February 10, 2015

Guest Author: Grace Ryles


Hey Everyone! **Waves like a school girl**

First I want to thank Mary at Mary Ménage Reviews for the opportunity to be a featured author during her Valentine’s Day ménage tour. Another thank you to all you wonderful readers out there! Valentine’s Day is very special to me and no not because of the box of chocolates and big stuffed bear, I normally get around that time. For me Valentine’s Day is so much more than the commercialism of it all. It’s about romance, the one day of the year that the beauty that is love is celebrated.

Of course we should celebrate the love we have for each other every day, that includes family and friends as well as your special someone, but it’s nice to have a special day. Sort of like a birthday, but for celebrating love in all forms. Being the biggest hopeless romantic there is (self-proclaimed, LOL) Valentine’s Day makes me extremely giddy.

This year my Daddy (yuppers, I call my hubber that) has planned something special and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. I like playing detective! He’s been extremely sneaky, meaning he’s not using our bank account but cash. All he keeps saying is that he is looking forward to going away for the weekend. Sounds kinky, I know!


My question to all you awesome people out there, is what are your plans this V-Day?? Are you the planner or the surprisee? (Yes, I make up words all the time)

Oh best part!!! One commenter, will be chosen at random to win a $5.00 G/C and…. All three of my books (Second Chance at Love, Claiming Her Temporary Men, Finding Holland) So, get to commenting!!! Winners will be announced February 17!

Final thoughts, whether you celebrate or not, remember that love is one of the greatest gifts to give and receive.

Grace Ryles


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authorbioGrace Ryles currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her beloved husband. Originally from New York, Grace grew up fast and learned a lot of truths at a young age. Early on, she realized the escape that books could give her from a world that was less than understanding. As a teenager, Grace began writing stories inspired by her environment and her favorite authors. Though she never attempted to publish them, writing became a new escape, one where she could create the perfect ending for the underdog.

Grace’s stories always had a common factor. The end result was always an HEA. Writing took a back burner as life intruded but reading always remained as a deep passion. It wasn’t until reading her first ménage, Divine Grace by Heather Rainier, that she discovered the love of polyamorous relationships. Her writing sprang back to life and that’s when Second Chance at Love was created, displaying her love for the polyamory lifestyle.

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.[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, voyeurism, spanking, flogging, caning, sex toys, HEA]

A betrayal six years ago sent Holland Mathers’s world spinning. Forcing her to flee the only place she’d ever known and the only men she’d ever loved. Vowing to move on from the past lands her in a local dungeon being manhandled by her date, Mitchel. The men who come to her rescue are none other than the objects of her desire, the men she thought she’d lost forever.

Adrian Reyes and Oliver Edwards have loved Holland ever since the day they found her on the side of the road. Their relationship lasted only six months, but that was enough for them to spend all of their time searching for her when she fled their small town, without an explanation. Knowing that without her they will never be complete, they are determined to show her that their love can overcome whatever she is hiding from them.

A chance encounter leads them to reuniting again, but things aren’t that simple. Can they find a way back into her heart and bed or will they lose her forever?



Finding Holland: Bookstrand

Claiming Her Temporary Men: AmazonBookstrand Kobo Nook

Second Chance at Love: AmazonBookstrand KoboNook



God, things couldn’t get any worse. Looking around she saw that Oliver was standing just beside Adrian. Holland couldn’t help but stare at the other man she loved. He was gorgeous and his ocean-blue eyes were still as bright as she remembered them. So blue, that she could drown in them. He, like Adrian, had filled out in the muscle department and holy shit did it look good on him. Back then he had worn his light-brown hair in a Caesar cut, but now it was a bit longer on top with effortless waves. A light dusting of hair on his angular jaw, high cheek bones, and the same kissable lips that had her heart skipping a beat. His chest was bare, hairless, and she could see the sweat that trickled down his golden skin. His nipples were hard brown points and Holland could think nothing but sucking on them. Oliver loved when she worshiped his body with her mouth. Even in this uncertain moment, they could turn her life upside down, make her mind forget and her body take notice of their very male bodies.

As if he had caught her staring, Oliver made his presence known. “Hi, beautiful. Don’t think I didn’t catch you giving me the once-over. Like what you see?” To push the point home, he flexed his muscles and Holland’s mouth gaped open. He was sex on a fucking stick. He winked, moving then from his place at Adrian’s side, and pulled her away from the two Doms who were having a stare down for supremacy. Just as before with Adrian, she had no words, just the turbulent feelings in her mind.

“I–I…” The words would not come, no matter how hard she wished them. All too soon she was swept into Oliver’s warm embrace. She could smell his sweat mixed with the cologne he wore all those years ago. The familiar aroma had her going back in time.

“Beautiful girl, look at me. Watch me, watch as I take your body and make it mine.” Holland’s body was heated thinking about how Oliver would take her body, just as Adrian had not too long ago. It all had happened so fast. One minute they were sitting in the living room of Olly’s house, next they were in the bedroom, tearing at each other’s clothing. Adrian had been everything she wanted in her first lover. He was attentive and made sure she was with him every step of the way. Having Oliver holding her as Adrian took her virginity was a moment in time she would never forget. They took their time, each bringing her closer to the brink of climax and then easing her down slowly. She had been rabid with need for them and even though she just had Adrian and felt the soreness of the previously unused muscles in her pussy, there was no way she wouldn’t have Oliver. Peering at him from under her lashes, she took him in. He was gorgeous. His ocean-blue eyes were slightly darker with his growing lust. Breathing deep, she took in his scent, something she would always remember. Oliver loved to wear Polo sport cologne and it was a distinct smell that was all him. Any time she came across the aroma, she associated it with Oliver and how his eyes smiled at her when they would banter back and forth. Swallowing hard, she looked down her body to where their bodies would soon be connected. His cock was covered in a prophylactic and hard as stone bobbing between them. The lips of her sex glistened with the multiple orgasms they had given her at the start of the night. The sight was beautiful and she was more than ready for him to own her body as Adrian had done.

“Olly, I want you,” she said as she placed a kiss to his sweat-soaked chest. His hand came up and brushed her red wayward hair from her face and then he tilted her chin and kissed her. It wasn’t the savage kisses that they shared earlier, but the slow, relaxed kind, despite the wild beating of her heart. Closing her eyes once again, she took in every sensation, afraid that if she missed one, she would forget this moment.

“You won’t forget this, beautiful.” He said no more as he placed his throbbing cock at her entrance and pushed his way home.


23 responses

  1. msdebms says:

    I love second-chance-at-love stories. Finding Holland sounds great. No, my husband and I don’t have any special plans. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. I may cook a special dinner…with a ‘special’ dessert. Dinner is not complete without dessert, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dessert is the most important!!! I say skip dinner, get some whipped cream and have a ball! Valentines day to me isn’t really about the day itself, but celebrating love! I’m a big softee!


  2. Lori Meehan says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway.
    We really never did anything special for valentines day but I did get candy from my husband. He past away this November so I think I’ll go buy some for myself. I know he’d would of liked that.


  3. mywolflover88 says:

    Mary, how does an author ask you to review a couple of books? HA Fortman is looking to have books 1 and 2 of her USG Constellation series read and reviewed by a blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • hi mywolfflower88 🙂
      I do not take new request at this time but I am very honored you are asking me.
      please use the button/mail on my blog and email me, I will be happy to discuss it outside this promo 🙂


  4. Mary M. says:

    Love the excerpt! My hubby likes to surprise me, and he is a great cook and very inventive, so I will have to see what happens….


  5. Gloria Minor-Fridley says:

    Hanging around at home with the kiddos for some family movie fun


  6. Lori Daley says:

    My Valentine’s Day will be a hot air balloon ride with a toast and a picnic that evening.


  7. Carol Cassada says:

    I don’t have anything special planned for Valentine’s Day. Just a quiet night at home, having a nice dinner and watching movies.


  8. Chandra Crawford says:

    Grace, for Valentine’s Day I plan to get some take-out and spend a sexy night at home with the hubby.


  9. onieta says:

    I will be babysitting my grandbabies so my daughter and her husband can go out for Valentines. She is taking me to see FSOG Thursday!!


  10. Shannon F says:

    Valentines Day is a nightmare in LA, the traffic, the waiting (even with a reservation). My sweetie and I have decided to celebrate it on Friday. We’re cooking a meal together and binging on The Walking Dead – not very romantic, but very “us”.


  11. No Valentine’s day plans at all.


  12. pernella Rodriguez says:

    My plans for valentine’s day is spending time with my three year old and having a mommy daughter valentine’s day


  13. Chris s says:

    Wife is Working. Might go out with kids for supper. Will celebrate at a later date.


  14. Vanessa N. says:

    Plans are dinner, cuddling and watching a movie, and we’ll see where dessert takes us.



  15. Kate Cecce says:

    Second chance love stories are the best. And I do celebrate. My parents and grandparents always give us kids a few little things, and then I’ve got a couple Facebook parties, complete with a hot, fictional football player who I’ve been assured will be my Valentine


  16. Eva P. says:

    I usually don’t celebrate, but if I do, I usually will get my sisters some chocolates. However, Feb. 14 is also my brothers birthday, so in a way I guess we do celebrate with with him for his special day 🙂


  17. flchen1 says:

    Great excerpt, Grace! I love second chance stories! As for V-day plans, mostly kid-centered this year… dinner for DS1’s robotics team, food and transpo for DD’s dance convention, and DS2’s got a soccer game… hope you’re having a great weekend!


  18. Annette S. says:

    Working. So I will leave treats out for my family to find and then spend it with my coworkers and lots of older people in the nursing home. It’s actually fun!


  19. Elisa says:

    I’m the planner sometimes and the surprisee others. Depending on the occasion. Our Valentine’s plans changed as of today. We decided to stay in instead as it is going to be crazy cold the next few days. We’ll wait until it warms up a bit.


  20. Sue Sattler says:

    I am going to FSOG with my daughter, step-mother and her daughter. Then I am going to have a pizza party with my kids and grandkids.


  21. Lee Todd says:

    no plans….unless you count the job interview I went to!
    V-Day is well on the way to being over…