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Happy New Year! I never know what to actually say in these things, if you are friends with me on facebook or on my site, you will know I am, for lack of a better word, happily quirky (or sarcastic and bitchy, whichever works for you). I own this trait with great pride, as I am a constant source of amusement for my friends and family, because even though I am forty-six years old, I refuse to act my age.

I have recently began what my children call my ‘mid-life crisis’. In the simplistic of terms, this means, my husband of twenty years who is retired Air Force, have bought a Harley Davidson. Thus my days are filled with writing and riding, my children are all old enough to cook for themselves, just so I will not be accused of abandonment.

I have been writing for more than ten years, and of course ménage is my favorite. My latest ménage release is a spin off from my favorite series. Taming Team Ten, is a military based series I hope you will all try.


In fact, if any of you would like I will give you a FREE COPY of the first book in Taming Team Ten series: Boots, Chaps, and Cowboy Hats to read and see if I can hook you. Please friend me on Facebook and send me a private message or email me for a copy (please mention on your mail: Mary’s Menage Reviews Holidays Tour).

So my give away is going to be simple because there is a possibility I will be hung over on the 1st and unable to remember what the hell I promised Mary. So whomever posts on my New Years Picture that day on Facebook, either with a like or a comment will be entered to win a Kindle Fire to start the New Year out right!

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Happy New Year!






WOW! Jana Leigh just told me that she extended a FREE KINDLE to ONE person who will comment under this blog AND bath and body works baskets for 2 WINNERS who will also comment under this blog.

However, everyone must answer 2 questions in order to be illegible to win:

1. which state in the US, Jana Leigh is living
2. give the title of book #6 of this series: Taming Team Ten.





authorbio3This is totally the version of my life written by my lovely business partner in order to fool you all into thinking I am harmless. Jana Leigh grew up in Iowa and received her Masters in Social Work from Iowa State University.

She married the love of her life over 20 years ago and retired from Social Work to be a stay at home mom for her three wonderful children. She has always had a love of reading and as the children grew, she discovered another passion–writing.

She now lives in Colorado with her family and loves nothing better than to get cozy on her couch in front of her fireplace and write. She has published several different series, sharing her love of writing and her imagination with others. Her books are available around the world in many different formats.

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In book one of Taming Team Ten: Follow the sexy men of Team TEN as they learn about themselves, and discover the true meaning of love and friendship. The good and bad times will endear the men to you, and make you want more.

With Alex, Slone, and Sable you will laugh and cry as you engulf yourselves in their lives. There is no turning back once you get to know about these characters.

What is sexier than a Navy SEAL or a cowboy? In this book, you don’t have to choose, you get both.

Come along on the journey of your life and discover what is truly important, Friendship, Love, Dedication, and so more. You will bring your own experiences to the story while it takes you on an amazing tale.


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excerpt“Hey,” the large man who was driving said. “We are supposed to meet the foreman of the ranch.”

Slone grinned and looked at the men who were slowly lining up. Alex was slow to get there but ended up at the end of the line. Slone walked to him with a grin and held out his hand. “Alex, welcome home.”

Alex looked up stunned, and then he recognized his childhood friend and grinned. “Slone?”

“Yeah, I am your knew foreman, in charge of teaching you SEALs how to be cowboys,” Slone said with a chuckle and Alex grabbed his hand and did the one arm hug.

“Shit, man, I was gonna call you when I settled in. The dads said you were somewhere in Wyoming, I figured we could meet up. This is awesome, they didn’t tell me,” Alex said with a laugh.

“When they called me, I said I would be honored to help out, quit my job and hightailed it here. I beat you by a week,” Slone said and looked down the line at the rest of the men. “Hey, I am Slone Brate, the new foreman of the Second Chance Ranch, and you are Thane, Gage, Mason, Drake, Jessie and of course, Alex,” he said, naming each of the men correctly.

“Stalker?” Jessie asked and looked at him suspiciously.

“No,” Slone laughed. “Just making sure I know who I am supposed to be teaching. Dallas and Noah filled me in.”

LC stepped forward and held out his hand. “Yep, you can call me Thane.”

The others did the same and Alex felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. His friend would help teach them ranching, and the men could decide if this was what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives, or if they just wanted a piece of land to retire on. With their VA retirement for medical reasons, they were able to at least have some money coming in to help pay for things, and since none of them had lived in the country in the last few years so their pay had stacked up to a nice tidy sum.

“The big house has enough bedrooms for all of you,” Slone pointed. “Let’s get you settled and then we can talk, then I can give you a tour of the ranch and we can start first thing in the morning.

All of them nodded and looked around curiously but followed Slone into the large house. There was an older woman and man in the foyer waiting for them. They all looked at Alex who shrugged.

The woman smiled and with tears in her eyes, she walked to each of them and hugged them saying as she did, “I am Louise, the cook and housekeeper, and this is my husband, Timothy, who is a handyman and wrangler that is going to help you out. Welcome home, and I am so happy you are all here, if you need anything you tell me. Now, I have a nice pot roast and potatoes, green beans and a nice chocolate cake for you. When you are ready, come down, and I will get your favorites written down.”

The men looked stunned and accepted the woman’s hug, and then mumbled in return. They weren’t quite sure what to do about this show of emotion. It just wasn’t what they were used to.

“Thanks,” Alex said and looked down to the floor.

Her husband walked up, stuck out his hand, and said gruffly, “Welcome.”

Alex looked at the older man warily and shook his hand. It was firm, and the look of understanding crossed the older man’s face and Alex looked at the others as they followed, and he saw the kindred spirits all relax with the man’s handshake. This was the right move, Alex knew it.


Taming Team TEN series

#1 Boots, Chaps, and Cowboy Hats
#2 Raising a Cowgirl
#3 Deadly Spurs
#4 Fire and Ice
#5 Halfway Between
#6 Final Strike
Healing Hearts – (A Taming Team TEN Valentine’s Day Special)




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  1. Lori Meehan says:

    New author to me.


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    Emotional excerpt. Maybe my imagination is running away with me but I even had a tear in my eye when Louise introduced herself to the men. Can’t wait to get to know them.
    Happy New Year!


  3. dalodu77 says:

    Looks like i’ll have a new series to read. Love to ride so this is even more thrilling. Yes Riding has a double meaning


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    A new to me author!! Great way to start out the new year!


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    Colorado and Final Strike


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    Colorado and final strike


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    1) Colorado


  8. Romance Reader Enthusiast says:

    Jana lives in Colorado and book six in her Taming Team TEN is titled Final Strike.



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    i love all the team ten books and the others jana has out


    • maria hall says:

      almost forgot she is in denver co and final strike is still the last book in the series.but i should read before i awnser