Title: Aristotle’s Anatomy
Series: Human Design, #4
Author: Katie Allen
Genre: Contemporary, fiction
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: January 2015
Published by: Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc.
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781419929069
Word count: 66,499
Page count:

Katie Allen grew up in the Midwest with a horde of sisters (five) and one beleaguered brother. After an enjoyable four years working on her creative writing/art degree, and two not-so-pleasant years struggling toward her MBA, Katie somehow ended up as a mechanical engineer in Denver, Colorado. She returned to Minnesota for three years to go to cop school and work for a police department (best job ever—well, except for writing, that is). She recently fled the humidity and mosquitoes of the Midwest and now lives in an off-grid, solar- and wind-powered house in the Rocky Mountains.

When she’s not writing (many books are necessary to pay for her unfortunate equine addiction), Katie rides horses, reads (of course), does yoga, hikes, has slumber parties with her nieces and sits in a rocking chair on her front porch with a shotgun across her lap (well, not quite yet on the last one, but give her a few more years in the mountains). Katie loves to hear from readers.

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synopsis3Kidnapped from her speech therapy clinic and spirited away to a hideout in the Colorado Mountains, Daphne’s humdrum life is suddenly closer to an action movie. The five men hiding at the remote lodge were captives in a secret facility, human lab rats in a bid to build perfect soldiers. Benjy’s traumatic past took away his ability to speak, and Ari believes Daphne can help him recover. Daphne, however, will be damned before she helps her kidnappers—no matter how gorgeous they are.

As the weeks pass, though, her attraction for both Ari and Benjy grows, as does her fondness for the others at the lodge. With her felonious ex-fiancé on her tail, as well as an FBI agent who’s a little too interested in both Daphne and her new love interests, she must figure out a plan to free her men and the rest of the super-soldiers from the threat of capture.

Only then will she get her double-dose of happily ever after.


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myreview5Finally i could read another Katie Allen new menage! I know this author since 2008 with One-Two Punch  and 2009 with Chasing her Tail that I both truly recommend. I was then curious to see if I could find the same magical, especially One-Two Punch.

I did but not completely. A couple reasons for that.

First logical reason is that even if this story can be read as a stand alone, this book is the final book of the series of 4. I was not frustrated to not have read the 3 stories before but since all are linked to the same plot, the epilogue suffered. I found it ended into the apocalypse and the romance epilogue was lost into it. I wanted more. Ending the last paragraphs by “by the way, did we ever told you that we love you” was not the best romantic ending for me.

I liked the heroine but I wanted more. She is a genius in her field and yet I did not see her using her capabilities at all. And then, for love, she settled to local consultations when obviously she had the Nobel capacity? It did not feel credible or right. I wanted her to be extraordinary but at the end of the day she was a 25 old virgin (yeah another one) abducted who fell for two guys. She was cute and funny but just average.

The heroes were the kind of heroes I found in One-Two Punch, except they were not bisexual. One was male alpha (A) and the other one was the beta sensitive. Here also I was hoping more with the beta (B). I was not surprised he found back his speech when the heroine was almost hurt in the apocalypse. I expected it since no medical sessions were done between the specialist, the heroine, and the hero. That was disappointing. I wanted some interaction and special moments that never came. Alpha male A, Ari, was a bit annoying to carry her around on his shoulder and smack her bum all the time but since they all play a lot, it was tolerable. 😛

The time line was a bit rushed from the time she is abducted to the apocalypse and “I will leave my life behind me to live with you guys”, it was one week all together. That is something I do not understand with most authors: why rushing everything? I meet you monday. move in on wednesday and I have to marry you next sunday? Exaggeration but not by much. Some authors should think how much more possibilities they could play around if the story is set within a couple of weeks and months, even years!

So that’s it. Those were the details, I was like “ouin, not really buying it”.

Other than that, I truly liked it.

One big BIG brownie point is that Katie Allen understand that two straight males in a sex scenes can touch each other without being gay or bi. Because in a threesome sex scene, each one touch voluntary and involuntary. It is part of the physical and logical way. If a male is comfortable enough to share a woman with his best bud, is comfortable to be naked and comfortable about his feelings to the other guy, then touching the other guy in the action is totally logical and normal and natural.

For that, kudos Mrs Allen. So little authors understand that part.

I also enjoyed the complicity, the humor and the romance between all the characters. As I said, Aristotle’s Anatomy is book #4 of this series so all secondary characters were present and important and part of the plot. In fact, the order is MF, MM, MF and MFM. So a series for everyone’s pleasure 🙂

I would have liked maybe a bit more drama with the bad lab people but the author privileged the romance. It is a great read and I recommend it, not an outstanding read but a great nonetheless. 🙂



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rating 4

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  1. msdebms says:

    Thanks once again, Mary. I love books with a sci-fi twist and Aristotle’s Anatomy looks like it would be just my cup of tea as do her previous books. As I am a bit structured (my friends? call it anal) I think I need to start with Ms Allen’s first in this series even though this could be read as a stand alone. Thanks for the review and other information. It is so helpful when we are looking for new books or authors.


  2. […] last 2 or 3 week, I was not so lucky about the menages I read, so no review except Aristotle’s Anatomy. It happens. My major issues were credibility, whinny characters and heroes falling for the […]