published by: World Castle Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781629892870
Word count: 62,135
Page count:
143 pages



Kathi Barton, author of the bestselling series Force of Nature, lives in Nashport, Ohio with her husband Paul. In addition to writing full time Kathi likes to spend time with her eight grandkids, three children and three children-in-laws. She writes to relax and have fun.

Her muse, a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Hugh Jackman brings them to life for her readers in a way that has them coming back time and again for more. Her favorite genre is paranormal romance with a great deal of spice. You can visit Kathi on line and drop her an email if you’d like


synopsis3Two Men Joined By Fate…

Asher and Kiaran were joined at birth by the dying decree of the Dragon King―literally. Asher had his own bit of magic as a 3,000 year old immortal, and Kiaran was his dragon shifter. Out in society Kiaran was a part of Asher―absorbed into Asher’s body―only being able to separate in dragon form. At their birth home, the two men could exist apart from each other as men. They protected each other, and would until their dying breath if it ever came to that. They shared everything…that is until Essie came along…

Essie was doing her best to hide from a mother that didn’t even recognize her own daughter. The witch had poisoned her with a scratch and if Essie wasn’t healed soon she’d die…. Sick or not she didn’t want anything to do with that handsome, overbearing barbarian, Asher, nor that rude dragon that protected him. She was doing just fine on her own.

But Asher had other things on his mind and after a while brings Essie around to his way of thinking and makes her his wife, but Kiaran brought up a valid point―Essie was his mate too….

Could Essie find it in her heart to love both men equally? To share the bed of both―together?

Asher’s five brothers and their dragons watched the scenario unfold with bated breaths. The subject had never been broached, and all their futures hung on the outcome…



myreview5I hesitated a lot before posting this review. I was confused from the start and even as I am writing this review, still am for so many reasons.

So lets start from the beginning. I came across this book, read the synopsis liked the dragons and of course the menage in it. I bought it.

I never find much dragons menages stories and because of it I am always attracted to them when I see them. I cannot say that from one dragon story to the next, it is that different but I like them. Indeed, most males are a bit macho, females a bit hopeless and the villain always looking for power by killing them. But still, I like them. Considering the millions of werewolves stories on the market, dragons are a nice change once in a while.

The first pages were good. Enough good that I wanted to know more. The first pages were the prologue. Then I started to say: wow, no, really, come on, are you kidding me?, no way… I mean I think I used all the synonyms possible as well as frustration.

This author has no idea about how to connect one event to the next. All of a sudden, a character pop up out of nowhere. The switch between POV was disconcerting. It was one inconsistencies after another. I mean, I could not turn a page without making funny faces…

I was totally confused. The blurb said clearly menage to me:

Could Essie find it in her heart to love both men equally? To share the bed of both―together?

Then how come the story was a MF? Because no freaking way I can call this book a menage. No equality whatsoever!! So if the author states that this story is a menage, then she should read a couple from her peers and make a comparison. Or maybe the publisher wrote the synopsis and made a big booboo or tried to gain more customers? I don’t know but the thing I know is that this story is not a menage. period. Because a third lover is added in the relationship at the end of the story, does not make it one. at all.

They meet, they fight and same hour they fuck. One day later, the 3000 years old male is so much in love with her that he does not know how he would do without her if something happened to her. Yeah, it took only a day for that.

The dragon came in and out of his body, mostly as a beast dragon but in a blink he could be human. He has great powers but which one I am still wondering at the end of the book.

The king and queen dragon are killed easily by some arrows during their happy fly after she hatched 6 eggs leaving them alone… but she hid herself for months before that because she fear someone would kill them. It is mentioned that he scale are an armor that nothing can go thru… nothing except tiny human arrows that can go so high in the sky to kill and wound badly 2 dragons. I am so sorry that those arrows made an exception with these creatures. Then considering that the king and queen were adored by most of the population. How come just a couple of bad grumpy humans arrived and decided to kill them, I have no idea. No guards, nothing but a shifter dog. Totally credible…. err nope.

Sex scenes were boring and far in between the story which at times was more mainstream than erotic. The dream about the orgy rape with the witch and the decayed zombies with a dripping dick… really? … really??

I felt that the author had no map about her plot. She wrote something and I felt that during the edits, some obvious inconsistencies needed clarification and she added in 2 lines what was supposed to be developed in a couple of paragraphs or even pages.

It was a mess. plain and simple. It was all over the place. Few characters showing up out of nowhere and all of a sudden became essential, the heroine discovering her extraordinary powers after a sight, the heroine was abused since her birth but we have no idea what happened and at 12 she escaped to where we do not know, how she survived at 12 no idea, a dad showing up out of nowhere, the villain human almost immortal, the dragons shitting diamonds and rubies and gold… yet the 6 prodigal sons had to work in construction for over 3000 years to make sure they have enough money (really?)… and on and on and on…

I know I am very harsh here. I asked some opinions on facebook from authors. I am not reviewing much 2 stars and I generally do not like to blog about. I generally leave them on goodreads with a short explanation and move on. So why?

Somehow, I am hoping that this review will speak to some authors and make them realize how important timeline and credibility is. Once I read who is Kathi S. Barton, I lost hope that she will ever be interested in what I am saying. She is an established author, obviously selling a lot and very prolific. No way, she will acknowledge my little me who is obviously the black sheep among the readers who reviewed her. It does not matter really. I do not write my reviews for one person and for authors only. It is always a bonus if they do but I do not expect it. I just felt that some points I made, will maybe reach some other authors and of course give my opinion to the readers who would like to buy this book. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt, including my reviews, anyway.

As usual, I did not make any searches about the author or the book before I started to read the story. I always want to keep my reading clear from any influence. So no, sorry Mrs Barton, but your name came to me only when I read about you after I finished reading Asher. My chock when I discovered that what I thought a newbie author writing her first book to a seasoned author who sold over 124 books was definitely huge (understatement). How come I made such mistake? Does it mean that if I read her 124 books (as per Amazon) I would find the same inconsistencies and credibility issues? I cringe about the idea.

So after reading this review, you may ask why not a 1 star instead of 2 stars? And why bother reading up to the end if I disliked it that much? Because I did read it up to the end. I had hopes that it would get better somehow. And because the writing was not bad, not at all. It was only the plot and development that were all over the place without logic, timeline and credibility. I did not notice any grammar issue or it was probably at a very acceptable level. I liked the main hero, Asher. He was a cute teddy bear. The heroine was a bad ass which I always enjoy in my romances. The dragon, which was the third party, was a nice big pet, useful for the kinky threesome sex the author wanted to add at the end of this story. Nothing bad to say about it, I am always for threesome, so any excuse to add a third character or more is always welcome.

Conclusion… will I read another Kathi S Barton book? at this present moment my answer is: NO! But who knows, maybe I will change my mind. But one thing for sure… I will not take for granted her synopsis. Because this story is NOT a menage whatsoever! It does not matter because I am in the big minority about not liking this story if I refer myself to goodreads and all the 5 stars she received. And this is weird. I feel I am missing something here. But I will stand by my favorite motto that is more accurate than ever: nobody can please everybody!

This book, Asher, is #1 of a series of 6.



rating 2

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