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It is my pleasure to welcome author Rhiannon Ayers today. I read her last D/s story, For Love of Authority 2: Angel Without. I feel completely in love with her writing. She is special, on so many levels. I invite you to discover a little bit about who is this talented author as she honored me this exclusive first interview the first day of her new release, For Love of Authority 3: Saints United. Rhiannon Ayers is one of very few author that gives me chills and tears and laughs. She is totally authentic and what you read is what you get in real life. Enjoy this interview! ~Mary


Rhiannon Ayers is offering a gift code for For Love of Authority 3: Saints United to someone who will comment under this blog and answer this question: who is the Dom, who is the switch and who is the submissive in Saints United?



Thanks for joining me, Rhiannon! Can you tell us a bit about the premise for Saints United?

Thanks for having me 🙂

Since the first two books in the series focused on submissives who had little or no experience with the lifestyle (and thus the stories were about introducing them to their true selves), I wanted this book to be more about the life of a submissive who knows exactly who and what he is. I wanted to show some of the darker aspects of D/s, while also highlighting the fact that pain and impact play are not necessary for living a D/s lifestyle. This book is more about the dynamics in a D/s menage relationship, with a Dom, a Switch, and a submissive male, all of whom are well-versed in the lifestyle itself and therefore are more focused on learning about their relationship with each other, rather than in learning each other’s kinks.

Saints United tells the story of a Dom/Switch couple, Ryder and Lyss St. Claire, who have always yearned for a true third to join their relationship. Enter Andre “AJ” Johannes. Sparks fly as the three discover their dynamic, and the story follows their journey toward forming a lasting bond with each other.

Tell us more about the characters. Who are Ryder, Lyss, and A.J.?

Ryder is a southern boy from a blue-blood family—every male in his family tree has been a cop. He is 6’2″, with short brown hair, a trimmed beard and mustache, and beautiful amber-colored eyes. He’s also a rebel, with half-sleeve arm tattoos and full chest and back pieces. He is a Dom, but not your standard 24/7 variety like most seem to be (in romance novels, that is.) Ryder is a bedroom Dom, with clearly defined boundaries for when and how he shows his Dominant side. Outside the bedroom (or the dungeon playroom), he’s just your average guy, dealing with annoying bosses, crazy work schedules, and trying to support his family. Inside the bedroom, he turns on like a nine-thousand-watt light bulb, and his Dominant nature comes roaring to the fore. Overall, I feel as if Ryder is one of the more realistic characters I’ve ever written. He’s not some perfect Dom who was born knowing what to do and can’t help shoving his Dominant nature in the faces of everyone he comes across. He is a Dom more like the kind you find in the real world, who have real lives and real jobs and can’t afford to be Dominant all the time. His personality has an interesting dynamic, which I hope readers will relate to. He certainly rings true for me, since I know quite a few men just like him!

Lyss is a sweet, sassy Southern belle with roots in small-town Georgia. She has long, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes, along with a slightly up-turned nose and a curvaceous figure. She was a practicing Domme for years before she met Ryder and learned the true meaning of submission. Now she Switches for her husband, and she absolutely loves being his sub. But, there’s also something missing. Lyss didn’t stop being a Domme when she met Ryder, and those urges are still there. She misses having a submissive man at her beck and call, but also knows that Ryder can’t be that for her. For Lyss, this story is about the emotional journey, going from Domme to sub to Switch and back again, while also helping her husband claim the man he’s always wanted. She wants nothing more than to make Ryder happy, and if making him happy also gives her the opportunity to exercise her Domme side, all the better.

A.J. is half-white, half-latino, with blue eyes, black hair, and tanned skin. He’s a computer nerd, with several different college degrees and accolades under his belt. He’s not so good on the social skills, though, and his personal life has been a total disaster since he ran from his first and only true love, Ryder. His marriage fell apart six months ago, and now he’s looking for a new start in a new city. But, there’s a hell of a lot more to A.J. than meets the eye. He discovered BDSM through a friend, and he desperately yearns for a way into that lifestyle. Not just playing in a club, or submitting to random Dominants for a one-night stand. He knows exactly who he is and what he wants—and doesn’t want—-from the lifestyle, and he’s not willing to settle for meaningless kink just to scratch his itch. When A.J. discovers that Ryder and Lyss are living the lifestyle he so desperately wants, he truly believes that he’s finally found a way to be who he wants while also being with the two people he loves more than life itself. What could go wrong?

What’s the most important thing that you want readers to learn from this book?

That pain and impact play are not essential to living a D/s lifestyle, for starters. So many people shy away from BDSM because they believe that bondage and masochism are required elements. They are not. You can live a D/s lifestyle without having to enjoy pain and bondage play of any kind. There’s so much more to it than those two things, yet so many believe that’s all there is. My hope is that readers will begin to see that there is no “one true way” and that D/s is always about what works for you, personally.

Is there anything else readers should know about this story?

This story was very personal for me, in a lot of aspects. Some of the scenarios are straight out of my personal playbook 🙂 I hope my readers will enjoy the story, but also realize that this book is just one author’s interpretation of the lifestyle. The way my characters practice is the same way that I practice, so it is very personal. But, that doesn’t mean that my way is “right” way, and I am not by any means trying to get anyone to believe that my way is the only way. I write my stories with the simple hope that people will read them and understand that there are many, many ways to live the lifestyle, and that just because you tend to see certain aspects of it more often than others doesn’t mean that there aren’t other way’s to practice. There is NO right way. Just YOUR way.




Thank you Rhiannon Ayers for this introduction of Saints United and for allowing me to be the first to present your new release to the public (after her publisher, of course!). I am on my way to read and review it, no question about it… ahem… erase that! Yes, I have questions! In fact a bunch of questions that will turn to a full interview about the lifestyle and most especially one aspect of a D/s relationship!

After this Happy Menage Holidays tour, I will blog an incredible interview… INTERVIEW WITH A DOMME: Rhiannon Ayers. You all know by now that I am part of the lifestyle. And, just as I have always been passionate about promoting Erotic Menage Romances and debunking the myth that they are just orgies and porn movies turned into books, I am just as passionate about demystifying the lifestyle. Though my personal knowledge may be limited, I try to enlighten readers and help them realize that what they read in romances is not always based in reality, or representative of the only “true way” to live the lifestyle. And one way to help me to achieve that is to interview different authors that are living the lifestyle.

My goal for 2015 is to offer you more of those. If you follow my reviews and rantings, you know my pet peeves and you know I am not someone to sugar coat anything. My blog will not turn BDSM. I will continue to review and share my opinion on all Erotic Ménages Romances, BDSM or not. But I will try to offer more insights and offer a bridge to some readers between romances and BDSM lifestyle.

So, stay tune. My first interview will blow your mind! You will not believe how in depth Rhiannon Ayers answered my questions!






AVAILABLE: Wednesday, December 31st


Andre “AJ” Johannes fell in love with his college roommate—he just didn’t realize it until it was too late. After spending one unforgettable night in Ryder St. Claire’s arms, fate forced them apart. But Ryder still haunts his dreams, and AJ’s always wondered what might have been.

Eight years later, AJ is starting over. New job, new city, new life—and all of it without his wife and son. Marian divorced him and took sole custody, leaving AJ to wonder if the rest of his life will end up as useless as his shattered marriage.

Little does AJ know he’s got a couple of Saints looking out for him. Ryder St. Claire married Lyss three years ago, and the two of them have been searching for their third— the man who will offer his submission and give them everything they cannot give each other. But can they overcome years of emotional abuse to convince AJ he deserves to be happy?




excerptHe must have slept. Now, though, he was wide awake—and so was his cock.

A big, hot hand slid down the center of A.J.’s back. He groaned, closing his eyes as Ryder took hold of his ass cheek and squeezed.

“I missed your ass, A.J.,” Ryder murmured. He squeezed again. “Lift up, so I can put this pillow under you.”

A.J. complied, balancing on knees and elbows while Ryder slid a plump white pillow under his hips. His cock was a steel bar, leaking already, now trapped between his body and the pillow beneath him. But he didn’t protest. Didn’t try to adjust himself. He spread his knees, presenting his ass for Ryder, knowing his owner was about to make good use of his slave’s body.

Ryder didn’t waste any time. He started working A.J.’s hole with lube, making him grit his teeth as little slivers of pain washed through him. He hadn’t had anything in his ass in a long time, and Ryder was huge. He was tender, but not so much that he wanted Ryder to stop. In a weird way, it felt good, knowing he was sore because his lover had already used him hard tonight. He wanted that feeling, craved it, to the point where the thought alone was enough to drive him closer to the edge of sub-space. He squeezed his eyes shut and gave himself over to Ryder’s expert care.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Ryder growled, scissoring two fingers inside A.J. now. A.J. shuddered, biting back a moan as Ryder shifted to his knees and knelt between A.J.’s thighs. Ryder took a strong grip on both of his ass cheeks, squeezing and separating them as he pressed the head of his cock to A.J.’s quivering ring. A.J. forced himself to relax, letting the breath out of his lungs in one long, slow whoosh as Ryder pushed into him. The pain was intense, almost drawing a cry from him, but he held on against it. Ryder, for his part, ignored any sign that his slave might not be ready for another fucking. He shoved his cock deep into A.J.’s chute, not stopping until his balls slapped A.J.’s perineum.

“Fuck, yes,” Ryder said as he started to thrust. He leaned forward, bracing his hands on either side of A.J.’s torso, pounding him deep. “Fuck, you feel so good. So fucking tight. I missed this ass.”

A.J. could only shudder, his face buried in his pillow. His cuffs were still attached to the headboard. Once again, the S hooks were open. He could free himself any time he wanted. But it felt so good, knowing he was restrained for Ryder’s pleasure, the thought didn’t even occur to him. He wanted Ryder to use him. He wanted Ryder to fuck him as hard as he could, knowing A.J. wouldn’t resist. He wanted Ryder to own him, make himself come using A.J.’s body. He was their sex toy. Nothing more, nothing less.

And he fucking loved it.

Lyss must have woken the moment Ryder started fucking him. She slid over toward A.J., running one hand up and down his back while Ryder continued pounding him. The scent of her arousal filled the air, letting A.J. know just how much she enjoyed watching her husband fuck another man.

“Get ready, beautiful,” Ryder said suddenly, his words obviously directed at Lyss. “The toys I ordered for you are in the drawer, there. One of your fantasies is about to come true.”

A.J. had no idea what they were talking about. But then, it was hard to think, let alone reason, while Ryder’s glorious cock was pounding his ass. His balls were drawing up, his cock wetting the pillow under his hips. Were they going to let him come? Fuck, please let me come…

Ryder shifted back again, gripping A.J.’s ass cheeks once again as he continued fucking him. A.J. lost control of his vocal chords, moaning incessantly. Ryder started grunting with each hard thrust, fingers squeezing A.J. hard enough to leave bruises. And finally, when A.J. was ready to scream with the pleasure flooding his system, Ryder slammed himself deep and froze. A.J. felt his cock pulsing, felt the hot spurts of semen through the condom, and let out a healthy moan. Fuck, he loved feeling Ryder come. Maybe someday he could feel it without the condom. Maybe someday…

He lost track of the thought when Ryder pulled out and rolled to one side. A.J. waited, expecting an order to turn himself over so that Lyss could ride him.

But no such order was given. Instead, Lyss knelt behind A.J. just as Ryder had done, taking a grip on his ass cheeks just like her husband had. And while A.J. was still reeling, wondering what the hell was going on, he felt the tip of something probe his ass.

Holy. Fuck. Lyss was wearing a strap-on. She was about to fuck him with a silicone dick. A faint buzzing noise filled the air as she slid the dildo into him, making him realize she had a vibrator inside the strap-on. Which meant she was fucking him for her own pleasure, not his.

“Oh, shit…oh, fuck…Lady…Sir…Fuck, I’m going to come…” A.J. gasped.

Ryder chuckled beside him, reaching over to slide a finger beneath A.J.’s collar, forcing it to tighten across the front of his throat. “Our slave seems to think we care if he comes,” he said conversationally, ignoring A.J.’s cry as Lyss started rocking her hips back and forth.

“He can come all he wants,” Lyss said in a silky, sensuous purr. “I want to use his ass to get myself off, not his cock. He can come without interfering with my pleasure. If our slave enjoys getting pegged, so much the better. I’m still going to fuck his ass until I come.”

Too much. It was all too much. Cum boiled out of his balls like molten lava exploding from a volcano, soaking the pillow beneath him. Lyss kept riding him, her fake dick slamming his sweet spot over and over again, making the orgasm intensify to mind-blowing heights. A.J. threw back his head and screamed, completely lost in it. And all the while Lyss just kept fucking him, intent on her own pleasure.

A.J. hit sub-space with the force of a freight train. The next hour passed in a blissful haze. His lovers continued using his body, trading back and forth, revving each other up while ignoring A.J. completely. He was their property. They were using him like the sex slave he was. It should have been humiliating, to be used like an object. But for him, it was the ultimate high. He wanted them to use him. He wanted them to own him. He wanted them to need his body to get themselves off. It was the ultimate affirmation of his worth. They not only wanted him, they needed him. And every time he felt one of them come, he knew he was proving his usefulness.

After the second time Lyss slammed into him and froze, shaking with the force of her orgasm, A.J. figured they were done with him. His cock was rock-hard again, more than ready to burst, but that was okay. His lovers were sated. That’s what mattered. He fully expected them to roll over and fall asleep, leaving him wanting.

He was wrong. Oh, fuck, was he ever wrong.





authorbioWho is Rhiannon Ayers?
I grew up in cities all over the United States. My parents enjoyed moving for the sake of seeing new places, so whenever wanderlust seized them, off we went. Eventually, our travels landed me on the Texas coast, where I attended high school and college. And though I have moved away for the sake of work in the past, something always draws me back. I believe Texas will always be a major part of my life, no matter what city I live in. Plus, I’m a HUGE Texans fan, so I have to be able to watch my football games on TV.
That said, even though my feet may be planted in Texas soil, my head is always in the clouds. I am a dreamer, a thinker, a planner, and most of the time a doer. When not creating artwork for my professional clients, I am constantly doing art projects. If it can be made by hand, I’ve made it at least once. I make jewelry, clay figurines, sewing projects, paper crafts, scrapbooks—you name it. And I always have an art project in some stage of completion.

maxMy Family
My husband and I have been together for over a decade, and we are the proud parents of a wonderful son who will probably rule the world one day—he’s that smart. Our inquisitive dog, Intrepid Explorer Max Puppy, helps round out the family and adds much joy and laughter to our home. My son is a math and science genius, which makes no sense since both of his parents are wordsmiths and artists, but hey, we roll with it. When not stumping me with his knowledge of higher math (the kid isn’t even in middle school, for crying out loud!) my son and my dog happily hunt frogs, kittens, and other nefarious creatures that inhabit our apartment complex.
My husband is an editor, a writer, and a consummate pro at keeping me and the family on track. If not for his balancing capabilities, I’m sure I’d have us eating boiled fish sticks every night. But as goofy as we all are, we do have fun together. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

My Writing
As to my writing credentials, I managed to win two Silver Awards on the National Scholastic Short Story Competition when I was in high school, as well as the prestigious Vanderbilt Award for Excellence in Creative Writing. Before that, I wrote my very first adventure series when I was eight years old, a rousing tale of talking animals and evil villians that may or may not have been based on the Redwall Series by Brian Jacques. But, as silly as those first efforts of mine were, those stories were what convinced me I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. Fate intervened for a time, so I grew into a different career that still let me nurture my creative side—graphic design. My very first novel was finally published in May of 2014, and it is still my single greatest achievement to date.

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  1. titania says:

    Ryder is the Dom
    Lyss is the switch
    AJ is the submissive


  2. suzlyne says:

    A new to me author! Ryder is the Dom, Lyss is the switch, and AJ is the submissive.


  3. Deborah says:

    Thank you, Rhiannon and Mary. I can hardly wait for the interview tomorrow. I clicked on the link for Saints United and read the excerpts. The one explaining Lyss’ southern accent was hilarious! It was also spot on. Hailing from the southern US myself I have received a lot of quizzical looks when I speak so that episode rang oh-so-true for me. Happy New Year!
    Ryder is the Dom
    Lyss is the switch
    AJ is the sub


    • Glad you like Lyss’s accent, Deborah. Lol. I’m a southern gal myself, born in Georgia. I don’t have the think accent anymore…unless I happen to speak with one of my relatives. Then I pick up the accent again as if it had been there all along, lol. Makes people look at me oddly when I accidentally slip into it. Lyss is based on my southern female relatives 🙂


  4. Lori Meehan says:

    New to me author


  5. dalodu77 says:

    Ryder is the Dom, Lyss is the switch and AJ is the sub.


  6. Thank you for having me on your blog today, Mary! Saints United couldn’t have a better place to debut! I am looking forward to picking a winner for the free copy. Redesign Readers can also email me with questions or comments at rhiannon.ayers@yahoo.com.

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  7. Trix says:

    Dom: Ryder
    Switch: Lyss
    Submissive: AJ


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