Title: Taming two Fires
Author: Rayne O’Gara
Genre: Contemporary
Content: MFM
Stand Alone: YES
Re-issued /Re-edited: NO
Date published: Aug 05, 2014
Published by: JK Publishing
Publisher bookstore: LINK
ISBN: 9781311099679
Word count: 57,900
Page count:
125 pages

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authorbio3I am a fun lovin’, wife and a stay-at-home mom of three beautiful kids. I love to read! It has always been a passion of mine. Nothing better than curling up with a good book. 🙂

I have always had ideas about ‘which way I would have went’ or instead ‘what would have happened if’ when I read. I rolled with it and was able to create my own story! Now I love writing just as much if not more that reading! I plan on trying my own hand at different genres in the future, but keeping true to the BBW erotic romance ; ) I would love to hear from you as well so check out my contact page! I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as I like writing it!!

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synopsis3In book one of Hearts of Heroes: After a horrendous breakup, shy and curvy Caitriona Douglass works hard to get her life back in order. Her best friend, Sofie, convinces her the best way to do that is to socialize, forcing her out of her solace zone. Cait has always been unsure of her overweight body so when she garners the attention of not one, but two gorgeous firefighters, she is surprised and a little leery of their motives.

Alex and Roman are best friends and roommates—one, soft and easy going, the other hardened and rough. When Alex forces Roman to attend the company picnic, Roman realizes it may have been the best decision his friend had ever made as the men become entranced by the woman with the full-figure in attendance. Now all they have to do is convince her they are a packaged deal.

Will Caitriona risk her battered heart to find true love? Can the firefighters convince the shy, relationship scared beauty that she needs them both to be happy? When the fire starts to hunt them, will anyone survive from being burned?




myreview5Brand new author to me and pretty much a new author, period. I did not know what to expect. I did not even read the synopsis when I started reading. Saw the cover, the title, knew they were firefighters and the heroine was a big girl.

The great thing with JK Publishing is that they never disappoint regarding the book cover: you know exactly what you’ll find in the story. Here, a red-hair curvy heroine and two dark hair firefighters. It may be not the prettiest book cover I’ve seen at JK Publishing but it sure is very close to the heroes description. And that is definitely a great way to respect their authors! 😉

At first, I was not sure about the first person POV use. I generally do not like it because most authors write with only one character all along. I am not fond with one POV. I always feel I am missing a connection with the heroes. In Taming two Fires, the authors used a first person POV rotation with the three heroes. It helped to have the names when they switched although it was mainly the heroine POV.

My first reaction about this story was it is a very romantic. The main focus was love and falling in love. Sex added some extra spice in the story but it was just a bonus, not the focal point. I really enjoyed the love connection between the characters and most especially the heroine’s personality. She was not a doormat, she was not bratty, she had a nice sense of humor and she held her own without being a bitch.

I also liked the secondary characters, most especially the best friend. Sofie. She was a spitfire and enjoyed her bratty attitude and her do-not-touch-my-friend-or-you-will-spend-your-life-to-regret-it. That is totally the kind of character I do relate. Sofie was fun 🙂

I came across some little issues though. No big ones but just a few that, in my opinion, can be easily rectify with experience.

First, I thought the first chapter between the heroine, Cait, and the ex-future-boyfriend, Mike, did not match with the rest of the story. The heroine was devastated being dumped, badly treated, verbally abused and insulted to the core, kicked out of the place with few hours notice only. She was devastated but as soon as her best friend arrives, she felt all of a sudden way better. It felt a bit over the top drama with the break up, and few months later she recovered so well and was very at ease with her curbs and all that I felt it was two different heroines.

Then, little issues here and there with the punctuation. Nothing major, but enough for me to notice.

I liked the heroes very much but I would like (and this is a general message to menage authors) some efforts to separate the heroes and give them individual exposure so we could know them better. No need in a menage that both males have to do everything together all the time! But this is definitely a dejà vu in many menages. Authors have a hard time to give equal and individual time for the main heroes. So just some thought to ponder here.

Rayne O’Gara made an effort to offer a different personality for both, which was nice. I would have liked a bit better to understand why one was so grumpy and the other so joyful and how their friendship clicked.

I was not sure about the villain. I was not sure he was truly necessary in the story. A “natural accident” could have worked too. Villains are not always necessary in a romance. The epilogue can be justified without the drama near death hospital scene in my opinion. It is a bit too stereotyped for me.

But Taming two Fires had a nice epilogue. I knew the heroine would have her revenge somehow which I saw it coming from chapter 1. No way, the jerk would “win” and be an ass without karma coming biting his ass back.

But then again, I read this story with a smile. No bitching between the characters, no false Dom, no false submissive either, no caveman, no doormat, no virgin (yeah!!!!). I mean, it was a true genuine nice romantic romance with sex. I add sex because, yes, you’ll find some in it and because I added romantic next to romance. Do not get me wrong… this is not a Blaze or Harlequin alike. It IS an erotic romance… just a bit more romantic than others.

It was nice. I even smiled at the stereotype of the firefighter saving the kitten! That was cute 🙂

So overall, I really liked this new author. I will read her again, no doubt. I believe Rayne O’Gara will be like good wine: the more she will write, the more she will mature, the better author she will become. But do not get me wrong! She is already way above the line and way above a couple of authors I read! I gave her 4 poly stars and definitely put this story in the great read category!

I recommend it!



rating 4




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