I always wondered why people are less interested to buy a book published a while ago versus a brand new release. For some readers a book published two or three months ago is already old! Is the date of publication the main factor to buy and read a story? Sounds silly right?

I read tons of incredible menages, never fully reviewed but definitely 4 and 5 stars reviews material. I think they deserve a second chance to be put in the spotlight.

So I decided to share with you the menages I enjoyed and give you the opportunity to rediscover them. I will make this a monthly blog so stay tune!









BDSM – Master/submale/subfemale

We may be born to the lifestyle, Julie Stevens and Dante Larson always knew their tastes were a bit more eccentric than those of the average person, but acknowledgement of their chosen paths came at different times. While their lives have run parallel for the last twenty years, destiny always came knocking at the wrong time. Julie was a closeted edge player and before Dante could pull her free of her fears, Mason came along and dragged her kicking and screaming from her self-inflicted darkness, leaving Dante wanting. Although Dante’s been in love with Julie since the day he first laid eyes on her, he’s happily married to Blake. But the tides are turning. But Lady Fate dictates how it should be lived…

Still mourning the death of the only Master she’s ever known, Julie finds herself forced to live with the one man she’s been terrified of for years, Dante. While she has to admit something between them feels right, just as many things feel very, very wrong, starting with the fact he’s married to her gay best friend. Before she even has time to sort out her current predicament, another man catches Julie’s attention. But after losing her mother, her sister, and her husband, can Julie come to grips with the fact that Keegan D’Amate jumps out of perfectly good helicopters for a living, rescue diving for the Coast Guard? And where exactly does that leave Dante, who knows for sure he needs a woman to complete his unconventional .


Sanjay Chandra and Ian Morris are flipsides of the same coin — Sanjay, the dark and brooding voyeur, while Ian is the lighthearted, fun Casanova. But neither one is quite what they appear. One is cold and aloof, a product of his hands-off, must strive for excellence childhood, while the other is cynical and jaded by his family’s fast, wastrel ways. As the saying goes: money can’t buy you love.

A bright spark of red, viewed from the window of their fifth floor office, draws their attention to a woman who lets loose of the humid lethargy the stifling summer has pressed on them. She sparkles like the cool water in the fountain she wistfully dangles her fingers into.

Sam is everything they are not — carefree, living life to the fullest, full of laughter and light.

They both want her, so they decide to have her. But Ian and Sanjay risk more than their conventionality by courting Sam. They hazard their very sense of self when they must confront what each man means to the other.


Getting her back will be the toughest deal they’ve ever negotiated.

On the night of her fifth anniversary, Catherine Cullen-Wellesley intends to break the news to the two men in her life. She’s pregnant with their child. It’ll be the perfect preamble to the vacation they’ve promised her: Two weeks on a Jamaican beach. No cell phones, no emails, no business.

But when Logan and Rhys blow off the trip for yet another “business emergency”, Catherine faces some difficult truths. She hasn’t come first in her busy husbands’ lives in a long time. Defiantly, she packs her bags for her long-awaited vacation—alone. It’ll give her a chance to figure out what the hell she’s going to do with the rest of her life.

When Logan and Rhys come home to an empty house, they realize two things: One, it was a mistake to take Catherine for granted. Two, they’re not willing to just let her walk out of their lives.

Winning her back will be the most difficult battle of their lives—more important than any business deal they’ve ever negotiated.


N.C.I.S. officers Mitch Robbins, former Navy Seal and Jake Bradley, M.I.T. grad, now computer specialist, have shared everything since they were children, including women. Now they’re sharing an assignment, guarding Tessa Williams, the civilian scientist in charge of a massive military project.

Mitch and Jake’s orders are simple. Keep Tessa safe, but they’ll soon find that there’s nothing simple about guarding this little spitfire.

Tessa Williams is the one women from their past that got away. The one woman they’d both been in love with and now they both want back. Together, they seduce Tessa. But in the end, she will have to decide which one she wants.

The only problem is, she wants them both.


Sure, the sex is scorching hot, but can three hearts truly beat as one?

What’s the old adage—sex ruins friendship? Cassidy lives it every day as she fights the lingering feelings for her ex, Ian. Still secretly, desperately in love with him, she settles for sharing a house and a business. Their lives are intertwined in every way…except the way she wants most.

Fear of commitment drove Ian to push his and Cassidy’s romance back into his comfort zone—friendship. But things become decidedly uncomfortable when sexy Scotsman Kye McClellan enters the picture. As Cassidy’s passion reignites, Ian is faced with the sudden prospect of losing the thing most precious to him.

Ian remains firmly in Cassidy’s heart even as she succumbs to Kye’s charms. Soon, as Kye’s allure draws Ian in, she begins to wonder if she can have all she’s ever wanted—plus one. Just as they all begin to tip into the white-hot cauldron of romance, Kye takes to his wanderlusting ways to avoid the burn. Ian and Cassidy are left with each other…and an even bigger missing piece than before.

ll they can do is trust that love will somehow bring their gypsy-hearted lover home again.



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